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They’re everywhere.

Anytime you receive a fresh idea, a light bulb goes off inside of you, you evolve more into who you were intended to be, connected to the universe, connected to others, connected to god, fully yourself, god-like…. 470 more words

Person of Interest: Alejo Salcedo

A recent graduate of Guilford College, Alejo Salcedo is a young printmaker with big dreams. As an artist, the native Washingtonian uses linoleum and distinctive relief printing techniques to create work that incorporates topics of whimsy and strong geometric patterns found in nature. 424 more words

Podcasts Great and Small

I still listen to far too many podcasts these days. Some of these are enormous, others far smaller and more specialized in fan base. Lately I’ve been trying to assess which ones I should prioritize as I cut back on listening. 447 more words

The Psychedelic Helicopter Ride

“When you take a psychedelic, it’s like, if your life is like a polluted city like Detroit, the psychedelic all of a sudden takes you in a helicopter out of the pollution. 184 more words

Recent (Birthday) Texts

An audio message from a friend:


A text conversation from another:

Him:  You’re my favorite 47 year old!

Me: I can not understand that photo…

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Harmontown - Unicorns

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Duncan Trussel informs Dan about the Unicorn conspiracy.