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I Have Discovered-1

I have discovered that life is too short to sleep on a bad bed, eat junk food, and talk to dumb people. 433 more words


FOMFTMTT - The promotion

So I got a promotion at work! Kind of… not really…. Does it count as a promotion if I got the title and do the work but don’t get the pay? 354 more words


Some people are really dumb..

Chapter 10, Page 295 of 365

For some odd reason I’m getting complaints that people aren’t getting a paper when they are. I’ve got video proof. When will people learn.

Can a Pit bull Kill a Wolverine? One Man's uh...encounter?

First of all, I want to state VERY clearly that I do not condone fighting animals.

Well, I take that back. I don’t give a rat’s ass about cockfighting, because chickens are stupid and someone would have killed the damn things for meat anyway, might as well get some sport out of it. 2,701 more words

When's My Lobotomy?

Sark on Driving: A Social Experiment

Apparently, I have been running a little bit of a social experiment on myself.

Over the past few months, my new job has required me to drive a company vehicle. 893 more words


This Driver Learned Why You Never Try To Kill A Spider With A Lighter At A Gas Station

There is no limit to just how stupid some people can be when faced with what they feel is a dire decision. Take this gentleman in Michigan who thought that he needed to be rid of a spider that was fiddling around his gas tank at the local station during a fill up. 197 more words