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National Dumpster

Nations globally begin to look like dumpsters when the litter of hateful, violent, sad, and uncontrolled behaviors leaves piles of carnage of the human animal within their borders. 1,820 more words

Spiritual Fruit

We Have A Whole Lot Going On!

So much has been going on, it’s hard to find time to keep the blog updated on…Miss Poston, Martha Jane, Cold Springs, and now Westridge! 216 more words

Dumpster Diving

Do you ever wonder what stores like Staples or Best Buy throw into the trash?  I do, which is why I decided to go dumpster diving.   72 more words

I Dove into the Treasure! – and I Liked It.

Hi Ladies and Gents! Yes, dumpsters can be a beautiful thing. There is a magical world lurking below those lids. – A magical world waiting to be discovered, savored, and explored. 14 more words


Finishing the dumpster scene + a little bit of animation

So I finished the drawing:

Now I still had to animate it. I first made on with a little walk but I didn’t really like it (the robot keeps changing position when it loops so it makes me dizzy) so I also made a version without the walk to see if it would also work. 69 more words

Self Created Work