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This Guy Was Hit With A Felony After Filling His Water Cup With Soda At McDonald's

Let this be a cautionary tale: Despite what your parents ever told you about asking for water and then filling the cup with soda at a chain restaurant (my parents always made me do this and I was always afraid I’d get sentenced to life), there really are some people out there who will fight so hard for the soda they lost that they’ll allow customers to be slapped with a felony. 458 more words


Deputies: Man steals, changes clothes, strikes again in five minutes!

CHALMETTE, La. (WGNO) — Saint Bernard Sheriff’s deputies say they’re looking for a man who stole from the same store twice within a five-minute period.  They add that the man was able to change clothes in between heists. 144 more words


A Top Mafia Boss Gets Arrested Thanks To An Irresistible Urge For Pizza

We don’t need to explain to you how perfect pizza is. Ordinary New York City rats have become famous because of it, a serial killer was found  191 more words


Surprise! Hiding Weed In Your Wendy's Baconator Won't Outsmart The Cops

We here at UPROXX make no claims of being a foremost authority on how to hide weed. That said, stuffing pot on your Baconator isn’t exactly a Harry Hoduni-esque bit of cop-tricking sorcery. 184 more words


There's Video Footage Of That Florida Man Throwing An Alligator Through A Wendy's Drive Thru

Back in February, a 23-year-old Florida man named Joshua James threw a live alligator through the window of a Wendy’s drive thru. After his arrest, he told reporters that… 176 more words


Mother arrested after allowing 3 children to get tattoos

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LAGO VISTA, Texas — Three children now have permanent ink on their ankles after their mother allegedly allowed her boyfriend’s brother to give them tattoos. 123 more words


'Hamburglar' stole 33 cases of Whoppers from a Burger King truck in Michigan

WARREN, Mich. — Police are searching for the person who broke into a Burger King truck in Michigan and stole 33 cases of Whoppers.

Police said the “Hamburglar” broke into the semi-truck while it was parked along a highway in Warren on Friday night,  59 more words