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Sortil├Ęge Pt.3

This box full of old picture frames was on the curb the first day I stopped here (it was fuller than seen above, but I tossed out some broken ones). 750 more words

In search of a rototiller

Fun facts with Nate. Alot of people think I’m notoriously cheap. The 23 year old car, the pickle buckets. Wait till I show you guys the free windows hookup I got to build a small greenhouse and cold frames. 256 more words

Sortil├Ęge pt.2

Most of the snow from the past week has finally been cleared, making it easier for me to go about my business. I went on a long run this morning, passing through some of Outremont and lots of Cote St-Luc. 522 more words

New garage & scrooge pt.2

I moved all my junk into the new garage space a few weeks ago. I was helped by the former tenant who now occupies my old garage. 710 more words


Who takes freebies when presented to them?

Yesterday we walked down to the bins in the complex we live in to find an exercise machine left there for ‘free to anyone’. 205 more words

Saving Money

Disposable material

I can’t remember the last time I had a project that I started with all the recommended parts. Perhaps it’s that money is an issue, perhaps it is the fact that alot of times there is material that can be recycled and repurposed. 261 more words