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Mammoth Flannel for the Win, and a 3-Step Quilt Pattern!

Hello, it’s me! No, not Adele, silly. It’s David aka @crimsontavid here to share my most recent quilt finish!

You may or may not have already seen oodles of photos of our drool-worthy… 529 more words


January 13: Hey Dude!

Friendly guy sees me shooting across the street, so he waves at me. This is the first bit of human interaction in this photo series. I still don’t know how to manage the etiquette of photographing strangers in public. 87 more words

2018 Daily Photo Project

Eulogy for Dartt M. Becker, The Dude.

The above Polaroid was taken about 1973 in Milton at Mom’s mother’s house in Milton, PA.We look like a family of ghouls. It may not be a complimentary portrait, but it’s given us a lot of laughs, and I must say, Dad’s Pompadour is outstanding. 863 more words

Writing, and What it is To Me.

To write is to compound. Compounding thoughts into real, physical occurrences is a difficult task. This middle-ground, between the vast reaches and endless expanses of your mind, to the harsh, narrow roads, set forks and challenges, of a page, is the difficulty of writing. 509 more words

Your Angry Gender: Let’s Make This Girl Cry!

The LGBT rainbow is sometimes about transcendence, because human life makes us feel trapped in our own bodies. Hasn’t our discovery of the rainbow been a scientific and intelligent enquiry into our natural world and hasn’t it helped us to escape from the negativity and boredom of modern life and all its cliques, consumerism and blase ignorance? 1,055 more words


Floor Cushions by TRoderickArt

 Floor Cushions that are perfect for all your lounging needs. – TR

Relax, Dude It’s Legal artwork by Boulder portrait artist Tom Roderick.