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Divine Light

My emotions… Well they are painted in the colours of the sky

A mixture of every possibility and some are impossible to identify

Like the crystals in the waves racing to the shore… 250 more words


“Bir inek düşün; ne dünün anlamı var onun için ne de yarının. Sabahtan akşama kadar yiyor, içiyor, sindiriyor, dinleniyor, ertesi gün yine aynı şeyleri yapıyor. O ana bağlı olarak yaşıyor. 101 more words

put some cream in your champagne

and other modifiers of basic horse color…

Horses come in red and black…

and then stuff happens…

so, if you want to draw something other than one more brown horse (technically, bay, chestnut) check out that Pinterest board for things like silver dapple dun and why this is a black horse… 66 more words


Free Instagram likes or followers .

Hey , have been gone for a bit .
Now I’m back so i decided i am going to do something for HF . Here is the catch …… You must have an Apple device dun , dun , duhhhh… 36 more words


The A la recherche dun emploi Business French in

It is the thinker, or the speaker (the user of the expression) that does the referring, not the expression itself!

Meaning comes before context and is not determined by it. 302 more words

Techno Star Sues Beethoven For Lyrical Plagiarism

Helsinki – Finnish techno star Ville Virtanen, better known by his stage name Darude, recently sued Beethoven over lyrical plagiarism concerning the similarities between Darude’s hit single “Sandstorm” and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. 480 more words