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Sunday with the Pups

181 years of Texas ~ Did you know…? Before traveling through a state, check out the rest area maps. Rest Areas in Texas have taken on  real visitor’s feel and some have a bit of history and museums. 47 more words


Lost Friend

I have a friend
a guy friend who's close enough to be a boyfriend
an in between of brother and best friend

He makes me feel special
treats me like a lady when I am not ladylike
comforts me whenever darkness enclasp me

He strips off his armor
so I can see him emotionally naked
he allows my energy to lift him up when he's feeling down

We love each other with no malice
and I know I should be glad to have him as a friend
but I am not, for I am now abandoned

I am left with memories of his laughter and tears,
of his eyes that always turn into straight lines,
with idea of him talking to me about his dreams

I had a friend
a guy friend who is now far enough to be called a friend
an in between of memory and illusion. 7 more words
English Poetry

New trending GIF on Giphy

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He Knows

Who knows a product better than the producer? Who knows a creature better than its creator? There’s nothing about you that your Maker does not know. 366 more words


Week 11: Vagina In My Oven

December 5, 2016 — On returning from my Thanksgiving trip, I find that things in my house are misplaced. Some kitchenware is missing. Some wine is gone from the pantry. 759 more words


The One With a SPLOT!

Actually, I think it’s more of a SPLISH. Or a SPOOSH!  Or maybe a FRAPH.


Okay, I’ll stop now.

Comic Commentary

Week 10: All The Scotch

November 27, 2016 — Being a single parent has so many benefits: I get to make day-to-day lifestyle decisions on my own. My kids have a more intimate relationship with me (one-on-one) and are learning to be independent. 771 more words