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On "The Way of the World"

At the end of the first act in Congreve’s The Way of the World, Petulant declares, “Then let ‘em show their innocence by not understanding what they hear, or else show discretion by not hearing what they would not be thought to understood.” Here he is responding to Mirabell’s challenge, aimed to satiate his desire to “be severe”, by “putting the ladies out of their countenance with senseless ribaldry,” and thus placing blame upon women encountering his lascivious humor and their inevitable embarrassed flush. 418 more words

Jane Austen

How to Be a Super Researcher?

I came across this tiny booklet at Duke’s Rubenstein Library a couple of month ago. Then I happened to completely forget about it, but today… This was the second time I found it. 42 more words


3 Major Concerns for Duke

I was thinking of Duke and its current problems, and I wanted to share my three major concerns moving forward.

1. Unrealistic Expectations.

I am afraid that our expectations and the expectations that media put on your young guys hurt us. 515 more words


#VirtuesOfWar - Narrative Identities & Civic Health

Today our focus is on Hilde Lindemann’s introductory chapter from Damaged Identities: Narrative Repair as well as several articles pertaining to the perception of veterans and the current epidemic of suicide. 1,736 more words


From Duke: "There's nothing dry about stormwater research"

Duke University

It’s what we drink, eventually, and Duke researchers are aiming to understand it better.

December 15, 2016
Scott Huler

Images: Courtesy Duke University Wetland Center… 2,945 more words

Applied Research & Technology

POLSCI 497 Course Rationale

Although given as a homily for my #VirtuesOfWar course, because this entry draws upon context specific to Duke, it does not bear the typical marks of other ‘Virtues’ posts. 2,048 more words