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Been reporting dumping on this spot since 2012.Nothing has changed -> Anglesea Row, D7. Feb 08 2016

With thanks to @jon_weir, who says “Fly tipping under a CCTV sign Because they know nothing will happen. @DublinLitter @DubCityCouncil” 36 more words

Wrote "recycling" on the bag & then dumped it.Hmmm -> Parnell St, D1. Feb 05 2016

With thanks to JW, who says “New week, same Parnell St flats. They wrote ‘recycling’ on the bag as if that counts! @DublinLitter @DubCityCouncil” 36 more words

Abandoned Kegs! In place for 2 months.Sadly empty -> Georges St, D2. Feb 05 2016

With thanks to CL, who says “These kegs have been here since before Christmas. They have identifier numbers and could be traced” 36 more words

Illegal dumping costing Salvos too much

The cost of cleaning up “extreme dumping” at North Geelong’s Salvos store has reached $125,000 a year, according to the charity.

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i had a dream where i was texting or chatting with the woman on the computer but didnt actually see her. well i guess better for the dream then. 2,723 more words

Residents of this apt building have been dumpnig outside for years,w 100% impunity -> Parnell St, D1. Jan 30 2016

With thanks to @jon_weir, who says “The same weekly fly tip outside the front of the same Parnell st flats. Will @DubCityCouncil ever act?” 36 more words