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Police impersonator busted pulling over undercover detective

DENVER, CO – Here’s a question for you: what did you want to be when you were a kid? An astronaut? A firefighter? How about a police officer? 124 more words

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Elections judge ditches wife & job to drive jitney

NORTH VERSAILLES, PA – A lot of tough decisions are made on Election Day, but they typically happen inside the polling booth. For a western Pennsylvania judge of elections, though, the tough decision was: do his job or drive a jitney. 127 more words

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Escaped Inmate Gets Caught After Posting Selfie

PAYETTE, Idaho — An escaped inmate, on the run more than a year after he scaled over a razor wire fence at an Idaho jail, was taken back into custody on Friday. 139 more words


Oregon suspect strips nude, crawls into homeowner's bed after breaking in

PORTLAND, OR – If your parents didn’t sit you down and give you “The Talk,” we’ll skip over the juicy parts and just leave you with this: be careful with whom you get into bed. 142 more words

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Man Looking For Drugs Accidentally Texts Narc

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A Port St. Lucie man looking to score drugs sent his text message to exactly the wrong person… the head of the sheriff’s department narcotics squad. 133 more words

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Things To NOT Do This Weekend...

One Indy man REALLY went crazy this week…stole a car…got into a collision TWICE…then did meth!

C’mon man…that’s more than a trifecta! Congrats…I guess…

Story HERE.


WATCH: Police catch deep fryer thief by following trail of grease

It didn’t take authorities in Oklahoma long to find the culprit who allegedly broke into a woman’s home and stole  $4,000 worth of items, including a deep fryer. 168 more words