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On the Road

​Today was day of humility. Traversing the landscape in different ways lead to the introduction to alternate cultures and seemingly, as quoted, ‘realities’. Our perception of life is determined by the expansiveness of either if not both our imaginations or our wisdom through experience. 268 more words

A box of "street" that I found

Prior to reading William Gibson’s 1986 science fiction novel Count Zero, my only exposure to the art of assemblage was a shoebox diorama of the Cretaceous period featuring an obligatory triceratops dinosaur, which I made in grade four, using cardboard, paper, white glue, tempera paint and Saran wrap. 591 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Book Review - The Moneyless Man

Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten pretty good at not buying things. But what if I couldn’t buy internet service? Bus tickets?  756 more words

Buy Nothing New

Food Not Bombs in DC (part 1)

Read how I was lucky to get known new people who do difference in food waste.

A week ago I was pleased when a Czech initiation… 284 more words


Wacken Wastelands: August 2016

Okay, I know I told myself that I was going to post all of this stuff in order, and I’m not nearly finished posting our last trip so I technically shouldn’t be talking about this yet, but I’m going to do it anyway because I’m a rebel like that, and also because I’m just too stoked to share this. 866 more words


A Night at The Sheraton

Last week our friend from college in Springfield, Mo, Matt Boyd, was in town for the week, staying at the super swank Sheraton hotel in the Crown Center district on work. 1,222 more words

Sheraton Hotel


I haven’t been getting lucky lately. It’s an inevitable part of the business – sometimes you’ll have dry spells and other times it seems like you can’t… 1,106 more words