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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR & A video intro to LEAD 600 assignment on leading a complex org.

Commentary by Prof. B: For 15+ years of online teaching my goal has been to make these online courses personable and engaging. Toward that end, I often record video introductions to the weekly homework, which students tell me they appreciate.  18 more words


The Mathematical Logic Behind Soap Operas

In response to the last week’s piece (If you are smart, why aren’t you rich?), a couple of readers wrote in wanting to know why do large families in general and large business families in particular, split. 639 more words

Bangalore Mirror

There is a cognitive limit (the Wordsmith number) to the number of words you can know?

Most people know around 20,000 – 35,000 words (in any language). Extremely gifted people – very rarely – may approach a vocabulary of 60,000 words. Even multi-lingual people seem to have a total vocabulary not exceeding the limits of mono-lingual people. 1,267 more words


Piracy and Emergent Order: Peter Leeson's An-arrgh-chy and the Invisible Hook

After our long trek through Siberia, I wanted to change things up and do something rather different for Anthropology Friday, so today we’re reading Peter Leeson’s… 2,267 more words

Structures And Civilization

How many friends do I need? Professor Robin Dunbar, Oxford University

Our social world consists of a series of relationships of different quality (and hence value). In effect, these consist of a set of rings of friendship that increase in number, but decrease in average emotional closeness. 417 more words


A Dunbar moment

You have probably heard of Dunbar’s number. It’s all about the size of our brain and our relationship groups. To be exact, it’s about the size of our neocortex relative to the rest of our brain. 1,180 more words