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Always be listing

I haven’t been picking as much recently. Instead, I’ve been focusing on getting things listed before the Christmas rush. I’m up to 235 eBay listings which is an all-time record for me – I think I had around 150 at this time last year. 1,172 more words

Save The Date (and all the other food that's binned every day)

In the UK, almost 15 million tonnes of food gets thrown away every year. Almost 50% of this waste happens in our homes, with the rest mainly happening in supermarkets. 754 more words


A cheap, charitable model to solving hunger

I enjoy learning what my young adults ate or helping them figure out meal ideas on a budget. In return they provide me with a list of resources and referrals that I can pass on to others. 202 more words


Episode 11 Dumpstering

This is a sort of bonus clipisode to go with the previous oneā€”Episode 10 Barnes Clips. In this clipisode, some of the folks at River Camp with Barnes talk about strategies and experiences in dumpster diving. 87 more words

Dumpster Diving

For a week I noticed the bike sitting behind the dumpster. It had been rejected at least twice by the garbage men, and no doubt the groundskeepers all passed on it too. 1,159 more words


BoathikersĀ“ Squat -Life in an abandoned Building

Many travellers come to Gibraltar. They hitchhike, perform arts in the streets and live on a low budget. Everybody is carrying different experiences, beliefs and ideas which they share with people on their ways. 333 more words


Recent sales (October 10 - November 6)

I’d like to thank everyone for their comments on my last post! I don’t have time to reply to all of them, but it’s good to get positive as well as constructive feedback. 1,339 more words