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Down with the rebel flag ... in most places

I totally understand the outcry and backlash against the Confederate battle flag in the wake of a recent massacre.

The flag has come to represent hatred, bigotry, bondage … all things of which the nation shouldn’t be proud. 263 more words

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Our Cultural Revolution Is Different Than Theirs!

Oh Hai!

Someone on FOXNews made the snide comment that the current cultural erasure of Confederate flags and the renaming of schools, roadways, and military bases is the same sort of cultural cleansing that went on in Communist China under the Red Guard, and is currently going on in the Mid East under ISIS and the Taliban. 702 more words


Independence Day and the Dukes of Detroit--Freedom, Race and Regionalism

Ever venture into the world of social media and feel like you’re that kid in The Emperor’s New Clothesfearlessly and without apology, stating, “But he hasn’t got anything on?” We live in a world of competing narratives and have become so socially narcissistic that we can’t see things from another perspective or stand and say that doesn’t make any sense. 1,498 more words


It Isn’t Liberals, PC, but Profit

A mentally disturbed man consumed and blinded by hate murdered people gathered in prayer at a church building in South Carolina. The murderer judged, convicted, and levied his deranged perverted brand of justice because the victims’ skin color was different from his own. 969 more words

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