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Freegan Reigns!

Tonight is a trip to Freegan-land. Dumpster diving to supplement our produce and cut down on our grocery bill for the month. I’m going to start keeping a running tally as to how much we actually save by doing this.  306 more words


Breakfast from a Dumpster

In all my years of dumpster diving, I’ve never been in a market quite as reliable as Grand Rapids. As a result, I always seem to have an odd abundance of usable dumpster-rescued food items that need to be eaten. 342 more words

Food Waste

Dangling Above a Dumpster is Way Safer in a Movie Than in Real Life

You know how in a lot of movies? Some guy will dangle off a building ledge or a fire escape? Then he’ll look down and see a dumpster and just fall into that? 302 more words


How to be a Dumpster Diving ninja

Wanna join the craze, feel the rush, get utterly depressed by the unavoidable awareness of this society’s pointless waste?

Dumpster Ninja Skills 101 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Cold Hard Precautions… 1,495 more words

Resource and Treasures

I am so cold today!  Yesterday I had to go out in a whirling snowstorm to deliver a sick portable hard drive to the computer hospital.   323 more words


Recent sales (December 5 - December 31)

The holiday season wasn’t nearly as profitable as I hoped it would be. I enjoyed a nice flurry of sales around the end of November but after that things dried up quite a bit. 1,133 more words

Junk in My Trunk: Taking a dump TO the Dump.

If you are not horrified by my title and the nod to bathroom humor (I blame you for that dad) keep reading and you will get a lesson on how we dispose of garbage and unwanted items on the island.  993 more words

Beaver Island