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August 28, 2015

The people who know me best know that I don’t have a problem rummaging through trash, to either make sure something recyclable is not headed for a landfill, something plastic is not in the compost bin, or to save something that shouldn’t be trash at all. 350 more words


That smell

I’ve recently been trying to get more organized. My storage space in particular was very chaotic and I’ve put a lot of work into getting that cleared up. 444 more words

Bean There Done That.

Today we were prepping beans and cucumbers. I believe the beans were frozen and the cucumbers were to be pickled and canned. I came home with more gourmet peppers, eggplants and cucumbers. 348 more words


You To The Rescue

I heard the squeak of the brakes and the honk the horn. My parents swung by to drop me off a grocery bag of organic bananas. 118 more words


Recent sales (August 3 – August 16)

I’ve listed a lot of new stuff in the past few weeks, some of which sold very quickly. Below is an account of my sales from the two week period beginning August 3 and ending August 16. 698 more words

My Great Grandfather and The Things He Picked Up

This one is a little bit different than my others.

I was really close to my great grandfather— closer than anyone else in the family. He was my great grandma’s second husband, and they slept in separate rooms— he in the bedroom and she in the living room. 474 more words

Food Waste Petition - Do you part now!

In continuance of a post about Dumpster diving last week, I would like mention about France’s supermarket waste law. I’m sure you all are aware that France has banned supermarket to throw away the unsold food. 222 more words

Food Waste