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Very rich people pt. 4

Before we start, I should mention that my friend and I decided to postpone the last yard sale of the season by a week. It gives us a bit more time to prepare, and it’ll also be nice to take this weekend mostly off. 321 more words

Quality junk

I’ve been too busy lately. I did a yard sale on Saturday, and those are always a lot of work (roughly nine hours without a real break in this case). 906 more words


I did a little yard sale a few weeks back and returned home to a message from a reader. It contained a screenshot of a post on a local Facebook page informing people about an apartment being emptied in St Michel. 930 more words

Garbage FIMO

I happened upon some good stuff at this spot a couple months ago. It was productive for a few weeks, but the trash bags stopped appearing after that. 468 more words

German Dumpster Diving

Frankly I would not describe myself as a “rebellious” person, and I am sure that no one else would either. I tend to do things by the book and like to live my life in a clear, orderly, logical pattern of routines. 776 more words


Recent sales - July

Usually eBay sales are a bit slow in the mid to late summer, but July was good even despite having one week where I didn’t sell a single thing. 713 more words


I found some nice stuff on Thursday, and also saved something toxic from making it to the landfill.

In one of those bags was a little jar of mercury! 627 more words