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I really do. I don’t feel angry, but I DO feel very unmerciful.

For starter’s, it was crazy at work. We had 2 TA’s out, only 1 certified (when we normally should have 3) and 1 TA that came in late PLUS coordinating everyone’s lunches, and then who would be with what kid at THEIR lunch, PLUS 3 subs and only 1 of them being tolerable. 843 more words


The Curse of Being Intelligent with a Mental Illness

I’m still sleeping more than I would like.  But I really think I often sleep just out of boredom or lack of stimulation.  In some ways I feel like a zoo animal where I have my basic needs met yet I feel something fundamental is missing.   441 more words

Life With A Mental Illnes

Dumb People and What To Do About Them

In the wise words of a stranger/friend that I met two hours ago: sit your ass down, bitches, because I’m about to learn you some shit. 771 more words


Cars Vs Cyclists

Before I get going here, I’m going post a video for your viewing pleasure. It features a recent confrontation between an idiot in a car, and a staunch cyclist. 539 more words

Something for Drivers to Think About

*sigh* I hate stupid drivers.

Like, reeeally hate stupid, impatient, risk-taking, not-thinking drivers.

With a fiery passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns!

To hint at my hatred, here are two examples of drivers I loathe… 1,023 more words

It's Fascist When You Exclude the Universities?

Michael Kinsley thinks Donald Trump qualifies technically as a fascist:

The game has several names: “Corporate statism” is one. In Europe, they call it “dirigisme.” Those two other words for it — “Nazism” and “fascism” — are now beyond all respectability.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum