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They Made Missouri German

In 1824, a German named Gottfried Duden came and lived here in Missouri for three years. He returned to Germany where he self-published “A Report on A Journey to the Western States of America” 593 more words



Woah. It’s been awhile friends. I’ve missed you like crazy! And I’m certain you’ve missed me too! Am-I-right? :)

I would try to explain my absence by coming up with some spectacular reason like I was being held captive at sea by extremely unpleasant pirates for the past two (or so) months. 620 more words



Moving deeper into the touristy seaside towns of Turkey, I arrived at Antalya at night. A, a tour guide, had agreed to host me. He picked me up on his Kawasaki motorbike and damn, it was my first (and only) time to date riding on a powerful motorbike and it was one hell of a thrilling ride. 838 more words