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From the Journal

Clarity. Seeking a vision of your face.
Obscured. By indelible grace.
For I, unholy, would neither glow nor burn.
Eviscerated by the sight of the unknown. 464 more words

S'cuse Me, While I Lick Your Eye!

Ever fall victim to one of your friends saying something like “dude get over here, you have got to try this!?”  This phrase is particularly dangerous if everyone is drunk and or high. 512 more words


Number 1 : The Man in charge of everything

Like most things I talk about here, I don’t expect anyone to believe what I am about to tell you. But it is the truth that I know. 1,326 more words


Interacting with Dude's craft

Some of you will remember me telling you that the ET I refer to as Dude, came and visited me twice on the same day on September 20th  last year ( 1,925 more words


Dude perfect went from making shots to making the news

I would love to see their resume when they apply for another job.