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China Panda Volunteer

China Panda Volunteer

China Panda Volunteer Flat Authentic Rate:700 RMB/per≈106 usd

Including the following:

  •  dujiangyan Panda volunteer program
  • (English speaking staff will guide you throughout the panda volunteer program)
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Qingchengxiang, China

Pandas. Giant, round, black-and-white pandas with patches over their eyes and ears. They eat bamboo, waddle through groves, climb trees, and somersault down hills. At Dujiangyan Panda Base, a nearly 800-acre breeding and reintroduction center, you can volunteer to feed and clean up after the large animals, plant new bamboo, or visit the baby nursery. 489 more words


Dujiangyan Irrigation System (都江堰)

In early April I set out to visit DuJiangYan, a large-scale irrigation system built some 2,200 years ago, to prevent flooding in the Sichuan plain during the rainy season. 573 more words

Peace Corps China

Why WestChinaGo is best Choice for China Panda Volunteer

for China Panda Volunteer and taking picture with panda, many many tourists feel confused and have no conception, There are a lot of info online, they don’t know who is reliable.As local travel agency, Chengdu westchinago travel service have received more than thousands of china panda volunteers every year, 801 more words

A day explore Dujiangyan, Sichuan

Construction of the Dujiangyan irrigation system began in the 3rd century B.C. This system still controls the waters of Minjiang River and distributes it to the fertile farmland of the Chengdu plains. 96 more words


Chengdu - The land of the kungfu panda

What is the first thing that come to your mind when someone mentions China? To me, it is the “real” homeland of Kungfu Panda. Indeed, Sichuan province in China with its bamboo forests is the famously known as the land of the Pandas. 802 more words


The holy mountain Emei Shan 

Next stop was Dujiangyan (都江堰). It’s only 60km northwest of Chengdu and it offers two UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Qingchéng Shan is most notably famous as the birthplace of Taoism. 418 more words