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In the early first cold weeks of January 2015 my brain broke…
This is the story of how an otherwise normal 30 year old male went to not knowing himself anymore. 844 more words

Dealing with Morons - Why Do People No Longer Listen?

I just disconnected from yet another frustrating exercise in telephone annoyance.  The more I use the phone, the more I find myself wondering how anything is getting done in this country.   886 more words

Popular Culture

hit backspace and breathe easy

Night time anxiety, y’all.

The worst kind.

Today I’m wondering why I have such a big problem replying comments. If you’ve noticed that I reply at odd times or somewhat infrequently – you’re observant. 344 more words


It’s hot in the desert

Heat wave oh no…..

Every year is seems the press in their attempt to push Global Warming, come out with stories of heat waves in the Southwest. 160 more words

General Thoughts

The one too many half wits we meet in life

  • The one who is a hungry fly

That time when you are in the kitchen and cooking something for yourself or spending some quality time with your food, this person will hover around you, eyeing your food with greed laden eyes.  

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Inferences From Life


I really do. I don’t feel angry, but I DO feel very unmerciful.

For starter’s, it was crazy at work. We had 2 TA’s out, only 1 certified (when we normally should have 3) and 1 TA that came in late PLUS coordinating everyone’s lunches, and then who would be with what kid at THEIR lunch, PLUS 3 subs and only 1 of them being tolerable. 843 more words