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The Positive Effect of the Dumping Syndrome

Many patients, after suffering for years with obesity and unsuccessful attempts of weight loss, finally gives up the hope of losing weight conventionally. Instead, they go for more advanced and medically proven approach, the obesity surgery. 349 more words

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Gastroparesis Acronyms

As you navigate Facebook and the internet, you may come across a variety of unfamiliar terms related to Gastroparesis. Melissa Adams VanHouten, the ADMIN for several Gastroparesis groups and one of the co-authors of… 615 more words


Effects of Roux-en-Y surgery

Do you want to lose weight? Are you the one vexed up trying all the types of weight loss programs? Then here is an amazing solution to make you shed your weight. 477 more words


Dehydration, Dumping, and Buyer's Remorse

It would be wrong of me to pretend like this recovery time has been peaches and cream, happiness and sunshine. Here’s what my recovery has been. 390 more words

Gut problems post GB Surgery?

You went to the doc for nausea, indigestion, discomfort after eating, and so his best recommendation is to give up a body part, in this case the gallbladder.  284 more words

The Bad and the Ugly...no Good here

When you prep for weight loss surgery, you find a lot of information about “dumping syndrome.” It can cause sweats, stomach/gut pain, and unpleasant bathroom trips. 352 more words

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