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Dumb and dumber on Judge Judy

that was probably one of the quickest rulings by Judge Judy!

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Judge Judy finds defendant guilty in just 26 seconds

NEW YORK – “Dumb and dumber.”

That’s all Judge Judy Sheindlin had to say about two defendants who managed to incriminate themselves in just 26 seconds. 92 more words


Jim Carrey's Ex-Girlfriend Commits Suicide

Ethan Sacks Jim Carrey’s girlfriend committed suicide after breaking up with her high-profile boyfriend, TMZ is reporting.

Los Angeles police responding to a call Monday night discovered the body of Cathriona White after being called to the scene by worried friends, sources told the gossip site. 126 more words


How To Lose A Court Case In Under 30 Seconds (VIDEO)

This CRACKED ME UP! My boyfriend showed it to me on Saturday and within 5 minutes, I had watched it on loop.

The reaction on Judge Judy’s face when the guy willingly cracks the case without any help from her is PRICELESS. 54 more words


Top 5ive Cinematic Afflictions: Jeremy

5. The Rock. I had to put at least one M.Bay movie on my list. He is the current king of cinematic schlock. The Rock… 426 more words

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Dumb and Dumber (1994)

The cross-country adventures of two good-hearted but incredibly stupid friends. (IMDb)

Carrey’s now-famous facial elastics and exaggerated actions are only one of many sources of laughs here: Daniels is no slouch, pulling off slapstick and one-liners with ease; the dumbness of the two is revealed in contrived but always hilarious scenes (“the town is THAT way!”), and the “bumbling idiots obliviously outwit the bad guys” situational humour is predictable but ever-funny. 20 more words