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There’s been so much good trash lately that it’s been impossible to keep up. Finds that I’d otherwise have mentioned (particularly in the winter when things are slower) are now being left aside. 1,241 more words

Dumpster diving update

I’ve been dumpster diving since around late December 2014. Places I have gotten discarded food include in an alley (no dumpster, just all in boxes on top of or next to wood pallets) next to a fruit shop in Randwick Shopping Plaza (where Coles is located); three dumpsters at Paddy’s Markets Haymarket; Woolworths Chatswood loading bay; and two dumpsters at the two supermarkets in Springwood. 771 more words


Just Eat It.

Last week I was invited to see a documentary movie called “Just Eat It.”

The movie was about a young couple who decided they would just live of discarded food. 610 more words


Looking at Garbage.

In the documentary, Examined Life, philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, argues that we need to get “comfortable” in the trash, and “after reading (about ecological problems), I (royal) step out and see nice trees and birds singing and even if I know rationally all is in danger, I simply do not believe that this all can be destroyed”. 924 more words


London Piano

I got up really early this morning to drive Sarah to the airport. She lets me use her car to look for trash all the time, so it’s the least I can do (I also help pay for insurance and maintenance, for the record). 224 more words

Mini post! Seven things I found a month ago

Around a month ago I got a text from a friend informing me of a big pile of trash in the Plateau. I went to check it out and found myself facing a massive pile about the size of two parking spaces. 414 more words