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Global Thermal Haikuclear War IV

Sweet black leather chaps

You have never let me down

I can’t quit you, chaps.

23 Ladies Who Made Us LOL This Week (And 1 Token Dude)


I think if my life ever flashed before my eyes, I'd be horrified of all those times I got bangs.

— Erica (@SCbchbum) September 19, 2016…

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NI Sept 20, 2016 ambapo msanii kutoka Bongo Movie, Dude amefunguka kuhusu maandalizi ya kuirudisha kipindi cha Bongo Dar es Salaam katika luninga.

Akiongea na millardayo.com & Ayo TV staa huyo alisema…>> 88 more words



We’ve been made to believe that only ladies are into fashion but, in reality, most men are also into fashion (we even have male models). Everyone’s style is their fashion (be it 80’s trend, something more simple, classy or over the top). 1,057 more words

23 Ladies Who Made Us LOL This Week (And 1 Token Dude)


I'm glad you unfollowed me because your girlfriend made you. Your relationship seems fun and healthy.

— Ally Maynard (@missmayn) September 12, 2016


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Best F1 2016 food events in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Know what ‘dude food’ is? At this event held at his restaurant Artichoke, let Bjorn Shen clue you in. According to the chef, Dude! 77 more words