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Miracles In Your Own Backyard

The garden is still doing quite well despite the past few days getting as cold as the mid-30s. In fact, it is doing better than ever! 722 more words

How to take out the trash with by-laws

The Bondi ‘trash house’ is a frightening reminder of how much of a mess a single family can make. After years of fighting to arrange and pay for clean-ups to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars Waverley council is likely to face the same problems again in a matter of months. 325 more words


Monday lunchtime's scene -> Summerhill, D1. May 18 2015

With thanks to SmcG, who says “1. DCC have cameras trained on the area.(see attached document, and publish it if you want). 2. It is coming from the residential units there, everyone in the area knows this, DCC knows this. 63 more words

New trending GIF tagged animals standing trash otter...

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This Week in Chester History...

In 1938, Chester Township passed an ordinance prohibiting dumping of “garbage, ashes, trash, debris, rubbish, waste paper, motor vehicle junk and other refuse matter” in the municipality. 21 more words

Woman sues her fiance for taking her virginity before dumping her for another woman

A woman who was extremely angry that her fiance took her virginity before dumping her for another woman, filed a lawsuit for damages, according to court documents in Zimbabwe. 112 more words