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Beetle-mania, these dung beetles were on a roll!

My wife and I were thrilled to encounter these dung beetles on the footpath to Rainey Lake at Tensas River NWR. These amazing creatures are very determined about first finding some suitable animal manure, then shaping it into a neat ball and then bringing it to their burrow to serve as incubator for eggs and later as food for the larvae. 398 more words

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May, farm update

Things of note from these past couple weeks. Please excuse us if this reads scattered and disjointed. Consider this disarray an accurate testament to the state of the farm these days. 1,034 more words

Farm Update

Deal or no deal

by Darren Mann, Head of Life Collections

In a previous article on this blog I reported the discovery, in an insect collection, of the 21st British specimen of the ‘Regionally Extinct… 520 more words

Life Collections

Sometimes You Get Exactly What You Wish For

A few weeks ago the blogger Magpie at Midnight (who is a creative and insightful writer, you can read her posts here) wrote her first in a series of posts about “objects with meaning”. 1,174 more words

How evolution drives niche development in ecosystems

Evolution, driven by “survival of the fittest”, allows the best, most suited organisms to survive in an environment. These organisms are “fit” and survive because of a behavioral or physical trait that makes them superior to other competing individuals or species. 684 more words


Going (Excre)mental

This strip was inspired by following a large beetle around who had been disturbed when I was on poop-scooping detail.

Comic Art

How to Make a Four-Eyed Beetle

By Viviane Callier

One of evolution’s oldest tricks is to apply old genetic building blocks at new times or places in development to create a new structure. 661 more words