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Parker 51

In my last post I said I was saving my best find for later. In the end it wasn’t so conclusively my best find, though it was still a very good one regardless. 1,244 more words

Dumpster diving

I saw Just Eat It at the Melbourne International Film Festival a few years ago, a documentary about two Canadians who take on dumpster diving and rescuing otherwise ‘wasted’ food as their primary means of feeding themselves. 446 more words

Tiny House

Did I See You in the Dumpster?

You’re either going to think we’re super icky or super cool after reading this post. Whichever you choose, know this…everything I’m about to tell you could have easily been prevented or better yet, could have positively impacted a lot more than just the 6 people mentioned in the story. 817 more words

Frugal Living

My Trash Story

Since working at Community Forklift for three years now, I’ve taken to a different view of dumpster diving. It’s a sort of rescue mission, a diversionary tactic for landfill-headed junk. 239 more words


Recent sales - January 2017

This is the first “recent sales” post that summarizes by the month. My first such posts were by the week, and became every two weeks at some point. 1,628 more words

The Start of It All

Welcome to Wasted Potential!

If you are confused about the title of the site, then let me explain. My brother-in-law Tony and I started dumpster diving regularly back in November 2015. 803 more words

Dumpster Diving

The difficulty with being 'different'

If I told you that you were perfect would you believe me? Probably not. If a hundred people told you that you were perfect would you believe them? 580 more words