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Man accused of robbing bank to get enough to open account

PORT RICHEY, FL – Too broke to start a new bank account? By all means, do not try what Steve Coley, Jr. allegedly did.

Police say Coley walked into a Bank of America in Port Richey, Fla. 117 more words

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Florida man steals butt plugs because he's embarrassed

VERO BEACH, FL – Here at NewsFix, we’re not about to judge if you’re into something a little different in the bedroom.

So, no need to be embarrassed like Christopher Masters. 153 more words

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Wisconsin woman sells dog food as heroin

SHEBOYGAN, WI – A Wisconsin woman puts a whole new meaning to the three strikes you’re out after her latest run-in with the law. Megan Meyer’s story really starts back in November. 127 more words

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Florida man calls 911 on himself

EDGEWATER, FL – Studies keep trying to point out the dangers or benefits of marijuana,  but there seem to be four known side effects and other one – being paranoid. 126 more words

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Man with last name of Miller steals Coors truck

COLUMBUS, GA –  You know the old saying “everything in moderation?” It’s true especially when it comes to beer.

One brew after work can help you relax, but a truck full … well, that’ll get you thrown in jail. 148 more words

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Man in Washington snorts cocaine during traffic stop

SEATTLE, WA -Things you need during a traffic stop: your license, registration, and this last one is NOT on the list – cocaine.

A man in Seattle, Washington was pulled over when this exchange was caught on cam: 141 more words

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Man arrested at Apple store after wielding Samurai sword

NEW YORK, NY – Ever get so mad at your smart phone that you want to take a sword to it? Well, don’t even think about trying it in an Apple Store. 148 more words

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