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Is This The Next Big Health Food?

It’s called Duckweed a.k.a Wolffia Globosa.

Duckweed is a small flowering plant, known for being the smallest flowing plant in the world with a diameter of 0.1-0.2mm. 125 more words


Duckweed Covered Turtle

As I was walking down the path at a local nature area,this turtle crawled up on this rock and was sunning himself. I liked the colorful green duckweed that stuck to him. 19 more words


5 Types of Edible Water Plants

There are loads of different water plants that grow near you and that you can farm and eat yourself. These 5 are all high in nutrition and therefore very healthy. 396 more words

Water Plants


① memo 20161023 ~ Duckweed ~ Dutch Green Heart


Day Tripper

Tea for two. Gothic folly, The Minories, Colchester. 15 September 2016

Rear view, Gothic folly, The Minories. 15 September 2016

Bridge over the River Colne, Colchester. 15 September 2016

Photo Essay

Snapping Turtles & Duckweed

Duckweed (Wolfia sp.), a free-floating aquatic plant  that possesses flowers which are said to be the smallest flowers in the world, is coating our mystery creature. 220 more words

Verdant Volo views, vertical and horizontal

The vertical picture shows Lysimachia thyrsiflora, known as tufted loosestrife or swamp loosestrife,

The horizontal picture shows a curlingly dry leaf fallen onto the… 26 more words