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League City woman arrested after handing out business cards offering sexual services

LEAGUE CITY, TX – A lot of business people use business cards for work, but one League City woman used her business cards for all the wrong reasons.   75 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Cocaine dealers busted after buying a dozen food processors

SOUTH WALES – There’s nothing suspicious about buying a food processor, but buying 12 of them might raise a few flags, right?

Workers at a store in South Wales got suspicious when they saw two guys walk out of a store with a dozen food mixers. 84 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Caught on Camera: Shoplifter in Alabama uses 'Spider-man' skills

MOBILE, AL – A shoplifting suspect’s daring escape from an Alabama Walmart is like something straight out of a superhero flick.

A man is caught on camera struggling with security outside a Mobile, Alabama Walmart allegedly trying to get a five-finger discount on some of Wally-World’s fine clothing. 148 more words

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Man spray paints face to try and hide from police

MADERA, CA – Some criminals try to hide their identity with a ski mask, or maybe some pantyhose, but 23-year-old Jose Espinoza opted for neither. Police in Madera, California say Jose decided to use spray paint instead. 112 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Caught on Camera: Wisconsin man backs into police car

GREENFIELD, WI – A string of robberies at a shopping center in Wisconsin had Greenfield Police on high alert. That’s why when Officer Matthew Noah noticed a suspicious parked car, he approached it. 112 more words

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Ohio man calls police to report that his wife stole his cocaine

STARK COUNTY, OH – Police are there to protect and serve. That’s why 39-year-old Robert Collins called 911, except his story has a few unusual twists. 136 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Man tries paying bar tab with rock, arrested for making threats

TALLAHASSEE, FL – So a guy walks into a bar, no this isn’t the set up for a joke, but what Jared Simpson, 24, did was pretty laughable. 165 more words

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