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Chào, đây là Dun

Đây là post đầu tiên của tớ trên này. Tớ vẫn đang trong giai đoạn tìm hiểu các tính năng của wordpress một cách từ từ. 24 more words


Houses, Ráth and Dúns

Celtic Iron Age homes were generally timber framed round houses with conical thatch roofs. Doorways were low and protected by a porch to keep out wind and rain Spaces between the timber posts making up the walls were filled with woven branches of willow and plastered with straw, clay, mud and animal dung on the outside to form a waterproof shield (wattle and daub) and then whitewashed with lime on the inside if you wanted to be fancy. 190 more words


a patchy-furred old bear, dingoes

There was a little outdoor zoo with a variety of smaller animals at the northern edge of the park, among them llamas, monkeys, ostriches and a patchy-furred, old brown bear.

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22:22 By ALXNDR

Check out a dark minimal techno mix by upcoming Ukrainian dj ALXNDR, currently based and sparking a nightlife in UAE.


Minion OUTFIT!! minion...

Hey World!


They are so cute, funny and just ahhh!! I LOVE THEM!! So that’s why I made this..

I REALLY want this outfit too….. 15 more words

How to Distinguish Horse Colors by Name - Step 3

Buckskin: Buckskins are very similar to a dun, but they do not have leg barring or a dorsal stripe. They have a yellow base color (ranging from dark gold to yellow) and black legs/black points similar to a Bay. 707 more words

Haille Margarite

How to Distinguish Horse Color By Name - Step 2

2 Learn the next features. Within each subcategory, there are mixtures and variations. Here are some colors and distinguishing points.

Bay: Various shades of brown body color with black points. 532 more words

Haille Margarite