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New EPA Head Myron Ebell Announces 1st Project Under Trump

Trump House Gang appointee and award-winning science denier, Myron Ebell, has set forth what he hopes will be his first act as new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. 210 more words

Randall Smoot

Quick! Somebody tell Czar Donnie he can't sue me ...

And he sure as fuck can’t sue Harry Reid, the minority leader of the Senate.

As the alleged President Elect, Vladimir Trumpy has to sit there and take it when I call him a fraudulent, ignorant, orange-haired, sexually creepy, uninformed, unskilled, unsavory Asswipe. 312 more words

Randall Smoot

How Shakespeare and Dumb & Dumber transformed my life

Though I went to Bible college, I can say without hesitation that the Shakespeare class I took during my junior year is in my top 5 classes of my undergrad career.   849 more words

Zeb and Soapy Smith Duck Stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Our moms said we would come back and stay at this hotel.   And we did.   Here we are at the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.   766 more words

Lightning Review: Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Before they went on a trip across the country together, Harry (Derek Richardson) and Lloyd (Eric Christian Olsen) first met in high school. Their high school principal (Eugene Levy) give Harry and Lloyd the task of finding “special” students for their class. 358 more words


Top 10 Hollywood Comedy Movies

In a world full of stress and sorrows all we look out for, is some entertainment and comedy that will enrich our lives again. Talking about entertainment, movies have always been a great source of entertainment. 579 more words

My First Presidential Election, Candidates: Dumb and Dumber

September  28, 2016

As both presidential candidates took the stage for the first Presidential Debate of 2016, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was in an episode of the Twilight zone. 454 more words