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Staying in bed was all I wanted to do...

Today was a down day. I woke up late and didn’t want to leave bed. Anyone else have this problem? It’s hard to get to sleep and hard to get out of bed. 585 more words


Easy D.I.Y.- Sewing FiX

So I found this extra large top that I loved the feel and the pattern of, but no way could I wear it in public.  So instead of hauling out the sewing machine, I came up with this quick fix.  208 more words

Netflix Dumpster Dive: Tales of Halloween (in January... Spooooky)

Hello, and welcome to the return of Netflix Dumpster Dive. This, our third installment, marks the beginning of the new year of the series, and if all goes well, a consistent writing schedule. 1,622 more words

Vincent C. Russo

Dumpster Diving

Never quite broken,

But cracked beyond repair.

Secondhand princess.


Netflix Dumpster Dive: What We Become

Hello and welcome to the very first installment of Netflix Dumpster Dive! This is a review series in which I find a movie that looks to be dismissable or uninteresting on Netflix (or another video site if it happens not much is drawing my eye), and evaluate it for anyone looking for something to watch. 3,462 more words

Vincent C. Russo