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Review: Fury

Fury is a World War 2 movie starring Brad Pitt. He’s all like I gotta kill Nazis cause he hates them. It’s violent and brainless. It sucks and is a stupid person’s movie. 263 more words


Being an Adult Legally, Doesn't Mean I Know What I'm Doing

Contributor~ Amanda Zober

I’ve come to a point where I have realized that I keep a lot of things to myself and I have trouble speaking out and putting my thoughts into words. 877 more words



eBay fucking totally sucks balls. Yet another tech company that had a great idea early on, in the Internet’s growth, but has failed to seriously contend years later. 356 more words

Things I Hate

Mark David Chapman is a fucking fat idiot

I was just watching a documentary on the murder of John Lennon. If they had done it like I would have, it would have been 3 minutes long. 315 more words

People That Suck

Re-Tales: Returned

Idiocy truly comes in all forms.  Contrary to my own belief that I’m the only one who ever encounters the super dumb-dumbs, I discovered that these people are everywhere. 234 more words


LGBTQI - That festival thing

So this weekend I spent time at a large LGBTQI festival in my country. We have on in my city, but this one is supposed to be the biggest and the best in the country. 348 more words


Most cops are just stupid.

America – a huge problem is that most cops are too fucking stupid to be given authority over other people. 422 more words

People That Suck