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A Driver Who Livestreamed Himself Doing 115 MPH Ended Up Broadcasting His Subsequent Crash

Facebook live; it’s good for personal announcements, publicity stunts, or telling the world how gosh darn excited you are about your new talking Chewbacca mask… 229 more words

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A Tulsa Man Went On A Joyride In A Stolen Cop Car And Filmed The Whole Thing On Facebook Live

(Warning: Language in video may not be safe for work.)

The above video is a byproduct of many, many bad decisions after a Tulsa police officer went to grab a cup of coffee on Halloween night and left her keys in the ignition of her unlocked police car — which was probably the first bad decision, if we’re being honest. 397 more words


Suspect In Home Invasion Runs From Police, Straight Into A Tree Knocking Himself Unconscious

A homeowner woke up early Saturday morning, around 1am, after he heard someone banging on his front door.  When he went downstairs, he found Jacob Roemer, 20, in the entryway of his home. 101 more words


A Police Officer's Wife Staged A Robbery Of Her Home And Tried To Blame Black Lives Matter

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Between the need for police accountability and protests over ice cream flavors, the Black Lives Matter protest movement and its proponents face a difficult enough time as it is getting the public the emphasize the former. 317 more words


Two Women Busted For Smuggling $30 Million In Cocaine Chronicled Their Lavish Trip On Instagram

Two 20-something Canadian women, Melina Roberge and Isabelle Lagace — a real life Alex and Piper, if you will — are facing life in prison after Australian authorities discovered 200 pounds of cocaine in their luggage on the last stop of a $15,000 luxury cruise that made its way from Southampton, United Kingdom to Sydney over the course of two months. 195 more words

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A Teen On The Run Was Caught After Asking Police To Use A More Flattering Photo Of Her

Last week, self preservation and vanity met at an unfortunate crossroads when an Australian teen who had escaped from a correctional facility may have actually incriminated herself, leading to her own apprehension. 208 more words


Snorting grandpa's ashes

This one comes from St. Peters, Missouri. 3 Teenagers decided to break into Debora Matthews home. They got away with $2825 in cash and goods. Among the items stolen was a box of white powder. 137 more words

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