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Dung beetles vs Greenhouse Gases: Round Two

Producing beef and milk comes with significant environmental costs. Cattle manure may harbour pathogens which have potential to contaminate waterways. Heavy trampling associated with intensive grazing can damage the structural integrity of the soil, making it difficult for plants to grow. 684 more words

Poky Ecology

The Dung Beetles

Hold on a second Phil.

Christ again man? Get to a doctor already.

Very funny let’s just take five. It’s so hot.

Three dung balls, we’ve been out here four hours and all we have are three dung balls. 104 more words


Execution Rock

Each time I drive on the NR3 highway between Manzini and Mbabane, I am distracted by a rocky peak, Execution Rock. It is set apart from the ridge of hills which form the southern rim of the Ezulwini valley. 630 more words


Bulls and Dung Beetle Traps

The bulls were in the pasture next to the lab so we placed some dung beetle traps out to see what we could get with the big fellas. 160 more words


Nachusa Grassland Promotes Scientific Research

by Dee Hudson Photography

Bison, Grassland Birds, Dung Beetles, Bees, Small Mammals, Invasive Species, Bacteria & Fungi — these are all topics of ongoing study by Professors, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Nachusa Grasslands. 724 more words


Dung Beetle Feeding on Bear Scat

Wherever there is scat, or dung, there are dung beetles. This is a photograph of a dung beetle in heaven as it has located a black bear’s gigantic (apple-filled) scat, which will provide it with food for a long, long time. 355 more words


Dung Beetles

Circus beetles! These dung beetles are being circus clowns by rolling poop.


Dung beetles eat the poop they get from omnivores and herbivores and then feed it to their larvae, eat it themselves, or lay eggs in them. 101 more words