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Why Waikiki? It's Wacky, Relaxing, Affordable.

Ala Wai Canal on Oahu was dredged a hundred years ago, draining a swamp and setting the stage for the canyons of high-rise hotels, designer shops, and eateries that draws millions of sun-seekers yearly from the Mainland. 301 more words

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Duke Kahanamoku victorious, 1917.


In the swim race of 220 yards held in the evening of this past Wednesday, makai of pier nine, between Duke Kahanamoku and Norman Ross, Duke Kahanamoku carried the win and all of his fellow swimmers dropped behind him. 151 more words


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Looks like I have a hoard of 1914 Mid Pacific Carnival stamp, postcard, and medals.

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Everybody's Going Surfing, Surfing C-H-I-B-A Part 1: Proposed in 1912, Surfing Arrives at the Olympics in 2020

Surfing is coming to the Olympics in 2020.

But the seed of the idea of surfing as an Olympic sport was planted, apparently, in 1912 by the Johnny Appleseed of surfing, … 409 more words

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The Effortless and Legendary Life of Johnny Weissmuller Part 4: Real-Life Hero Saves 11 Lives

There are sports heroes and there are true heroes.

Duke Kahanamoku was a three-time Olympian when he was in Los Angeles on June 14, 1925, saw a yacht overturn in the choppy waters, dove into the ocean and… 484 more words

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The Effortless and Legendary Life of Johnny Weissmuller Part 3: Weissmuller's Own Birther Conspiracy

At the 1924 Paris Olympics, Johnny Weissmuller was the star of stars. He finally stared down his only perceived rival, Duke Kahanamoku by swimming to an Olympic record and winning gold in the 100-meter race. 712 more words

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