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Cartoons as social satire: Beavis and Butt-head and South Park

I did previously mention that the television of today basically sucks and dumbs the nations down. Tons of TV series are produced for the sole purpose of providing lousy entertainment to the masses who for inexplicable reason buy it, no questions asked. 1,009 more words


MT Politics 2016: Greg vs. Steve?

That title sounds like two all-American guys battling it out – and it may happen!

The National Journal recently reported that Republican businessman Greg Gianforte is laying the groundwork to challenge Democratic Governor Steve Bullock in 2016. 487 more words


Dumb & Dumber To Review

Lets start it off with the most obvious of conclusions… No, it is not as good as the first film. There I said it. But I knew this all along. 317 more words


Review: Dumb and Dumber To

With the recent rise in nostalgia for all things nineties, I can’t help but feel like Hollywood is having a field day. We already have a new… 816 more words



Those shiny new smart TV’s. They lure you in making you drool for the technology. The things you can do – Netflix, YouTube, streaming this, streaming that, connect to the internet. 345 more words

My Dribbles

"Oh, the Humanity"


If you want to see people do crazy things, visit the Grand Canyon.  It seems to be a magnet for folks who either have a screw loose or are suffering from suicidal tendencies.   163 more words

The Southwest