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We often think of the Beats when we think of Buddhist inspired poetry in the West. Actually, the influence of Buddhism in the West began 100 years ago, largely due to the midwifery of Ezra Pound, that American expatriate poet of the Lost Generation, an influential figure in the modernist movement in poetry. 245 more words


DuK…Submissions are Open?

JUNE 24, 2011 BY ANNIE 

Did you know that submissions are open? and not just here at The River! When the decision is finally made to start sharing your creative talents with the world it can be quite daunting. 240 more words


Did you Know ~ Unusual Pets: Coenobita Clypeatus

I sense the earth moving yet it’s a subtle sensation.  I’ve detected a clattering, too.  It sounds as if a small army is mobilizing in the distance.  653 more words


Did You Know~Pet or Prisoner

Did You Know~Pet or Prisoner


  I think most of us have seen the tigers in the circus. They are simply beautiful. In the United States there is a growing problem with its citizens taking on the responsibility of raising an exotic animal, as a pet. 320 more words

The River

Did you Know~ Censoring: Proceed , Caution or Delete

To censor is to examine, review, critique, find fault, delete, cut, edit or silence and remove an object found to be objectionable. If we are to censor works of art, then 1st amendment rights enter the picture, the landscape of private entities receiving government support brings control or oversight. 335 more words


DiD you Know~ censorship a good laugh

George Carlin was arrested after this skit in 1971 for reciting his seven words you “cant say” on TV.

The same words Lenny Bruce was arrested for reciting in 1966 but he said them in alphabetical order. 338 more words


Did you know?~ I saw a Word.....

by William Gaylord

Today I saw a word. That word multiplied and it grew and flowed into a river of endless seams of sentences woven with dreams into a tapestry of wonder. 475 more words