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Dumpster Diving Days Delayed

Im so thankful for computers, chocolate and Castle reruns. After yesterday, it will be awhile before I show my face out in our neighborhood. Let me start at the beginning. 958 more words

Daily Thoughts

Food wastage by commodities

What is the most wasted commodity? Why? How bad is the wasting of it? I have found for you some appalling information.

Food wastage differ in between the commodities, that is caused by their regular way of the production and of course by the consumption. 384 more words


Finder's fee

I have a story from my Monday night run that I think you’ll like!

I stopped at a large pile that featured a busted dresser and lots of black garbage bags. 1,028 more words


I’m a bit behind on my blog posts. Thankfully it’s because I’ve been finding lots of great trash! It makes me wonder if fall is a good garbage finding season, and if summer (perhaps counter-intuitively) actually isn’t really all that great. 830 more words

Sustainability tension

Last Monday, Octobre 10th, it was Sustainability Day. According to me, is should not be needed to have a day specially scheduled to think about sustainability. 379 more words


Recent sales (September 12 – October 10)

This wasn’t a particularly good period for sales, but it wasn’t particularly bad either. I’ll need to have productive holiday season to reach my goal of 24k for the year but I still feel like it’s very much within reach. 660 more words


Last week was reasonably productive. A house on my Monday night run provided several wall decorations including four framed antique postcards and photos, two Bradford Exchange clocks, an Irish family coat of arms, and one of those glass things that look nice in windows. 742 more words