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And So The Journey Begins

What’s there to say about me?

I’m a nineteen year old college Sophomore who’s studying Public Relations. I live in one of the most liberal states in the country and I like it that way. 354 more words


My Thoughts on The Duff

According to this movie, the D.U.F.F stands for the “designated, ugly, fat friend”, “every group of friends has one”,  and “we are all someone’s DUFF”. With that being said, this movie also left me with some pretty amazing quotes including,  “you’re a wierdo, own it – be the best wierdo you can be!” and “Dottie: you look crazy. 248 more words



Last night my mother and I went to see The Duff.

It ended up being a great movie. It was fun, encouraging, and had some love in it. 312 more words


DUFF. A new 'movie' about being the Designated Ugly Fat Friend

A new film has been brought to my attention by a national journalist looking to do a real life feature on being a DUFF, or the Designated, Ugly, Fat Friend. 420 more words



“You either know one, have one, or are one”

Hey dreamers…..

Any Robbie Amell fans out there ? Or the DUFF fans ?

For those of you who have already seen it, what do you think ? 61 more words


A New Four Letter Word and It's the DUFF

Venturing off of my couch and into the world, I hit the theaters to watch the latest comedy ‘The Duff.’

We now have a new four letter word and it’s the… 488 more words



Hey guys-

So I just got back from the movies and since you are all smart STELLAR BEINGS I know you know what I saw. Well if your just having a lil ditsy day I’ll enlighten you. 272 more words