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Ode to the Six Dudebros Who Sat Behind Me on the Flight From Calgary to Toronto

O flowers of Canadian manhood
it is not
when the sharpness of the memories begins to fade
your enthusiastic discussion of the films available for free viewing… 195 more words

10 Dudebro Breeds Who Really Wanna Fuck

Mr Vanilla

You’ve never seen me at events because I’m invisible, and not because I wasn’t there. I have an imaginary harem of subs who I routinely water board in my daydreams. 417 more words


Sometimes you accidentally sext a total tool

Most people in my world have been super open to the idea of non-monogamy. They are adults with a nuanced view of relationships and love and sex and marriage. 343 more words


Pro Tips For Dudes Who Run

I’m going to make an assumption here about dudes who run: most of y’all ain’t trying to scare the shit outta women who run. But maybe you didn’t realize that some of the shit you do is fucking scary. 193 more words


*Scene*- A Short Story

Over ten years you and two friends contribute $20 each into a lottery pool every two weeks. One day the guy in charge of money and tickets asks, “How much do you think we’ve spent the past ten years?” Grinning, he raises a bank statement with $20,800 written on it and says “What should we do?” (I am writing this as a guy pitching a “Bradley Cooper will be in this movie” script) 414 more words

Short Story


Chad put on his Ed Hardy shirt and Von Dutch hat and called his buddy Thad on his iPhone 6s.

“Dude, bro!” he shouted unnecessarily into the phone. 1,061 more words