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How Things Are Now

I’ve been taking Duloxetine for a couple of months now and things have settled down.

I’m no longer getting so many muscle spasms – they are few and far between now and not so annoying. 362 more words


Combination of pregabalin with duloxetine for fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain and associated with sleep disturbance, depression, fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction. Polypharmacy is commonly used, but supportive evidence is limited. 303 more words



“There are risks to antidepressant treatment, but the risks of untreated depression are worse.” ~ John Bailey

So, the second time I was sick enough to start taking medication the first one they put me on was duloxetine – brand name Cymbalta.

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Mental Health

Round up

Another night of disjointed sleep. I liken in to an old record player. I have a dream then wake to turn the record over, then a different dream and the sequence continues till I give in and get up. 331 more words

Daily Life

Cymbalta and why it ruined my life

**Will preface this by saying that all medications affect people differently. Just because I had a bad experience on this medication does not mean that you will, but it’s important to look into any medication before taking it (or stopping it)** 717 more words

Chronic Pain

On The Other Side

Well I’ve been on Duloxetine for a little over a week now and the withdrawal effects from the Citalopram have finally worn off.

Now I’m getting to know my new normal on the Duloxetine. 414 more words


Antidepressants Associated With Hyponatremia


  • A cohort of 638,352 people was evaluated from 1998 through 2012 to investigate the relationship between the use of antidepressants and the risk of hyponatremia.
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