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When words escape me.

It has been said that there are humans walking around with special abilities. Some people who are genetically tweaked to perform better than the rest. Super powers. 431 more words


Would You Help Your Friend Conceive?

The other night, I remembered scenes from my favorite movie, The Big Lebowski. I laughed to myself and I started remembering the scene where Maude (Julianne Moore) shows up at the Dude’s (Jeff Bridges) house wanting to have sex. 490 more words


One time? At band camp?

The darkness ate the world, leaving behind only the soft susurrus of moving air gently swirling past my ankles, bare in the night. Seeing nothing, feeling only my soles against the hard, cold surface beneath them, my nervous system seemingly extended out from me in all directions, willing for there to be something, anything other than the darkness. 766 more words


Webfest Berlin


I’m very happy to announce that I’ve drawn some characters’ illustrations for Webfest Berlin 2016.

The festival is first web series festival in Berlin and it will be on the September 9-10 2016. 14 more words


What ET contact feels like

A lot of people have asked me what it feels like to have ET contact and while I have tried to explain that in the context of specific encounters, I probably haven’t explored the subject in a more general way. 5,651 more words

ET And I

My bro

this is my brother Ian he is very nice and cute! he had a concert last night that was also adorable!!!!