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When a book character talks about another book Character.

 That beautiful book cover though…

Happy 20th anniversary of the beginning of Harry Potter.

Cheers Everyone! Though it is a late post. To all the book lovers out there, here is an example of how normal conversation should sound like. 255 more words


Happy Birthday, Harry!

This week I confiscated a snake from a student.

What a way to begin a post celebrating the endurance of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter.

The student in question, clearly a closet parseltongue, is not a first-time offender when it comes to the snake. 1,332 more words


Harry Potter 20

I have recently been torn about my Hogwarts House. The latest Pottermore Sorting technology puts me in Ravenclaw. Wit, Learning, Wisdom. All very admirable qualities. But I have a sneaking suspicion I’m more than a little bit Hufflepuff. 1,524 more words


20 Years of Harry

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years exactly since Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone came out in 1997 and changed the world. It’s mad to think that a little book about a boy wizard has gone on to become one of the most well loved and read children’s books of all time. 659 more words


What Lies Behind the Shape of You

The most terrible and wonderful thing that life does is that it shapes you.

All the problems, all the people, success, failure, luck, fame, illness or downfall; every single experience molds you. 403 more words

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Return to the Wizarding World

When I first heard that a Harry Potter prequel was in the works revolving around a Hogwarts textbook, I was disappointed. 1,097 more words

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