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Broken glass, with lead. Doubly hazardous -> Rutland Pl Nth, D1. Apr 18 2018

With thanks to SD, who says “Sick to death of this. Once again Dublin City Council are doing nothing to tackle this problem in Rutland place North. 36 more words

Submitter says:"regular dumping spot despite the CCTV" -> Nth Frederick St, D1. Apr 18 2018

With thanks to AV, who says “Please find attached photo of North Frederick st yesterday evening. This seems to be. Regular dumping spot despite the cctv. 45 more words

4 pics posted,many more available -> Phibsboro Ave, D7. Apr 16 2018

With thanks to SdC and HC, who say “Litter problems at an all time high on Phibsboro Avenue – this is only a snippet…. We desperately need help with this matter. 47 more words

22 pics from a local's Sat a.m walk: https://imgur.com/gallery/rxRSH -> NCR, D1. Apr 15 2018

Depressing stuff.   Feels like confirmation that this problem is permanent :-( .   It’s been 5 years.

With thanks to RF, who says ” took a little walk around the North Circular Road and thought I’d share the photos with you.” 32 more words