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Dumbed Down?

Technical language is used in

Astronomy, Biology, Cooking, Dentistry, Etymology, Forestry, Geology, History, Internet, Jewelry, Kinetics, Law, Mathematics, Nutrition, Oncology, Paleontology, Quilting, Rappelling, Syriology, Teaching, Urology, Veterinary medicine, Woodworking, Yachting, and Zionism and YOU want God’s Word “dumbed” down? 42 more words


Education Spring: Parents, Teachers and Students Fight Back

The Education Spring uprising against corporate education reform began in Seattle at Garfield High School (my daughter’s former high school) in January 2013. It started with the entire school (teachers and students) walking out rather than take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). 609 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

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Parents, you don't have to put up with your local mind-controlling, non-educating system. Your child's education is your responsibility, not the state or federal government's!


By David Allen

 I’m glad I’m not young.
I believe we are leaving a hell
for our children
and their children.
(if they live that long). 98 more words


Lafayette High School - 1959

So yesterday I had my semi-annual appointment with my cardiologist.  He is one of three physicians I keep on payroll (one for my diabetes, one for my eyes and one for my heart) in case I need them.  1,007 more words

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For those who still allow their children to be intellectually and culturally raped and pillaged by their local public school system, here is a taste of what public education once was like in New York and other cities around the country.

America the Illiterate

I want to go on beyond words
But language stumbles in me and I am
A prisoner to her gateway of being
I open it to arrive at duality… 200 more words


These Are the People Who Are Making Our Laws

This happened in Idaho today:

BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho lawmaker received a brief lesson on female anatomy after asking if a woman can swallow a small camera for doctors to conduct a remote gynecological exam.

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Republicans, Including Wingers & "Moderates"