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The Pond

After a month painting outdoors, I think I, finally, not only enjoyed painting, but also did a fine job. :) 7 more words



Trying a new way to sketch. 14 more words


Duckweeds in the Pond

Light coming and going,

night after night.

— Su Tung-P’o (1037 to 1101)

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Torturing Duckweed

Let’s face it. as much as I love duckweed, I can be very cruel to it as well. I have no problem with putting it through the wringer in an effort to understand its absolute limits in small to medium  outdoor settings. 116 more words


Small Pond

Sit and paint those duckweeds in this little pond, the 3rd day it is. Still I can not fully recognize the true face of the water, the reflection, the sunshine, the shadow, and the weeds. 32 more words


Moorhens of Green Cay

Correctly called the “Common Gallinule” – Gallinula chloropus or the charming yellow & green footed little hen – I prefer its Old World name of Moorhen but I think I have said that before. 214 more words