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Another ephemeron: CJ Slayer and the Super Peas

Have you ever, when young or otherwise new to a field or endeavor, turned up something interesting that you later discard and then even later realize was truly unique and should have been saved? 374 more words


Makeup Brands Without Store Fronts Have the Best Products. Is It True?

You already know I’m a fan of makeup retail stores because they tend to throw away near perfect products that I can get for free by… 1,005 more words


Dumpster Divers Behind Pizza Pie Cafe

Instead of four and twenty blackbirds

singing to the queen,

four fledgling blackbirds

vie for pizza pie.


Yard sale / new expressions

Saturday is supposed to be 16 degrees, sunny and not at all windy. That means it’s time for another yard sale! The weather hasn’t been cooperative in the month since my last one and I’m really looking forward to unloading some stuff. 949 more words

April sales + e-waste recycling

eBay sales have been great the past couple of months! I guess the warm spring weather inspires people to buy stuff online. I also had my most profitable yard sale ever, so I’m not broke for the first time in a while, though I should probably spend most of that money my teeth. 1,264 more words

The Good, the Bad, the Dirty: Dumpster Diving into the Newest ‘Beauty Trend’

In my last post I talked to about 5 Beauty Products that you need in your gym bag. If you don’t have these products already, and don’t have the money to buy them, the newest “beauty trend” might just be your solution. 569 more words


Scotland - 1908?

I found a great box of photos last week, and I decided after looking through them that they were worthy of a separate post. If old photos aren’t your thing, I’d suggest skipping it! 983 more words