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I think it’s safe to say that I regularly get customers who are not only top-tier scientists, but who are also probably capable of splitting the atom at the drive-thru I work at. 797 more words


mixed signals #9

Last part / ALL parts.

I was supposed to be done posting these but time ran away from me. Haven’t been doing much writing this week, so here ya go. 898 more words


mixed signals #8

Writing these posts is always so damn liberating. I think it’s because I can be honest here whereas I have to censor myself with my friends because I know what they’ll say, but my brain never gets with the program. 638 more words


The Big Bang Theory introduced me to so many smart people jokes.

It’s a smart people show for dumb people. I can prove this by the fact that I am a dumb person watching it and only find the jokes funny after looking up the science behind them.


Florida's New Law is a Dumb Super Villain Plot

Legislators agree Florida needs more daylight and wants to ask Congress to pass a law to move the Sunshine State into daylight saving time year-round.

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You're Making the World a Worse Place, Social Media

I mean this. Usually, I bury these lede with my headlines, try to put something pithy, a little witty. But I can’t in this case. 336 more words

History Lesson

Comment on Facebook got me heated. So there is supposed to be a government shutdown and everyone blames the situation with DACA and the dreamers. Something along that they shouldn’t receive the same education and benefits from their tax dollars. 1,323 more words