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Barn Lighting... So Haute Right Now.

As we all know, vintage style lighting of all styles is currently the rage in the interior design world. I have always been a fan of barn lighting, we grew up with a 150-year old cranberry barn as a summer house on Cape Cod when we were little, so it certainly sparks a bit of nostalgia in me.   204 more words

9 Facts for a Successful Dive

So since I have started dumpster diving, I keep getting asked questions about diving. Some of the questions have been repetitive.  So this blog will clear up the questions for you. 911 more words

Dumpster Diving

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

So as you know, I like to dumpster dive. I have written about some of my amazing finds from previous adventures. I have some more new stuff about other dumpster dives to write about soon but today I want to show you what I have done with one of my amazing finds. 648 more words

Dumpster Diving

The liquidator pt. 3

I’ve been checking on the trash of the liquidator (part one, part two) every garbage day since I found some great stuff there near the end of June. 521 more words


Mr. Carolina, The Okie, Lil C, and I had made it from Santa Nella, California to Kansas on a wing and a prayer. We had no money, but kind strangers fed us and put gas in the van’s tank. 943 more words

My True Life

Dumpster Diving

A new thing I have been trying out here is dumpster diving. Before I tried it I had the same idea that I am sure many of you have – the image of opening up bin bags and rooting around between someone’s half eaten curry and Sunday lunch leftovers for that one still edible banana that got thrown away. 231 more words

Year Abroad

Reclaimed Redneck Coffee Table

Remember these?

My very first Thrifty Thursday finds from a curb in Pekin, IL. They have sat in 2 different garages now just waiting for the mud and dirt to be cleaned from them so that they can become adorable reclaimed tables. 449 more words