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Where can I play pond hockey in Duluth

Pond hockey rinks. Minnesota is the land of 10,000 rinks. With Duluth being a hockey town,  I think it would be an interesting idea to highlight every where you can go to play outdoor hockey in the local area. 234 more words


Uncovering your local Duluth area

When I think of the place in which I live, Duluth, I see the pretty nature, large monuments, and Canal Park. What I would like to uncover, are the small local shops or places that don’t get a lot of hype. 380 more words


Design Thinking: Empathy and Addiction

The topic I have chosen to explore for the semester project is that of increased Heroin an Opioid related arrests, use and death in the Northland. 389 more words


Using empathy, design thinking for storytelling

For my final project, I think I want to work with the homeless population in Duluth. I’m not completely sure what that means yet but I’d like to tell their stories so people can get a better understanding of them. 281 more words

Design Thinking: Where entrepreneurship and journalism meet

While I don’t know what exactly I want to do for my final project, I’ve had an idea in mind that I might try to gear it towards something related to sports and outdoors. 372 more words


Video of the Week: 9/24/17

This week’s video shows the inside of the Duluth National Weather Service radar dome.  This video was taken as they were making some repairs to one of the drive gears.   24 more words


Police arrest Excelsior man after Vista Fleet tour boats released into Duluth harbor 

Under an embracing fall sunrise, the Vista Star and her smaller fleetmate the Vista Queen drifted in the Duluth harbor, appearing to be the image of blissful morning voyages on uncharacteristically calm waters. 159 more words

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