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Hey you! I love you!

I met someone, guys. I MET SOMEONE. But.. (there is always a “but” isn’t it?) He likes my other best friend. The one who is more visibly attractive and is smart and pretty and everything. 112 more words

Tips For Having Serious Discussions

I ve been dating my dude for over 3 months now. He s a combat vet with PTSD. As many can probably relate, he has huge difficulty talking about serious stuff and the only reasons I know anything intimate about his life are those random moments he chooses opens up. 54 more words

The Perfect Men’s Hairstyle for a Receding Hairline/Video and Pictures

I’ve poured dozens of hours of my time into my YouTube videos, but none of them compare to as this one:

It’s constantly getting new views as well as grateful and positive comments. 764 more words

Doctor Who's Connecticut Yankee References: Season 9, Episode 1

My UC Davis class on Mark Twain’s technocratic writing ended the weekend before the Season 9 premiere of Doctor Who.  I re-read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court… 309 more words

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And now, the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel about a young man uprooted from his ancestral water world of Bell’s Beach to a totally gnarly desert planet. 26 more words