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Veg Fried Rice

I felt like, being a non-vegeterian, I’m leaving out the recipes for the vegeterians. I know the face you guys make whenever non-veg food topics are discussed; “Eww” and a hook on…

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Cheesy liquid

Well, I had quite the day, m literally eating in huge amounts since morning.

Just see for yourselves guys…

Homemade Rava idlis made by mom, then momos….heaven. 56 more words


It's time. Follow Along.

What is promised is delivered!

For #FollowAlongFriday we are showing you how to make dumplings for our dumpling soup posted not too long ago.

Start with you Dumpling Mix. 70 more words


All that and Dim Sum 🥟

I’ve brought dimsum back into my life over the weekend and making it always leaves me feeling happy and accomplished.

Dimsum wrapper quality- good

Dimsum filling- delicious… 249 more words

Dumpling Soup. Just try it!

Can you believe how pretty this soup is?

Dumpling soup is an amazing asian style soup with little pork dumplings in them!

We enjoyed making these as much as we enjoyed eating these!! 62 more words


The Poached Peking Dumpling

Kolkata’s love for food is no secret and the affection it showers to good food joints is widely known. During our trip over the long holiday this April we visited… 103 more words