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Jilly: Educated and Entertained

Anyone interested in hearing Eloisa James, Ilona and Gordon Andrews, Alisha Rai, and Sarah MacLean discuss various aspects of romance writing?

I just spent almost three hours online watching a recording of a fascinating, funny and insightful seminar held last week at Duke University. 246 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

We asked a Duke astronomy professor about Duke alum Kyrie Irving saying the Earth is flat

NBA champion Kyrie Irving shocked a lot of people when he revealed that he believes the Earth is flat on the Road Trippin’ podcast that released on Friday morning.  1,098 more words


Campus news of the week: A snow day, a swastika, new furry friends

Welcome to the new Campus news of the week roundup here at USA TODAY College. There are around five thousand colleges and universities in the U.S. 799 more words


Virtues of War - Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas was a 13th century Christian theologian and moral philosopher. Aquinas refers to the region of his birth, Aquino, not his family name. Noteworthy for our purposes is that each of his brothers became soldiers of some type, taking after their father. 1,584 more words


Scientists have finally figured out why the cockeyed squid is cockeyed

The cockeyed squid lives in the “twilight zone” of the ocean, between 600 and 3,000 feet deep, where there’s very little sunlight. But that doesn’t explain why the sea creatures have entirely mismatched eyes.  143 more words

Virtues Of War - Chivalry

Aquinas fused classical virtue with Christianity with unmatched intellectual rigor, and it might be argued that the fusion was inevitable given the epistemological monopoly the Roman Catholic Church had upon western Europe and the British Islands by the 13th century. 2,070 more words


Separate but Bundled

Initially my search for items/practices present during the time in which Austen wrote was situated around marriage. Soon, I discovered a practice that made me laugh out loud: the bundling board. 435 more words

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