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The Good Oil, Dunedin

The Good Oil is a vibrant cafe you just can’t go wrong with.

Whether it’s something out of their cabinet selection or off the menu, the food never fails to impress and provide the perfect ‘brunch’ out. 176 more words


Cover me in your magma

OK, so one of the most obvious features of Dunedin is the harbour itself. I mean its pretty hard to not notice it. It’s home to Dunedin’s early industry and migrant history, Dunedin wouldn’t exist without the harbour and today the tourism from people exploring the harbour and surrounding areas is a major income earner for the city. 554 more words


Show me your light curtains!

One of my bucket list entrants is seeing the Aurora Borealis, failing that I guess the Aurora Australis will do. I mean, I live in a city that is becoming increasingly famous for its aurora sightings, so much so, we want to be left in the dark and become a… 862 more words


Storyteller Bios: Meet Azar

Azar is our Farsi or Persian speaker from Iran.  As a recent recruit we haven’t got a full bio as yet watch this space.

"Raging, raging"

The Otago region of South Island New Zealand was supposed to be wildlife mecca and so we headed straight for it with the expectant excitement of a junkie sorting out his next fix. 2,221 more words

Happy St Paddy's Day

I had a special activity on St Paddy’s day. I went to the Speights brewery and had a tour through the history of beer brewing and a closer look on the old and traditional brewing machines and the new high tech brewing caldrons (made in Germany). 93 more words


Steepest street in the world

Next stop was Dunedin. We arrived there in perfect sunshine and I couldn’t take my eyes of the wonderful cute little houses and beautiful architecture. The centre of the city has so many little café (a vegetarian café among them) and around 5 art galeries within a few hundred meters. 206 more words