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While watching this sunbathing turtle, the way its rear feet and tail were stuck into the water reminded me of an anchored boat. In truth I don’t know if it could reach the bottom with its feet or if they were just dangling in the water, as it was firmly positioned on a partially submerged log and needed no anchor.


New article highlights alternative perspectives on IAP

Journal article summary:

Facing the broader dimensions of biological invasions by Tassin and Kull (2015), published in Land Use Policy journal, Issue 42, pages 165-169. 403 more words


Just Add Water.

Add a splash of fun with some water gardening. You don’t need a pond.  Any watertight container can be filled with water plants and several fish. 157 more words

Water Gardening

Invasive Alien Plants and Wetlands

Half of South Africa’s wetlands have been destroyed and those that remain are the most threatened of the country’s ecosystems (Driver et al., 2012). One cause of the wetlands’ reduction can be attributed to the spread of invasive species. 161 more words


How can I control the duckweed in my pond? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Q: How can I control the duckweed in my pond?

Kyle – Burke, KY

A: Duckweed is a tiny menace that definitely needs to be managed. 458 more words

Pond & Lake

Lake Chicot - Best Seen by Canoe

My experience with swamps is fairly succinct:  When I was in 8th grade we took a class trip that included a jaunt down to the Okefenokee Swamp.  647 more words


River in China turned into carpet of green leaves

This beautiful yet unsettling scene took place in Huizhou City recently as countless little green plants began rapidly sprouting up in the river giving it the appearance of a lush green meadow. 333 more words