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The Midnight Snack - False Narrative Edition

WHAT UP PEEPS? Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I’m going to talk false narratives. Mostly because of some dude out east who thinks that Kris Bryant is the most overrated player in baseball. 435 more words


8 Modern Movies in a Vintage Style

Vintage film has always been a great source of inspiration. With a combination of striking black and white visuals and Art Deco styling you can always count on some great eye-candy whether you’re watching a film noir, romantic melodrama, crime caper or space adventure. 125 more words


Read the Label

I’m back. I’m back and I have a little PSA:

Always read the label of any medication you take.

This is about to get personal… 733 more words


A Face in the Audience at Home

The “star” of a reality TV show I’ve never heard of was the first speaker at a major political party convention that will nominate the “star” of a reality TV show I’ve never watched. 209 more words

Randall Smoot

5 epic hairstyles in the movies

There’s all kinds of hair in the movies… no hair, long hair, short hair, hair that takes a lot of effort, hair that takes no effort, creepy hair, frizzy hair, grey hair, Theres-Something-About-Mary hair, bad hair and great hair (if you’re Robert Downey Jr). 142 more words


All righty then! Top 6 Jim Carrey 90s comedies (Back in Times Thursday)

Greetings folkses.

During my review of Mr Popper’s Penguins (see here) I mentioned the golden age of Jim Carrey comedies in the 1990s. So for this week’s Back in Times Thursday I thought it would be fittingly appropriate and appropriately fitting to do a ranking of these movies. 828 more words

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It's Not That Serious: Blake Bortles Edition

If there was ever a poster child for someone living the motto of “It’s not that serious”, it would be Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. This man has already created a legend for himself with his play on the field and his personality off of it. 495 more words

Jacksonville Jaguars