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How Are You Still Alive?

Today in “What The Hell Am I Doing Here?” we look at people who are so dumb, I seriously question how they are still alive. 289 more words


My daily Frustration

Do you know what annoys me? People who don’t do their damn jobs. That’s who.

So I hold the same position as a few other people in the company. 259 more words


I hate Ann Coulter. She sucks at life.

Ann Coulter is a head bobbing gross cunt. I wish she’d die. She looks like her pussy stinks like a rotten can of tuna. 188 more words

People That Suck

Fox Business needs to go OUT of business. It is HORRIBLE.

I started watching Fox Business as early as I could. It didn’t launch everywhere but slowly, every cable outlet came to get it. I believe DirecTV had it earliest in my area and I checked it out. 364 more words


Lie Witness News Hits The Streets Of L.A. To Ask Fans About The Clippers Making The NBA Finals

Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show isn’t just good for mean tweets; he’s also taken up the torch from Jay Leno of publicizing the idiocy of everyday folk, and we thank him for it. 173 more words


Review: Fury

Fury is a World War 2 movie starring Brad Pitt. He’s all like I gotta kill Nazis cause he hates them. It’s violent and brainless. It sucks and is a stupid person’s movie. 263 more words