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Meet The Man Who Almost Got Away With Having Two Wives, Until They Discovered His Facebook

Andrew O’Clee will serve four months in jail for bigamy after it was discovered that he was married to two women, neither of whom knew he was married to someone else. 325 more words

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A Guy Got Stabbed For Snoring Too Loudly During His Flight

Great, here’s another thing to worry about when you’re freaking out about flying: Some people will stab you with a pen if you’re snoring too loudly (and what “too loud” means is not up to you.) 292 more words

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Guy Steals Wallet Then Microwaves It

Another Florida bonehead forced his neighbor onto a balcony and then microwaved his wallet. It happened in Tampa when he allegedly broke into his neighbor’s house and threatened him forcing him out on the balcony. 83 more words


Man High On Flakka Has Sex With A Tree

A Melbourne, Florida man, high on the Flakka (a synthetic drug a lot like bath salts), told police he was God after he attacked one of them and topped it off by having sex with a tree.  183 more words


Guy Gets Jail Time For Crocs

I’ve always thought if you wear these God awful ugly things you should be locked up.  Now, a 21-year-old in Fairbanks, Alaska actually did.  He broke into a restaurant a few weeks ago, and stole about $400 from the cash register.  70 more words


Sword Play

When thinking of security systems this is the last thing that comes to mind is a Samurai Sword. Since this happened in South America I suppose it would be like hitting a piñata at a birthday party…All be it a fleshy meaty one though. 25 more words