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Here’s how our program works.

A family or a community in any tropical country use an existing pond or they dig a pond and let it fill with rain water. 267 more words


Duckweed for Ducks

Am in Indonesia this month, working on a duckweed-related venture. Part of what I love about my job is getting to explore the unexpected in search of duckweed strains. 326 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

On Birdsong, Owl Nests, and Duckweed in February

Wednesday, February 3rd

Wednesday’s field trip began with a note from Professor Cristol (henceforth he shall just be Cristol) about birdsong. True birders, he said, identified birds much more often by their sounds than by sight, and if we really wanted to get good at bird watching, we would have to spend time puzzling over field markings, songs and calls on our own. 774 more words

Field Trips

The lesser-known benefits of Duckweed.

There’s a mountain of important data available on the merits of duckweed as a sustainable food for fish. Studies have shown that this naturally occurring plant is quite remarkable in almost every way when compared to other vegetable crops. 281 more words


Basa fish introduced to Haiti.

In its latest push to bring sustainable food projects to a hungry Haiti protein-rich Basa fish have been introduced to the country for the first time. 289 more words


Let's talk about sex. Yes, a bit of that and lots on NCMP

Too much web space have been wasted talking about the NCMP scheme without hitting the nail on the head. I read with disgust that many “alternate media” sites were writing crap about the NCMP scheme. 617 more words


Aquaculture needs a ‘cow’ with fins.

Cows have been around for so long that we tend to take them for granted, yet they are an amazing animal. They have provided mankind with food staples for centuries; milk for our babies, steaks and roasts for our meat-eating mates, yogurt, cheese and cream for our gourmet friends. 463 more words