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Pierogi Lessons for the Weekend....

I had originally written this post on Monday, but must have forgotten to hit send- so sorry for the weekend recap on a Wednesday :) With that being said, Happy Hump Day! 502 more words


豬肉韮菜餃子Pork and Garlic Chive Dumplnigs

材枓 Ingredients


豬絞肉 半磅 Ground Pork 1/2 pounds
椰菜 半磅 Green cabbage 1/2 pounds
䓤 (切碎) 半束 Scallions, finely chopped 1/2 bunch
半杯切碎的韮菜 (可選擇) 1/2 cup chopped garlic chives (optional) 194 more words

重點消息 Highlights

Tokyo Food Tour! Dumplings!

Nothing pairs more deliciously with a bowl of authentic ramen than a side of dumplings. While snacking our way through Tokyo, we sampled an endless variety of dumplings. 80 more words


Making pasta - dunderi

I have never made a ricotta based pasta before, but this past weekend I made some dunderi, from the cookbook Pasta By Hand. These ricotta dumplings are from the Amalfi coast of Campania. 234 more words


🇲🇳 Naadam Festival (Mongolian Games Festival) 🇲🇳

Today is Mongolia’s national day, which falls during the Naadam Festival!

Naadam translates to “games”, and is a festival centered around three traditional Mongolian sports; archery, wrestling, and horse racing. 50 more words

National Holidays

Pork Dumplings

Jiaozi is a traditional Chinese dumpling, originates from the Northern region of China. The dumpling consists of juicy meat filling, wrapped in a skin made from thinly rolled dough. 401 more words


Handmade Pierogies

These happy little dumplings filled with potato originally hail from Pre-war Poland (now the Ukraine).   The types of filling can vary, but potato, onion, and cheese are common.   871 more words