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July 29 - Back to Ireland 2015 : Meeting with family in Ballybay, part 1

July 29 – Three years ago, we had arrived home from our first trip to Ireland to find an email from a woman noting that we were both doing research on the Duffys through Ancestry.com and that the name Edward Vincent was coming up in both lines of inquiry.   515 more words

Harper's Conservatives need to PAY CANADIANS BACK

Do Canadians deserve to be paid back for the expenses submitted by Wallin and Duffy as they travelled to CONSERVATIVE PARTY FUND RAISERS?  I say yes, we need all of the expenses back and all of the funds raised donated to the taxpayer who paid for the speaker. 11 more words


Warwick Avenue - Duffy

I have been in a bit of a good-hearted ballad mood with strong female voices.  Duffy has not done much in the past few years but I remember when she was a VH1 new artists spotlight.   17 more words


Matt Gurney: I guess the public cares about the Senate scandals after all

Friday’s rumoured announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in company of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, that the Tories now favour outright abolition of the Senate, raises any number of intriguing political questions. 807 more words

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Family SNITCHES on their own!ah!

Don’t know why my parents ended up like this. Hanging out with Biker Gangs and such. I thought they would know better. Of course they will not say anything now. 16 more words

An American in Hong Kong Disneyland - A Pin Collector Paradise and Other Great Finds (Part 2)

Hong Kong Disneyland (HKDL) is quite simply a pin collector’s paradise!  Where else could you imagine finding limited edition pins that are both beautiful and readily accessible as well as unique without having to sleep overnight or wake up at 2am to wait in line?  445 more words

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