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Even the left(ist) shoe hates Donald Trump

Reebok decided to take on Donald Trump via Twitter after Trump’s comments towards France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron caused feminists and leftists to go off the hinges. 125 more words


When you laugh at the comedian and not the jokes..

Michael Ian Black is in Twitter Court spouting off about the illegitimacy of Donald Trump and believes we need to do something about it.

Our Constitution is utterly unprepared for the possibility of an illegitimate president.

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Reality Kicks

Today I am doing something I have never done. I am writing in response to a comment from an anonymous yahoo blogger whom has one of those computer generated identifers. 194 more words

No Bill, It doesn't work that way.

Bill Schmalfeldt likes to think he is a sharp reporter, and whatever facts he comes up with supports whatever story he wants to tell.  Everyone else has a responsibility to prove him wrong, even if his logic, facts and innuendo are utterly wrong.   445 more words

Bill Schmalfeldt


That celebration. What a fucking retard. This is almost as bad as Milton Bradley When he did this:

CapFigure Media

Just No.

I had a friend that posted “I finally found him, the Joker to my Harley.”




No you did not. If you did, you need to get your shit, and run the other damn way. 352 more words

The Books I send My Brother in Prison

I don’t talk about it a lot, but I’ve mentioned it in the past. My only brother is in prison.

Why, you ask?

Because he’s a dumbass. 335 more words