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Russell Napier: What Happens When Markets Realize China Is A Forced Seller Of Treasuries

One week ago, our post “China’s Record Dumping Of US Treasuries Leaves Goldman Speechless” which revealed an unexpected plunge in China’s foreign exchange reserves or, said otherwise, a historic sale of US Treasurys held by official and unofficial Chinese accounts, was met with unprecedented public interest, having been read over 400,000 times (a record for coverage of a nuanced, technical subject) and even forced Goldman to follow up admitting its “estimation” of Chinese reserve outflows may have been… 2,011 more words

The International Reporter

Dump Gravity

Dump gravity a gravity shipting android game. 

Orbitron is one of the highly advanced humanoid robots, developed to keep peace between the two worlds. Help him make it through his final challenge by flipping gravity. 46 more words

Android 2.3

Card Dump: Gardening

Hello! Today’s cards plant seeds and harvest their crops.

Magic The Gathering

Rapper The Game Uploads A Photo Of Him Taking A Dump... Cool! Or Ewww!?

Rapper The Game is one celebrity rapper who can post just about anything on his Instagram page without the fear of being bashed for it. 36 more words


Dump Etiquette

A few weeks ago, I took a big step in the world of fashion: I bought my first above-the-knee skirt (above? below? It’s shorter than my legs are, period.) I love wearing skirts, especially in the summer, especially if they have enough material to allow a little swirl in my twirl. 609 more words


Two steps back and forward.

We aren’t together but yet we fuck. We aren’t exclusive but yet we kiss and say ‘I love you.’ And I’m not sure if I’m complaining because falling asleep on your chest was always apart of my plan. 367 more words