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Night of the sterling garbage pt. 2

Part one

A neighbourhood security officer pulled up just as I was finished at this spot, telling me he had received a call about someone trash picking. 675 more words

Freegan Month Challenge - Days 26-30

Just when I thought my updates couldn’t get more sporadic, I am now having to account for FIVE days of my challenge!  It has been almost a week, and a small final stretch to get to this point.  226 more words

Servire Populo pt. 1

On my phone I keep a record of the houses or locations that seem to be producing quality garbage. This helps me remember to check them out when I’m in the area. 644 more words

Freegan Month Challenge - Day 23-25

Hello everyone!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I’ve already reached 5/6 of the challenge already! So far it’s been a pretty great experience, relying almost entirely on reclaimed food that would have otherwise been wasted. 427 more words

Freegan Month Challenge - Day 20-22

The third week is completed with Day 21. I have only one full week left of the challenge. It’s probably a good thing that it will be coming to a close soon. 246 more words

Freegan Month Challenge - Day 13-16

Shabbat Shalom everyone!

Disclaimer: I really meant to post on Saturday (Day 13), but various Shabbat-like activities got in the way as well as casual coming and going of company. 633 more words

New Find! Inlaid Hall Table

Can you believe this?

This was sitting outside a dumpster. Check out the beautiful inlay work.

I guess it got thrown out because the top was messed up. 9 more words

Wood Inlay