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Carbon credit costs bump up rubbish charges

I presume this will affect everywhere in the country and not just Dunedin – rubbish dump charges may go up 11.5% due to a big jump in carbon credit prices. 276 more words


Honeymoon Island

State Park

A Florida State Park located on Honeymoon Island, a barrier island across St. Joseph’s Sound from Palm Harbor, Ozona and Crystal Beach. The park is 385 acres in land area with 2,400 acres submerged and 4 miles of beach. 361 more words



As I was taking pictures of the sunset at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida, I saw this guy dancing in the distance. I changed my position to put him in front of the sun and took this picture. 26 more words


On Yoga Nidra

Yes, I snagged this post from my other blog post at Yoga & Repeat. I’m guest posting myself here at PH’s Blog.


Because I  1,280 more words


First Blog Post

So much pressure to write the best first blog post EVER!!


But I would like to welcome you to the PH blog. We appreciate anyone who takes time on us…because we take time on YOU! 173 more words


Trolleybus blues, NZ 1972

How many people do you know who have been hurled into the air by a snapping trolleybus cable? And lived to tell the tale.

I can’t find anyone, apart from me; a few injuries and deaths caused by other trolley bus accidents, but nobody who managed to escape death-by-trolleybus without the presence of a trolleybus. 1,161 more words


City Review: Dunedin

Dunedin is the second largest city on the South Island. Its name stems from the Scottish Gaelic language. Due to its Scottish heritage you can still find some traits from this past. 447 more words