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The Dune Dinidertina - Designer Handbag Purchase 

Hello everybody!

I’ve been wanting to purchase a slightly higher-end handbag for a long time. To cut a long story short; after a trip round John Lewis and a dribble over the Mulberry bags (maybe one day!), I decided to go with Dune. 302 more words

Frank Herbert - Dune Messiah [Dune 2]

Right, well, Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert (Dune 2; ISBN 0441172695; 331p.; Goodreads) felt far longer than it actually was. Odd how the peak of the story came to be at the end of the previous book, and now – everything spiraled down. 297 more words


Better Living Through Blasphemy: "There are ways of telling whether she is a witch!"

(I originally wasn’t late. WordPress ate this post and I had to re-write it. I shit you not.)

Those fingers through my hair. That sly, come-hither stare that strips my conscience bare. 718 more words


Is 1000 Times No-President Overseeing No-Ship No-Armada From His No-Room?

The U.S.S. No-Ship No-Armada may be headed toward No. Korea, or not.  But our president is most definitely no-madman, he just sits on his golden chair in his no-chamber and, whenever he feels like it, wanders from no-room to no-room, presciently knowing where the no-applause is loudest.   12 more words

"The Raid" by Josan Gonzalez & Laurie-Greasley is an amazing tribute to pop culture

The more you look at this, the more awesome references you’ll find. Click on the image for full size goodness;

Source: Hero Complex Galaxy (HCG)/Store. 


Frank Herbert - Dune [1]

I tend to dislike overly long books, even if they’re as good and wonderful as Frank Herbert‘s “Dune” (Dune 1; ISBN 0340839937; 604p.; … 348 more words