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Three Things Thursday - 04/13/2017

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain


A New Fence….

The wife wanted a new fence, so we got a fence.  It’s not a true Spring unless we go into more debt building a new fence to keep the dog in the yard. 155 more words

Three Things Thursday

Jessica Simpson Rocks Daisy Duke’s In New Photo Shoot

Can you just say wow!

Jessica Simpson took us back to her “Dukes of Hazzard” days in a new photo shoot to launch her new collection and can we just say… HOLY SMOKES!! 92 more words


Censorship of thought? Scary

I’m writing this because recently, a person I know has wished to create an “echo chamber” on Facebook.  He’s not the only one.  There are others.  2,890 more words


Dukes and Drives: Our World of Wheels Indianapolis 2017 Photos

This weekend my wife and I attended our very first World of Wheels, a popular car show that holds court in numerous North American cities every year. 1,424 more words


Smell the Roses

It’s Thursday mid-morning, I’m chit chatting with family, relaxed, and having a nice breakfast. And then I realize I have ONE hour to get to the grocery store, run some other errands, and pick up the first born from school. 284 more words

Thoughts on the election

It’s almost over. Seven days from today, if the good Lord’s willing, and the creeks don’t rise, (but, Lord, we need a good rain) this election fustercluck will be nigh over. 136 more words

How Running Transformed My Life

“Sit back… relax… exhale.” Those are some of the key principles they teach you in running clinics about how to be a better runner. When most think about running they definitely don’t think about relaxing or sitting back. 1,427 more words