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The Effortless and Legendary Life of Johnny Weissmuller Part 4: Real-Life Hero Saves 11 Lives

There are sports heroes and there are true heroes.

Duke Kahanamoku was a three-time Olympian when he was in Los Angeles on June 14, 1925, saw a yacht overturn in the choppy waters, dove into the ocean and… 484 more words

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The Effortless and Legendary Life of Johnny Weissmuller Part 3: Weissmuller's Own Birther Conspiracy

At the 1924 Paris Olympics, Johnny Weissmuller was the star of stars. He finally stared down his only perceived rival, Duke Kahanamoku by swimming to an Olympic record and winning gold in the 100-meter race. 712 more words

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The Effortless and Legendary Life of Johnny Weissmuller Part 1: From Hotel Bellhop to Rising Star

If you were on the eclectic cover of the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, you were likely a giant in your field. Carl Jung, Lenny Bruce, George Bernard Shah, Sonny Liston, Marilyn Monroe were among the 50+ people on that epic montage with the Beatles. 790 more words

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Surfing in Australia

Australia is renowned as one of the worlds premier surfing destinations. Surfing underpins an important part of the Australian coastal fabric. It forms part of a lifestyle in which millions participate with a mystique in which millions more have a documented interest. 126 more words


Hawaii: Day 2

Wednesday was the first day of the NAISA conference, so I headed to the University of Hawaii-Manoa for the day, while Kristin headed to the beach. 395 more words


Surf City USA: Huntington Beach

With 10 miles of uninterrupted beaches, exciting attractions and world-class surfing, Huntington Beach, defines Southern California beach living. The city features the most consistent waves on the West Coast, an attribute that helped the city receive the nickname,  Surf City USA. 1,181 more words

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