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Man who calls police to say he's 'too high,' found in pile of Doritos

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio — An Ohio man made a strange and not-so-wise call to police last Friday to tell them that he was “too high” on marijuana. 128 more words


A Man Who Called 911 For Being 'Too High' Was Found Next To Doritos And Chips Ahoy

As someone who prefers booze as my drug of choice, the thing I find about marijuana is that it’s really, really easy — if you don’t know what you’re doing — to accidentally get super duper high. 262 more words


Man Caught on Camera Breaking Into Auto-parts Store with Maxi Pad over His Eyes [Maxi Pad Bandits Video]

Check out this Exclusive video of this man in Apple Valley, California who breaks into an auto part store with a maxi pad over his eyes to conceal his identity. .


Watch An Attempted Package Thief Get The Perfect Comeuppance

For those of us who worship at the altar of Amazon Prime, the struggle of package theft can be real. Full disclosure: I am even working in my dining room today within view of the front door as I’m expecting a few deliveries, because even with security cameras and in broad daylight, package thieves are just that brazen these days. 189 more words


This Woman's Boyfriend Wouldn't Buy Her An $80,000 Audi, So She Just Threw A Tantrum And Stole It Off The Lot

You can’t put a price on love, but you can put a price on an Audi, which costs around $80,000. Unfortunately for one man, who may have set his gift-giving expectations too high, he’s probably out that much money without actually getting the car. 189 more words


Meet The Gentleman Who Led Police On A High-Speed Chase After Learning To Drive On His PlayStation

Adam Jones (not to be confused with the Baltimore Orioles bubblegum-loving center fielder) managed to give the police in Skegness, England the surprise of a lifetime. 233 more words