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This Woman Got Back At Her Ex By Dousing Him In Boiling Water And Surrounding His Bed With Thumb Tacks

A 36-year-old woman in Houma, Louisiana is wanted by police after severely burning her sleeping ex-boyfriend with a pot of boiling water. Houma police say the alleged perpetrator, Lynette Tyese Joseph, also surrounded the bed in thumbtacks before she fled. 88 more words

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Car Thief Being Chased By Cops Calls 911, Asks To Make Them Stop Chasing Him!

Police were chasing a man in stolen car in Berkley and he got so annoyed that they were chasing him that he had the nerve to call 911 and asked to make them stop pursing him! 84 more words


Texas goes boom....

When we think of biker gangs I think of movies like Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper or Mel Gibson in Mad Max or even Sons of Anarchy on TV. 207 more words


These Hungry Burglary Suspects Left A Trail Of Macaroni Salad Behind Them

Three suspects have been charged in a recent burglary at a Build-A-Burger & Ice Cream restaurant, and they might have escaped if they hadn’t grabbed… 143 more words

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You'll Never Guess Where This Man Allegedly Smuggled A Gun Into Jail (In His Butt)

A South Jersey man who was picked up on a contempt of court warrant last Friday had an unexpected surprise for officers working at the Bridgeton Police Department. 220 more words

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The Dumbest Criminal Ever Called The Cops To Get Back The Phone He Lost While Mugging Someone

Meet Paul Knight, a British aspiring street criminal whose glorious rise to the top was cut short when he lost a phone during a mugging. That’s not so bad, but then he called the police to see if someone had, uh, turned it in. 181 more words

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