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#ThatFridayFeeling - Bhangra

DJ Sarj, Its a Couples Ting’

Bhangra is synonymous with the duet, since way back it has been a cornerstone of the Industry, flipping between the old and the new, we give you DJ Sarj’s 80 mins of duet mayhem! Enjoy


Karen & Jeffrey Play a Game Of 'Did They Duet?'

In honor of Ed Sheeran and Beyonce’s new duet “Perfect,” this morning, Karen & Jeffrey played a game of “Did They Duet?” with Producer T. T gave Karen & Jeffrey some odd musical pairings and they had to guess if they actually made a song together. 65 more words


Let's Break It Down: Christmas's Weirdest Musical Pairing

There are some things that just don’t go together. Two like magnetic poles…Felix Unger and Oscar Madison…or (as some argue) pineapple on pizza. By all accounts, these “odd couples” are so called because they inherently clash. 300 more words


not a fan of Ayreon...

…but for this, I’m immensely grateful.

…and this really puts things into perspective re:heights. See, Floor Jansen is like six feet, and she’s likely wearing heels as well. 37 more words



Our hearts are born

With strings attached

Hung like marionettes

To be manipulated

Strung like harps

To be played.


By unrehearsed fingers

Our tunes are discordant… 87 more words


Join Danny and Danielle Fisher for a 'It Takes Two' at the Rhumbelow

FATHER and daughter duo, Danny and Danielle Fisher, will be performing at the Rhumbelow Theatre in Umbilo, Durban at 8 pm on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 and at 2 pm and 6.30 pm on Sunday, October 29. 105 more words