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Alhapetically Me

  1. Adorable (…writer)
  2. Bruised
  3. Chickpeas
  4. Deep
  5. Excitable
  6. Filthy (I hate grooming myself! D: AND cleaning :'( )
  7. Glamorous (I am it and you know it)
  8. Honest (most of the times)
  9. 37 more words

Don't know what to type.

On the most anticipated blog-post,8 hours after the last post- was the release of this post. Even though she spams you reader with her overflowing thoughts that is always at the brim of her brain kettle, there is yet another strange twist to the tale of a 19-year old Asian blogger on the way to writing fame, a development that further clouds the the confidence of this writer’s ability. 37 more words