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People's Potential 

Years ago I knew a man who made his living on dumpster diving. During the day, and often at night, he would drive around looking in dumpsters for things people had thrown away. 342 more words


I had some decent luck early last week. On Monday I stopped at this pile and met a lady who was clearing out her son’s apartment. 996 more words

Dude, I'm so TRASHED! Garbage Hacking 101

This is not some cute little composite story I’m making up to illustrate a patronizing point about cybersecurity. THIS HAPPENED ABOUT AN HOUR AGO: I went to check my mail at my PO box after a long day at work, right?   727 more words

Dumpster Diving


Last week wasn’t particularly productive but I have some things to show you nonetheless. That apartment building again supplied most of my finds.

It’s pretty clear now that whoever lives, or lived here worked in the fashion industry. 945 more words

Dumpster Dinners

Sean Stapleton       15/03/2017       Dumpster Divers

By Sean Stapleton

Two Auckland dumpster divers are on a mission to save edible food from landfills as they redistribute to the needy. 375 more words



One of the eggs got broken when I was washing it; the yoghurt container was discarded because it’s leaking from a crack on its bottom – this is why it was photographed upside down.


Day 11: dumpster diving in the sun

The Saturday morning started with a beautiful sunshine and nice breakfast: oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and banana. Me and Radu decided to use the day for photography exploration, go out and shoot pictures, setting specific rules and tasks beforehand. 167 more words