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August 22nd 2016 - New Zealand Day 2

Today I woke up at 6:00am. I decided to set an alarm clock because today was a fair amount of driving. I made myself a skillet of vegetables and eggs, and then hit the road. 646 more words


New Eyes (thoughts on "Dune," by Frank Herbert

It was always a source of great embarrassment to me that I had never read Dune. I say “was,” because that was the past. This is The Now. 463 more words


Dune. An epic example of good science fiction.

Dune is one of the few books of hardcore science fiction that I’ve ever read. I do remember reading another book called Jack the Bodiless, I believe, but needless to say, it’s been awhile and science fiction has never been one of my strong suits. 828 more words

1001 Books.

Kyle MacLachlan Saves You Time By Fitting The Plot Of 'Dune' Into One Tweet

David Lynch’s take on Dune has a history of being a ‘box office bomb’ with some cult leanings here today. Lynch famously distanced himself from the film following its release, adding the pseudonym Alan Smithee as his credit after some studio intervention. 235 more words