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How Wisconsin's congressional delegation voted in DC last week

See how our U.S. House Reps and Senators voted on bills last week involving Russian election meddling, death sentence expansion, disclosure of Trump’s tax returns, warrantless arrests by probation officers, the Rachel Brand appointment for Assoc. 15 more words

Johnson, Duffy voice their views on special counsel appointment

About the probe into Russian election meddling, Sen. Ron Johnson said: “What I don’t want to see is an expanding fishing expedition.” Meanwhile, Rep. Sean Duffy said “There is no evidence being put out in regard to collusion. 20 more words

What happened at the GOP Convention last weekend?

When state Republicans gathered in the Dells Saturday for their annual convention, they celebrating a winning streak that reached new heights in November, while also warning the party faithful not to let it all come crashing down in 2018.  >  Wisconsin State Journal

The criticisms Johnson, Duffy leveled at Democrats during their convention

At the state GOP convention in the Dells Saturday, Sen. Ron Johnson referred to the “primal scream of the Left”, while Rep. Sean Duffy said all Democrats have is negativity, and worse.  >  AP / Star Tribune

Don't Give Me Duffy's Onion

You breathe new life

into dying suns,

pointing out possibility,

bestial, the celestial


burn in the night,

fighting the passion,

drinking in the doubt, 9 more words


Duffy: ObamaCare was like making people buy a Rolls-Royce. The AHCA lets them buy a Ford Fusion.

On Fox News Friday, Duffy said Democrats have been energized by their anti-Trump agenda, and he wants to see Republicans get energized in support of Trump’s promises to the American people.  24 more words

Wisconsin's five GOP House reps all vote yes on new health care bill

No Wisconsin congressmen were among the 20 Republican no votes on Thursday’s Obamacare repeal vote.  >  Washington Times