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Teenagers: Misunderstood or Dumbasses?

“I’m not afraid to die.”

The proclamation was met with a somewhat apathetic gaze and the rather comforting sound of chicken being masticated. You see, coming from some hardened veteran of war or a tough captain of the people, such a declaration wouldn’t have drawn so lukewarm a reaction. 642 more words

#ShitMyCoworkerSays: April 24 - 28

I think I’m really going to enjoy working at my new job because I can bank all of the dumb shit my coworkers say and lay it out for you on Office Ranter. 343 more words


Evil Keebler Elf is Confused

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III aka Evil Keebler Elf seems to be confused about Hawaii. This racist dumb dumb is AG for the USA. Must be nice to be an idiot in charge. 113 more words


#ShitMyCoworkerSays: April 16 - 21

Like bosses, coworkers also say dumb shit. And the more people you work with, the number of dumb words spoken goes up – exponentially. 138 more words

Stupid People

Etiquette is Dead: When My Real Name Brings Out the Casual Racist in You

Sorry for the two-month radio silence, Ranters. I was looking for a new job because I felt my 9 to 5 gig was making me dumber. 514 more words

Stupid People

Hidden Scales (or the Last Guitar Column You Need to Read*)

*Not really

As I age, I tend to get lazier as a guitar player. I like to rely on patterns. A lot. This laziness isn’t completely unwarranted. 846 more words

Guitar Playing

#ShitMyBossSays: Feb. 6 - Feb. 10

And we’re back with the second instalment of #ShitMyBossSays. To the seven people who I fooled into reading last week’s post – THANK YOU!

My boss’s constant bull shit is the source of my entertainment and hopefully yours. 285 more words