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The roses in the trash heap.

Sometimes I like to read Thich Nhat Hahn, and at various times I’ve heard him talk about the lotus flower and how it grows out of mud. 301 more words


Dumpster Diving: Vibrations

The rapid ascent of streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime can be directly correlated with the decline of bargain bins, those age-old repositories where forgotten would-be blockbusters mingled with direct-to-DVD sequels and D-list cash-ins designed to parallel box office bombshells. 1,341 more words

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Top 10 Jawa Dumpster Dive Finds

Jawas are die-hard scavengers. They search high and low for lone droids lost out in the Tatooine deserts. But when there’s a whole lot of nothin’ surfing the Dune Sea, those pesky pygmies head to civilizations like Mos Espa, Mos Eisley, or Anchorhead to sift through gallons of space trash to find treasures hidden in dumpsters. 107 more words

Star Wars


Last week I joined the eBay Partner Network. Basically, that means I get a cut of their profits when anyone creates an account or buys something after visiting eBay through a link on my blog. 2,373 more words

Dumpster Diving for Superheroes

I repeatedly tell my four year old not to take toys to church. I get that he loves the little superhero toys, and wants to have adventures with them, but my warnings are motivated by a perfectly rational desire to ensure he doesn’t lose them (and I don’t have to buy them again). 367 more words

Being A Dad

Dumpster Diving

Things that could only happen to me…

K-girl: (Toddles through the house sipping on a Danimal’s smoothie)

Me: “I didn’t give K-girl a smoothie…” :/ 41 more words


We the Consumer: Waste more than we consume

10 years ago I worked overnight stocking for a corporate supermarket whom you can likely guess easily. One of my firmly embedded memories of the experience was witnessing the massive amount of meaningless waste. 353 more words