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The silence of sound

I’ve decided that, for a week, in meditation on Vishuddha chakra I will be silent.

At the end of my first day, I am preparing for a challenging week.   254 more words

The two paths

There are two paths, my friends. There are two kinds of happiness, my friends, the happiness within the illusion that you know of as the physical illusion that you now enjoy, and happiness known only as understanding. 15 more words


Buddha Jayanthi

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The Four Noble Truths as propounded by the Buddha

The Noble Truth of Suffering

The Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering… 123 more words


This Valentine's Day, Add Spice to Your Life: Dukkah - Healthy & Versatile Spice Blend to Make at Home

This comes straight from a recent conference presentation by faculty and a student from West Virginia University School of Medicine and the Rural Family Medicine Residency who are involved in an innovative curriculum that includes nutrition education for medical students and residents. 279 more words

Millet | VEG GF

Millet is a seed, not a grain, making it suitable for those following the paleo diet. I enjoy millet, with a similar consistency to couscous. 63 more words


15th December 2013: Tuna with roasted sweet potato & aubergine, and peppers & green beans

A post-party quick meal. Having cleared away the party food, the kids, and put everything back in its place (including our own kids in their beds), almost time to relax. 85 more words

Cafe Mondello

242 Charles St, Launceston 0408 326 848

Smashed Avocado (Persian feta, toast, poached eggs, dukka, relish)

= ★★★

Eggs SS (smoked salmon, toast, spinach, hollandaise) 42 more words