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Socratic Dialogue Final Presentation

After all the weeks of handwork, here is a summary of what my team EmbodIED has achieved for our International Border Crossings socratic dialogue project. 87 more words


Villa Savoye on 3DS Max

In my CAD class this semester, I worked on modelling the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier on 3D Studio Max.

I learned a lot using 3DS max this year. 52 more words

El Alagui scores winner for Development Squad

Originally published on the Hibernian FC website, 30 March 2015

Farid El Alagui scored the winner from the penalty spot as Hibernian’s Development Squad recorded a 2-1 victory over Dundee at Station Park on Monday afternoon, writes John Stephens. 64 more words


Lots of Activities: Sound, Editing and Workshops!

Things are moving along with our Ties to the Tay project. We’ve recorded the sound and now completed the short film of David Carson’s story “A World Away.”  Through the context of visits to a garden allotment, the film explores the central character’s relationship with his father, and paints a poignant and evocative story of the connections between past and present landscapes. 209 more words

Life Drawing - Semester 2

I was relieved to find, when returning to university for semester 2, that we were to receive more life drawing sessions this semester. I took the opportunity to practice and refine my drawing skills but also to experiment with different materials and develop more of a personal style.







The Launch of Conjure

Saturday 11th April was a busy day for me, but also a very special day. I’d spent the morning and afternoon at the Scottish Pagan Federation Conference and in the evening returned to Dundee to attend the launch party of a dear friend’s business. 305 more words



“A house is a machine for living in” 

– Le Corbusier

We began this semester with tutorials on a new 3D software package, 3DS Max. It is very different to Sketch Up and nothing like VectorWorks so I found myself back at square one again learning how to use a new programme. 80 more words