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At the starting gates

I have just come out of a course on ” better parenting ” it’s only week two but I am realising I’m not a bad parent, just have a rabbit in headlights feeling. 174 more words


Oh what to do?

Ok, so it seems like my recovery period is well on its way. And now instead of looking back I am starting to look at where I am now with a little peek at the future! 574 more words


Tired of cleaning up shit.

I don’t know why writing has to feel so difficult, but I know I can’t comfortably sit down and express my thoughts or even think ¬†with the smell of rank, piss-soaked litter boxes and traces of Derby’s behavioral issues all over the house. 1,167 more words

A mess of thoughts

I started the day again today by breaking into a mess of tears. I just couldn’t handle the stress, or the thought of having to leave the house and go to work. 348 more words




Common Names: Duloxetine

What is it for?

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • chronic pain conditions (Fibromyalgia, CRPS, Lupus)

How is it administered? oral


  • Expensive and not accepted by all insurance companies as it is labeled as an antidepressant…

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Pain Relief

How different a year makes...

It’s coming up to a year since I tried to take my own life. My train of thought today is very different than this time last year. 832 more words


Going Down

Two weeks into my six week plan to get off my medication – how’s it going? Good. I think.

This fortnight has seen me alternating between taking my full dosage and just half dosage each night, slowly trying to get my body to adjust to having less and less Duloxetine in my system. 606 more words