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Dumps from the 6

I used to have a desk. At this desk, I used to sit and write a lot. I had a post it note on my desk that said “write 250 words today.” It was my mantra and it allowed me to crank out 6,000 word missives about nothing in particular to no one in particular. 1,001 more words


It happens to me every couple of months. I wake up not feeling well. It is not a vomiting or cold virus kind of sickness; I just feel very blah. 186 more words

Random But Real

Google Web Toolkit dumps compatibility for sake of upgrades

Two new versions of Google Web Toolkit are due, featuring support for Java 8 but sacrificing backward compatibility.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which lets developers build browser-based applications in Java and deploy them in JavaScript, is on track for major enhancements this year. 582 more words

Local Weather Report

After an aggressive cold spell, it looks like the weather in America is warming up. ¬†Unfortunately it means less of this, but I’m sure it’s nice being able to drive on the highway. ¬† 15 more words


Why and How House-To-House Campaign Organisation Dumps President Jonathan

It is crystal clear that Nigerians are in need of change to stabilise the polity and instil discipline and understanding in Nigerians.
This informed the decision of House-To-House Campaign Organization to table and analyse the more than six-year regime of President Goodluck Jonathan and came up with a firm decision. 385 more words


My nose tends to run
I blow it while I’m pooping
My brain takes a dump