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Deep South

On Friday morning we were woken up at 7am and told our bus was outside (the bus wasn’t supposed to be until 10:30). Some how we managed to pack and get ready in the dark, and be out of the door 10 minutes later. 569 more words


The Chills New Album Gets a Release Date & Single: America Says Hello (+ lyrics)

The date has been announced and Martin Phillipps and company’s new album Silver Bullets is to be released 30th October on Fire Records. You can pre-order here… 736 more words


Flat Dinner

We had a small flat dinner last night.  I made the salad and dessert crepes.  Sarah made honey roasted carrots. Marguerite roasted the lemon rosemary chicken.   50 more words



Author: Anne Lim City: Dunedin, New Zealand

“Are you nuts? I’m not driving anywhere in this weather.”

Lindsey sighed at her friend’s adamant tone. “I don’t think we have a choice when our History assignment’s due tomorrow, Martha.” 2,200 more words


Landscape | Dragons Nest

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Description From Photographer if Any:

The very last day of the OOAK trip really produced an amazing sunrise and we probably couldn’t have asked for a better location then the very unique rock formations known as Moeraki Boulders

By DanielBrauer

Source: 500px.com


60% of Dunedin homes with priciest power companies

A couple of weeks ago we launched Flick Electric Co. in Dunedin.

When we decided to come to Dunedin we crunched the numbers, and were pretty shocked to discover that… 316 more words