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A Cut Above the Rest: Our contributions to the beef industry

By John Smith

Next week Australia’s beef industry gathers in Rockhampton for their triennial shindig, the industry’s biggest — Beef Australia 2015. Over 85 000 people involved in all aspects of the industry will be there. 1,455 more words


Dung beetles help reduce risk of E.coli transmission in lowbush blueberry systems

Humans and wildlife often have competing interests. In North America, this conflict is epitomised by the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Just take a moment to ask any gardener who lives in an area with a thriving population. 852 more words


Beautiful British Beetles IV: The Minotaur

This is one of my absolutely most favourite beetles. I was shown my first one by my friend Richard, who found it in a very serendipitous moment on a night-time hunt. 70 more words


Call's Well That Ends Well

Stella has her own iPhone.  It’s not what you think.  A long while ago, Will found one abandoned with a shattered screen and no SIM card.   345 more words


A tale of two introductions

Native to Central and South America, cane toads have a permanent grumpy expression, and the chubby legs of a human toddler. They are large (a typical adult toad can measure up to 15-cm from snout to vent), and can be well over a kilogram in mass. 1,119 more words

Happy Taxonomy Day!

March 19th is Taxonomy Day, a 24-hour period dedicated to the science of defining where biological organisms belong, based on their common characteristics. If the mnemonic “Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk” is familiar, you’ve already had a lesson in taxonomy. 256 more words



Please forgive me gentle readers, but this YouTube video was just too funny for my usually restrained, polite, tasteful, and subdued haiku site.

I ask for your indulgence in some of the words and visuals which follow. 9 more words