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Weekend Walking

The winter weather in New York is finally making its exit and in hopes of soaking up much needed rays, I went walking.

Hello spring time in Brooklyn! 69 more words

Bonus Post: Happy Birthday, YouTube

In case you forgot to send an E-card, you should know that yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the very first YouTube video.

It was posted by Jawed Karim, one of YouTube’s founders, and consists solely of him… 175 more words

Currently Listening To...

… a soothing lullaby, and loving every second of it. Please don’t laugh at what I’m about to say- okay, you can if you must. The first week I brought my son home from the hospital I Googled the following keywords into Google search: “What songs to sing to a baby.” There might be a future blog post luring in that last sentence… anyway, yes I admit it, I was clueless about “kid stuff.” In fact, there were quite a few people who were probably making bets on how I would handle “mommy stuff,” and yes, that is the technical term. 364 more words


This Week's Poll

Hey Disney fans!

I’ve just been mucking around with the site and I’ve decided to place this week’s poll here so you lovely people can access it easier. 103 more words


Reflections of DUMBO

Shadowed Bikes

Breakfast Reflection


Light Tunnel