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Soy Big!

Vegan fish. It’s not a thing. I mean, there are a lot of vegan meat replacement products—burgers, hot dogs, chicken, sausage, bacon, and I once even had a vegan duck substitute in a vegetarian Chinese restaurant—but I’ve never heard of a vegan alternative to fish. 194 more words


Recent sales: May

I was pretty broke for most of May. eBay sales were slow, and I wasn’t able to get a good yard sale in. Fortunately, the yard sale I had in the beginning of June allowed me to pay the bills. 578 more words

What does it mean to live waste-free?

Hey friends! As I promised that I would do, I am going to answer the questions that I posed to every person who reads this. Well, I’ll answer one question at a time, so as not to overload those that are reading my posts. 1,016 more words


One-hit wonders

Sometimes a house will provide great trash over a period of weeks or months, but occasionally I’ll find noteworthy junk on the curb on just one trash day. 928 more words

Making dumpster diving legit

Not everything that individuals, companies or other groups do is acceptable to others. We all make social judgements about the legitimacy of others’ actions. This concept of legitimacy is something I have been working for a while now, and I think it holds promise in understanding some of the institutional challenges to issues such as promoting sustainable lifestyles. 176 more words


Dribs & drabs

I reached a minor milestone on eBay recently by getting to 500 feedback. That means I get that cool purple star next to my username instead of the old turquoise one! 855 more words

Environmental Impacts? In MY Diet?

Food production occupies ~30% of the total land surface area, generates around 30% of all greenhouse gases, and is responsible for ~80% of all freshwater use. 1,919 more words