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Nice weather = extra garbage runs

We’ve been blessed with mostly good weather this past week so I went on a bunch of extra trash runs. Garbage picking is a lot more fun when it’s not raining, and this post features some finds I made while putting in extra time. 920 more words

Canadair pt. 1

In the spring I was cruising around Villeray and spotted an intriguing collection of bags on the curb. Inside I found some cool old stuff, including an old iron and other items in their original boxes. 751 more words

Dumpster Diving Crows

Nothing like a good pile of garbage to attract a family of crows. Check out how they are taking turns dumpster diving for treats.

The baby crow was taking his turn and you can hear him crying at his family. 40 more words


You Can Always Wash Your Hands

In the weeks leading up to moving, I’ve been packing very slowly, because I knew if I didn’t break the work down into baby steps, it would never get done. 1,188 more words


Mousely Crew / Garage

I forgot to mention in my last post this box of dolls, figurines, and other miniatures I found in Westmount. I was pretty busy at the time and I only got around to looking at the things inside this week. 660 more words

Moving day 2017

July 1st is a bit of a phenomenon here in Quebec. Due to a law passed in the 70s a plurality of Montrealers, estimated at around 115,000 (or 7% of the population) move on or around that date. 1,219 more words