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April 1, 2015

No fooling here! Just a recap of the weather and other happenings in March. Although it is still too cold for anything to be growing in the garden I’ve already planted a flat of paste tomato and hot pepper seeds. 846 more words


Beating the Duckweed Drum

A couple years ago, I had a meeting with the owner of a local farm supply store. I was hoping he could point me in the direction of local cattle and hog farms so I could procure manure for testing. 217 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Our Duckweed Setup ~

With a pun built in ~ MH

Day 1 – the dead have sunk to the bottom + minor clog experienced

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Free Webinar: How to Conduct Duckweed Growth Trials

Have a few seats left for this event tomorrow morning, so I thought I’d invite my readers to attend. Please RSVP ASAP if interested. tamraf9@gmail.com  … 117 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Duckweed

Simplest plant with the smallest known flower, a pond covering meniscus of pure green, a chlorophyll carpet spread across the water. Food for fowl, dinner for ducks, minute lilypads layering the lake. 71 more words

Garden Of God's Heart

My Swamp

The first place to really capture my imagination I found quite by accident one spring morning in 2007. I was exploring trails in Stokes State Forest, and like the roads in New Jersey, the trails aren’t always well marked. 497 more words



I have been reading some wonderful things about Duckweed. This is a tiny lilypad looking plant that multiplies very quickly in water. This used to be a huge pain in the butt many years ago when I had the oportunity to work in a commercial greenhouse. 180 more words