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The Big Bang Theory introduced me to so many smart people jokes.

It’s a smart people show for dumb people. I can prove this by the fact that I am a dumb person watching it and only find the jokes funny after looking up the science behind them.


You're Making the World a Worse Place, Social Media

I mean this. Usually, I bury these lede with my headlines, try to put something pithy, a little witty. But I can’t in this case. 336 more words

History Lesson

Comment on Facebook got me heated. So there is supposed to be a government shutdown and everyone blames the situation with DACA and the dreamers. Something along that they shouldn’t receive the same education and benefits from their tax dollars. 1,323 more words

New Year's Eve

Ten Things the Magic of Alcohol Taught Me Last Night:

1) It’s okay to thank someone for a ride one minute and then insult their music choices the next, 354 more words


In the early first cold weeks of January 2015 my brain broke…
This is the story of how an otherwise normal 30 year old male went to not knowing himself anymore. 844 more words