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The Duff (2015): The Problem with Modern Teen Films

Two years ago, at the urging of one of our friends, Victoria and I went to see The Duff  in the theatre. That’s 101 minutes of our lives that we will never get back. 391 more words



Virtue is simply happiness,

and happiness is a by-product

of function.

You are happy when

you are functioning.


~ William S. Burroughs… 90 more words


“What I did on my Summer Vacation”, or how an accident caused me to be the 2017 DUFF Fan Fund representative.

One of the hats I’ve picked up and worn this year is to have been nominated and won the 2017 Down Under Fan Fund. As a result of that, I am currently the Fan Fund Administrator, and as a result I attended Lexicon and Continuum, the National Science Fiction conventions of New Zealand, and Australia, met fans and writers from the Antipodes, and got to see some of the countryside as well. 1,279 more words


books I read this summer

this summer, I had a huge reading kick and I actually bought many, many books. I fell back in love with reading, and today I want to share with you the books that I read. 68 more words


Drink Review: Duff Energy

Duff is a non-alcoholic energy drink that was created in spirit of the fictional brewery from the cartoon universe of the Simpsons. That’s right, Duff Energy, it exists and it’s incredible. 543 more words

Drink Reviews

Songs that Saved your Life: It's so Easy

As we belatedly celebrate 30 years of their seminal debut album, we get all nostalgic for a song that saved our life, Guns n’ Roses… 215 more words


I am Rough!

No, not in the sense of feeling or looking rough but I am playing rough in Cinderella. Rough is the clever one in the comedy duo of Rough and Ready. 811 more words