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Two Dundee Bindings

I’m not quite sure what the opposite of carrying coals to Newcastle may be, but that’s certainly how I felt when coming away from the recent Edinburgh Book Fair, bringing back to London two Scottish bindings.  2,579 more words


Scotland's Little Pink Guards - The Strange Case of the School Chaplain, Time for Exclusive Education and Mob Rule

If the Israel Folau incident gives us an insight into how our ‘liberal’ elites seek to bully Christians into accepting their doctrines, then what has been happening back home in Scotland to the Church of Scotland minister Mike Goss gives another. 1,394 more words


Dance or Die? Dundee, 1892

Glengarry News, 9 Jun 1892, page 4

Some Scotchmen think that the person who cannot dance ought to die.  The public schools of Dundee will hereafter teach their pupils to dance the Highland fling, the Strathspey, and other national dances.


Delayed Gratification

Having been delayed by heavy snowfall six weeks ago, the Fun a Day Dundee exhibition finally took place Friday to Sunday. This is a challenge to produce creative pieces during January. 223 more words

Dundee protest - don't bomb Syria

Monday 16th April – 5.30pm at the City Square DD1 3BB.  Facebook event by Dundee Stop the War at https://www.facebook.com/events/635329170139402/
Only 22% of respondents in a YouGov poll said they would support airstrikes on Syria. 54 more words


Story of a Photograph: John Tindall

This photograph is part of a collection of four deposited at Dundee City Archives in 1977 (Ref: GD/X20). They were given to us by a descendant of John Tindall. 937 more words

Dundee People

Dundee's Derby Rebrand!

The Dundee league previously known as DRG have re-branded to Dundee Roller Derby this month. Although league members have been hinting at this for a while, the financial and business aspects, have led to a longer than expected timeframe for this re-brand. 332 more words