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Duffy discusses Resist Movement with Trump supporters in Turtle Lake

“They’re angry at the president. They thought they were going to win. They’re shocked that they lost and they’re trying to vent their anger,” said Duffy, but added that there is a silent majority that understands what Trump is doing and he’s proud to be on a team with the president.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

At Duffy town hall in Rice Lake, tensions center on health care, travel ban

Health care, immigration and bipartisanship were prominent topics at a Wednesday afternoon listening session with U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wausau), sometimes eliciting disagreement between attendees and the lawmaker.  >  Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

Duffy faces health care questions at Antigo town hall

U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wausau) said he believes Republicans have only a three- to four-week window to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Duffy made the comment at a sometimes boisterous town hall Tuesday in Antigo, where he was asked repeatedly about the health care law Republicans failed to repeal and replace in March.  >  Wisconsin Public Radio

Haul from Hong Kong Disneyland (x2)

Aaaah, long time no post.  First, it was studying/exams that took over my spare time, then my secondary HDD died, and that was where I had saved all my photos… Luckily, I still had a backup of them on my SD cards.  871 more words

Money Vortex

A Rescue and a Recognition

We were finally able to rescue that sweet little bun in Melville earlier this week thanks to help of 12 volunteers and locals. It’s a boy! 149 more words



Met with Karen and Mark to discuss housing for the girls. Great dinner (a bit noisy) but the food was great! Afterwards we enjoyed coffee at the newly opened Starbucks in Wake Forest.


March Disney Haul

Well guys it’s that time again, and this list should hopefully be a little shorter than last months as I’ve been saving for my DLP trip in just a few weeks time, however this also means there’s some great goodies in preparation for my trip! 1,257 more words