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Dump Shit Here ~~~>

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) claims this was an ‘honest mistake’. Seriously? How does ANYONE think dumping shit on the ground is OK*?!? Excusing something like this is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket. 50 more words

Midwestern Places & Beyond

mysqldump error 1449

mysqldump error: 1449: The user specified as a definer (fixed)

It happend to me that I tried to make a dump of my database and this horrible error came up. 166 more words


Same ingredients.... Different results

As many of you know, we spent the month of September in Laos. It was fascinating to see Drumstick growing everywhere. Drumstick is known as Moringa in the rest of the world. 643 more words

Live To Travel

Trash to Treasure

To reduce, reuse, and recycle is the trifecta of conservation in my humble opinion.  It is not easily accomplished but when it happens, it can be beautiful to behold.  491 more words


I’ve been organaizing my parents’ things. There’re many good memories and things I don’t want to dump but I can’t keep them forever. Especially photos, I decided to keep some of them. 119 more words




Depression, sure a lot of us go through it at some point and then you bounce out of it and we kind of sail on the waves and every now and then a storm hits and we’re pulled under the waves for a while. 1,544 more words