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Delightful dung beetles

The latest display in our changing Presenting… case showcases a wonderful array of dung beetles. Darren Mann, head of our Life Collections, tells us why they are so important. 485 more words

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Sorry John, but God is in Control

All in good fun here but I stumbled upon this post,  Christian, Stop Telling Me God is in Control, by John Pavlovitz and I thought, oh but I must! 814 more words

Dung Beetles and Random Thoughts

When we first moved to Ecuador in 2011, we had very limited funds and were not able to purchase a washing machine until several months after we moved into our apartment.  863 more words

Ecuador Living

On perseverance, with Ayi Kwei Armah

“Those who are blessed with the power,

And the soaring swiftness of the eagle

And have flown before,

Let them go.

I will travel slowly,

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Using animal excretions as resources

Some animals use their own dung as a resource, for defense, or construction, or food. Animal excretions can be used as a resource by other organisms as well. 833 more words

Characterizing the Link Between Climate and Thermal Limits in Beetles

By Amanda Biederman

Amid concerns over a rapidly changing climate, the abilities of different insects to survive at warmer temperatures has become a major question of interest. 700 more words

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…an elephant or a cow?

Our Kenyan Pastor related some interesting information this morning.  He claimed that you could always tell when an elephant had been near your tent (as if you wouldn’t know!?) because their droppings are half full of undigested grass and leaves.  161 more words