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Chad put on his Ed Hardy shirt and Von Dutch hat and called his buddy Thad on his iPhone 6s.

“Dude, bro!” he shouted unnecessarily into the phone. 1,061 more words


The dudebro as a racist

Today is June 21, the summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day here in Canada.

As a recovering dudebro, it’s important for me to admit that I used to be totally racist. 321 more words


Who is a dudebro?

Like other dudebros, recovering or not, I benefit from the assigned cultural privilege of being a white, cis, (read as) het, currently-abled man who is not considered to be “overweight” or “obese” by fat shamers. 311 more words



Hello, my name is… you can just call me recoveringdudebro for now… and, well, I’m a recovering dudebro.

What does that even mean?

Well, I used to behave like a dudebro and now I’m trying not to. 250 more words


Halo (Xbox) and the lure of dudebro

An interesting thing happened yesterday with my brand new, second-hand original Xbox. As I picked up the chunky controller (not the original Duke controller but the revised, smaller S-type which is still bulky) and sat down to play the original Halo for the first time, I suddenly felt transformed. 470 more words

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