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A Teen On The Run Was Caught After Asking Police To Use A More Flattering Photo Of Her

Last week, self preservation and vanity met at an unfortunate crossroads when an Australian teen who had escaped from a correctional facility may have actually incriminated herself, leading to her own apprehension. 208 more words


Snorting grandpa's ashes

This one comes from St. Peters, Missouri. 3 Teenagers decided to break into Debora Matthews home. They got away with $2825 in cash and goods. Among the items stolen was a box of white powder. 137 more words

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A Subway Employee Was Arrested After Allegedly Dropping A Whole Bunch Of Drugs Into A Police Officer's Drink

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A Utah police officer was hospitalized this week after a Subway employee allegedly poisoned his drink with a cocktail of drugs including marijuana, THC and methamphetamine. 255 more words


Tweaker Selfie

This oldie but a goodie from 2012, comes from lovely, steamy Bakersfield California. Source of over a quarter of the nation’s fresh produce and a similar percentage of the nation’s methamphetamine supply. 134 more words

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Failure To Launch

This story is another Florida classic featuring bad genetics, drinking and watercraft. The only thing that would make it more Florida would be an Alligator attack. 180 more words

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Welcome to Bob's Dumb Criminals


This site is dedicated to those masters of unintentional humor. Dumb Criminals. I will cover the exploits of dumb crooks, the criminally dumb, crazy rednecks, ghetto fools and tweaker craziness. 8 more words

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The Case of the Purloined, Pawned, Playstations.

Our first doofus criminals of the day are a couple of tweakers from Clarksville Georgia who broke into a home and stole Playstation gaming consoles, games, accessories and DVDs. 100 more words

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