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Revisited my blow up today....

So my day was going great and was just a standard day. I got home from my part time job and started building cage panels for a chicken cage. 701 more words


Catching Up

Hey Loves,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about what’s going on in my little world so thought it was overdue. Not that any of you are that interested in my daily situations but this is my journal of sorts as well so it’s good to write out your feelings right? 840 more words

One of my wheels came off today!

So lately it seems I have finished “riding the highs ” as they call it and I came to a low today. I have been struggling bit by bit to keep the momentum going to be honest so it wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was the depth that shocked me. 428 more words


Chronic Low Back Pain: What does and does not work (according to current evidence)


  • Keeping moving
  • Physical therapy or manipulation therapies
  • Acupuncture, tai chi (clinician should emphasize possible benefits – likely enhances the placebo effect!)
  • NSAIDs – lowest effective dose for shortest period – 1st line pharmacotherapy …
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Family Medicine/Pearls

At the starting gates

I have just come out of a course on ” better parenting ” it’s only week two but I am realising I’m not a bad parent, just have a rabbit in headlights feeling. 174 more words


Oh what to do?

Ok, so it seems like my recovery period is well on its way. And now instead of looking back I am starting to look at where I am now with a little peek at the future! 574 more words


Tired of cleaning up shit.

I don’t know why writing has to feel so difficult, but I know I can’t comfortably sit down and express my thoughts or even think  with the smell of rank, piss-soaked litter boxes and traces of Derby’s behavioral issues all over the house. 1,167 more words