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Recent Podcast Appearances!

Apparently I’m a good podcast guest too! If you listen to “It’s All Happening” and aren’t sick of hearing me talk yet, check these out. Hanging out with these brilliant minds is really such a pleasure. 44 more words


Memes I made

Disclaimer: While Joey Diaz has said  these words, there is no guarantee that he said them in this exact order.

Flaming Paggotry

Podcasts of the Month! October 2015

The last Friday of every month, we publish¬†recommendations of a few podcast episodes, released in the previous 30 days (Or so!), with just a couple of lines about… 298 more words

Tim Ferriss

DTFH Forum

The wise, brilliant and funny Duncan Trussell made me a guest moderator of the DTFH forum. This is what happened after. Apparently I’m a member of the Illuminati now.


The Abstention Myth

This post is about why it’s such a huge fatal error to not vote by living under some guise that you don’t want to contribute to the “machine.” 551 more words


Sex, Drugs and Meditation in Three Great Bertcasts!

The Bertcast is stand-up comedian and TV host Bert Kreischer’s podcast. Bert has guests on his show, from all over the comedy and podcasting worlds, and he’s churned out some really cool episodes. 277 more words


It is Better to Be an Honest Street Sweeper Than a Dishonest King

What I Am Listening to These Days:

I definitely used to hold up this “thing” that I thought I was supposed to be, I avoided the “seething sea of anger and sadness” in myself by looking up at it. ¬† 1,990 more words