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Why Do Smart People Do Stupid Things At times?

In this article, I like to discuss one observation (from the many observations!)I have made during my daily dose of life. Even Smart Individuals Do Stupid Things sometimes…. 505 more words

Dumb People

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged a Dick

This morning, I came across a post on Facebook that actually pissed me off. Now usually, things I see posted that I don’t agree with, or even people who dislike my comments, I usually just laugh them off. 1,215 more words

People Irritate Me

This is literally just me ranting about today because it just made me upset.

By the way I had already written a posts about “lady-like” and life and humanity but I think I’ll post it when u have nothing to post for a week. 643 more words

Dumb Arguments I'm Tired of Hearing

Our society has become incredibly sensitive and whiny and… dumb. So many people try to make arguments about things that offend them, and they just fail miserably. 913 more words


So yesterday the hubby and I went to the gym like usual, although totally not feeling it since the rulers of All Things Fat decided that a 10 lb loss was just too much do they gave me a pound back. 339 more words


There's No 'I' in Nazi..... Oh Wait.

In the blog-writing world feedback is king. To understand and realize how you are doing, who you are reaching, and who likes what is paramount to maintaining your enthusiasm for the hard work that all of us do. 1,067 more words

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