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Thoughts About: Row vs. Line, or: Achtung, Semantics Nazi!

During the second-to-last chapter of Pony Boot Camp I stumbled across a problem I had solved for myself long ago (or so I thought): the – partly blurry – difference between “row” and “line” in the sense of spatial arrangement. 382 more words

Pony Boot Camp

German words and playful statues

In Bad Hersfeld there is a memorial to Konrad Duden who produced the 1880 Vollständiges Orthographisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, a work that was to influence the standardised spelling of German throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 27 more words

Daily Observation

Antalya is a passion !

Antalya’s historic beauty, nature and cultural heritage is one of Turkey’s most developed tourism cities. Beautiful geographical structure and favorable climatic conditions in the winter months from April until the beginning with all domestic and foreign tourists, offering the ideal holiday opportunity for the city, a 24-hour live has a structure. 132 more words


Gedanken zum Duden-"Volk"

Ich mag ja das Wort nicht, weil da immer ‘was’ mitschwingt. Außerdem kann ich mich selbst nicht ‘völkisch’ einordnen. Vielleicht heißt ‘Volk’ ja auch nur ‘Viele’, also ‘nicht wenige’, logisch? 303 more words



Dauergast, der

  1. regelmäßig und oft anwesender Gast
  2. Gast, der für lange, unbegrenzte Zeit bleibt

Permanent user, the

  1. regular and often present guest
  2. Guest, that for a long, unlimited time stays