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It was a time in my life a few years back when I felt like I was getting my life back on track. Things were good, but could have been better. 137 more words


Day 5

7.48am – feel hungover. Very groggy. Last night was vivid dreaming again. I woke myself up to the sound of myself screaming something – though this is not abnormal as I am an animated dreamer apparently. 155 more words


Day 4

Halved my dosage from 60mg to 30mg. Suffice to say I was very apprehensive about dropping half my seretonin levels. Might I flip out and fall into a deep depression again. 205 more words



No one talks about depression. We still keep is caged away like it’s a weakness. No, it’s not a weakness, it’s just not something I would wish on my worst enemy. 161 more words


Saying goodbye

I’m starting my journey weaning off antidepressants which I’ve taken on and off for 8 or so years. My depression started with post natal, but if I’m honest probably has always been around. 24 more words


Target acheived!

I have been through so many ups and downs with this illness through the last 4 years but always tried to keep to running.  I ended up running to a standstill in 2015 with the Avonex/gabapentin combination and just seemed to be getting worse and worse.  487 more words


The horrors of getting off of duloxetine (a.k.a. brain zaps)

It’s just been such a long week month — damn, how long has it been?? Well, this post will be a long one.

About a month and a half ago, I learned what brain zaps were. 953 more words