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nineteenth june

Awoken by a bump in the night, then a rhythmic ticking sound outside my window, but the source remains a mystery.


Dunedin Ordnance Depot Fire

A warehouse is usually a building of ample space, filled with commodities of all descriptions, packed high and often close together making them conducive to the spread of fire. 1,019 more words

Ordnance Corps History

Ice & Cream Creamery - delicious scoops in Dunedin

Yesterday I visited an ice cream shop with my family in Dunedin that was truly phenomenal called Ice & Cream Creamery. They have a few locations on Clearwater Beach and Madeira Beach for those of you hitting the sand this summer. 266 more words


eighteenth june

Adrenaline floods my system, keeping me awake following a nightmare.


sixteenth june

Surprised at the difference straightening can make!


fifteenth june

Unable to resist the siren song of the dumpling truck.