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The Dude Interview in the Raw

Frédéric has bought it to my attention that not everyone knows that I have already shared some of the Dude interview here on the blog. For those who do not know, the links below are the raw unedited chapters I posted previously. 263 more words

Abide, Dude.

Abide, n: To take it easy, man and be Dudely to one another.

Dude, n: Nongender term for people, animals, or objects that are Dudely.


Buzzword Confessions

I have never run this idea by anybody else, largely because I do not really know how any given person would react to the whole concept, but since I was about middle-school age, I have always had a “set of words” that function like earworms.  646 more words

Well it happened again.

Well, my wife had another Grand Mal seizure a few days ago.  It was not altogether unexpected because she does have epilepsy but the form that she has (absence epilepsy) generally is not characterized by Grand Mal seizures commonly.  746 more words


Another post from me? And so soon!

Hello out there in cyberspace!  How are you all?  *I pause, so in my mind you have a chance to respond*  Good!  Good to hear!  I am doin’ pretty good myself, I guess.  1,355 more words



Yo how’s it going?

I’m that one guy that posted about doing original content last year and only released two crappy mail openings and a bad trial deck opening. 743 more words


Strollin' Through The Hood Before Fall


A beautiful day although fall is quickly closing in.

   A ride in the stroller, you say…OK…let’s go.                                                                                                                
Sup, mom?  I don’t know if I want a stroll or not….maybe, any foooood…what are you doing?  274 more words