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Recent sales: November 9 - November 22

My sales have continued to benefit from the arrival of the holiday season. I’m also helping by own cause by being more on top of my listing than ever before. 675 more words


The garbage collection schedule has a pretty huge impact on what I end up finding (or not finding). For instance, while the trucks generally start their rounds at 7am some streets aren’t covered until 3pm or later. 940 more words

Dumpster Diving Diary: Töpen Fund

Stuff we found at the organic supermarket in Topin!

The Unabridged List (Note, everything that wasn’t fruit or vegetables was found closed and sealed.We’re not gross, okay? 88 more words

Dumpster Diving

Urban Archeology

My life has become so busy that back in April (yes, April!) I decided that for my birthday I wanted to do more exploring of the urban jungle, my city’s back yard. 847 more words


Recent sales: October 26 - November 8

Online sales have continued to pick up as the holiday season approaches and the cold weather sets in. Unlike last time there were no big-ticket sales (nothing sold for over 100$) but the smaller profits still added up to a respectable total. 332 more words

Days 8-12: Struggles

I am not going to lie. This past week has been a struggle for dumpster diving. I havnt been out there looking much as I have been preoccupied with other things (Such as home inspections, paperwork, insane 10 hour shifts, ect). 244 more words


Dominion No. 12

I returned to TMR last week and avoided getting another ticket. I was paranoid for most of the run though, which wasn’t too fun. I stopped at this place, which provided the picture frame from a couple posts back, but the bags were kind of torn up. 1,071 more words