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ACA alum Clark accepts 'huge honor' with USA Baseball

Bailey Clark distinguished himself as a weekend starter for Duke University this past season.

The former Asheville Christian Academy pitcher can obviously handle a lot being thrown at him, too. 472 more words


Boo: The Things Parents Don’t Know Are Often The Most Important

I’ll admit it: I was one of those children who tried to memorized the Periodic Table.

Today, there are 118 elements on the list. In the 1980s, when I was a kid, there were 108, and ten years before that, there were 106. 926 more words


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As the twin who never received an invitation; today at 41 I still have never had a friend in the united States of America. It gets old; I can see why people commit suicide. It's not selfish; it's I can't take your American treatment of humans that never did a bad thing to you anymore. Truth. What friends or family. You know I work, because I will not live your disgusting lifestyle. You sit around like vultures waiting for what you can steal of my hard work; leaving me to practically live on fucking air alone. Name one of you assholes that has ever fucking had a job. Not your "lies"; a real fucking job? One of you liars text me, and tell me you did something in your pathetic life besides steal from me. One of you. You fucking can't can you?

Americans' circle of confidants has shrunk dramatically

“The evidence shows that Americans have fewer confidants and those ties are also more family-based than they used to be,” said Lynn Smith-Lovin, Robert L. Wilson Professor of Sociology at Duke University and one of the authors of ” Social Isolation in America: Changes in Core. 39 more words


Newest 76er Jahlil Okafor trashes greenroom after draft interview

Brooklyn, NY – Smiling for the cameras and an interview with ESPN, newest 76er Jahlil Okafor vehemently denied reports his agent asked Philadelphia to not draft the Duke center, as he did not want to be part of a rebuilding process with the organization. 146 more words


Visa Lighting Collaborates with Arup on a Stunning Installation for Duke University

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Visa’s factory in Wisconsin. For a How It’s Made nerd like me it was incredible to the combination of machines and old-fashioned hand-made craftsmanship that went into making the fixtures of Visa’s extensive catalog. 273 more words

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Coach K Admits He Anonymously Follows His Duke Players On Twitter

Twitter is no longer just Twitter. One false tweet can cost you your job, relationship, or even worse, your #brand. For the most part, athletes understand this. 206 more words


Former Cardinal Ritter standout loving life as an assistant coach

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Chris Carrawell was one of the best basketball players to come from this area. He attended Duke University and was a 1st team All-American his senior year. 16 more words