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Man Forgets To Use Brakes At Point He Definitely Should've Used Brakes

Count your blessings when you kiss the side of a truck that is going 50MPH and all you walk away with is a limp. Russia is a goddamn Youtube gold mine with all of their dash cams. 10 more words


FOX 8's Kristi Capel Drops 'Jigaboo' Comment On Air

Clevescene: In the midst of this morning’s Fox 8 morning show, during a discussion of Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscar’s last night, Kristi Capel dropped “jigaboo” into the conversation as an adjective to describe Lady Gaga’s music. 96 more words


Portland Mayor gives local businesses $10,000 tax break for hiring felons

Let’s say you’re a Portland citizen. You were an assistant manager of an auto parts store for almost nine years, and were laid off a few months ago. 806 more words

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Tough Guy Pussies Out When Cops Board Train

And here is the exact moment you realize this Captain Phillips motherfucker had warrants out for his arrest. Just painful to watch. ‘Tell your girl she is beautiful. 51 more words