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Ass powered

I was thinking about the word “ass.” It’s a really versatile word. Ass has the power to emphasize, even change the meaning of, almost anything. 542 more words


It's about the bunny dumb ass!

“This is a special year. Our country is doing great. You look at the economy; you look at what’s happening. Nothing is ever easy but we have never had an economy like we have right now. 406 more words

Donald Trump

Dumbass award this week (and it seems like every week) goes to........

What an idiot

Trump complains that no one read the massive spending bill when clearly he hadn’t either

“Donny dealmaker” the subject of the book the “Art of the Deal” seems to have no clue how to make any deal. 227 more words

Traitor Trump

Trump's new top economic adviser is not just a little wrong, but wildly, historically wrong

This weeks’ Dumb Ass Award (and it seems like every week) goes to Doofus Donald Trump

Every time we think Trump has scraped the bottom of the barrel he seems to be able to dig deeper into his barrel of incompetent misfit toys. 272 more words


I'm a dumb ass

So I apparently bought a train ticket from Lansing to Chicago for a month to the DAY before I actually wanted to leave. I call Amtrak…All they tell me is that I can’t get a refund…. 343 more words

My Taint is Wittier and More Attractive Than This Snatch.

As everyone knows I am more than a little partial to swear words and insults in particular. The wackier and more obscure the better. However, if you’re a squirrel fellating, dried up old, sneering sack of fetid rectal discharge that looks like a geriatric drag queen without make-up application skills that may have fallen off an Arkansas Incest wagon and look old, hard and worn out enough to quite possibly have serviced most of the soldiers on both sides during the civil war, trolling attractive(ish) and docile, young(ish) women on facebook for shits and giggles and the best insult you can come up with is “fat ass” then perhaps it’s time you logged off and go change your Depends. 17 more words

Society Adds New Meaning to ‘Trump’

It’s official. The National Synonym Society today approved “trump” as a new word for “dumb.”

“This is a well-earned honor,” said Sebastian T. Wordsworth, NSS president. 298 more words

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