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BSF and Duckweed

Here is a terrific link to details on how to rear black soldier flies. Mention was made about feeding fresh duckweed to BSF larvae. A little tip- don’t try to ONLY fresh duckweed. ¬† 89 more words

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Green Frogs

Several¬†Green Frogs (Lithobates clamitans) were spotted at the “Amphibian Pool,” located behind the Visitor Center at Huntley Meadows Park. These individuals may be Bronze Frogs, a subspecies of Green Frog. 99 more words

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20 minutes to find Styx

I had an appointment in town at nine o’ clock in the morning yesterday. I left early to make room for the morning rush hour holdups. 390 more words


Duckweed Seen as Alternative Protein in Aquaculture World

Am delighted that International Aquaculture Magazine is running a very nice article on duckweed as a strong potential feedstock for fisheries. Thanks to Peter Parker of Perindale Publishing for discovering duckweed and running with the story. 76 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian


It’s real name is Duckweed – that scummy stuff that coats the surfaces of ponds and marshes and even the critters swimming around there.

But it seems that Duckweed is highly nutritious and is even promoted as a supplementary feed for livestock.   309 more words