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Sark on Driving: A Social Experiment

Apparently, I have been running a little bit of a social experiment on myself.

Over the past few months, my new job has required me to drive a company vehicle. 893 more words


This Driver Learned Why You Never Try To Kill A Spider With A Lighter At A Gas Station

There is no limit to just how stupid some people can be when faced with what they feel is a dire decision. Take this gentleman in Michigan who thought that he needed to be rid of a spider that was fiddling around his gas tank at the local station during a fill up. 197 more words


9. i'm feelin fresh

hello guys!! i technically have a 3 day weekend because there was no school today, since it was a professional day for teachers. later in the evening my high school will have its enthusiastic homecoming game, which i will be unfortunately absent from. 389 more words


Friends Who Do This

My last text to this person: I’m writing this text instead of calling because I know I’d most likely get voice mail anyways. To be honest with you I’m not feeling our friendship anymore. 948 more words

Everyday Life

I hate people who don't use turn signals.

My worst enemies while driving are fuck faces who won’t flip the turn signal. What’s it take, a fifth of a calorie? I’ll mock them, sometimes, doing an animated hillbilly face (that is where I live, unfortunately. 180 more words

People That Suck

Sark on Smoking

When I was a little kid, I stumbled upon my two siblings smoking. In their infinite logic, they offered me a smoke, thinking that if I was smoking, then I wouldn’t tell on them. 655 more words


Carrie Underwood is a bitch

Carrie Underwood is a fake cunt. I have it on good authority that she’s stuck up. She came to a concert at a place my friend worked at in management and she had to deal with Cuntie. 102 more words

People That Suck