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Uppy downy

Had another bad sleep, got woken up by coughing up bile but this time more intense. Then nodded off for a bit then woke up for the day. 291 more words

Supreme being experience 

After the groggy start yesterday I had a “Supreme being experience” in the realms of I felt I was taller, almost a taken back view as if my eyes were more at the back of the head, as if I was stuck in this human body that doesn’t function properly or that I’m restricted by this human body. 56 more words


Frustrated by it all

Ok I thought I had this under control but maybe not. Maybe because I’m new to the mental health services and the realisation I have a problem I don’t know. 466 more words


The One drop of alcohol...

I have had no alcohol for about a month and a half and all has been OK so I thought I would have a drop. I had about two doubles = 2 home measures!­čśë didn’t feel drunk. 173 more words


How can this happen?

I spent all last night cutting out stencils so I can spray some wooden Christmas trees today. I went to work happy with myself and………. I forgot the stencils!!!!!! 136 more words


How easy focus of work gets out of hand

Once again I have jumped straight into my old habits. I am only employed to do 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, I found myself pitching in for a further 3 hours. 262 more words


Living proof of turning life around!!!!

I didn’t want to post this too soon as I didn’t know how it would work out. I didn’t believe it was possible to come back from impending termination of my own life by my own hand!! 838 more words