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Call's Well That Ends Well

Stella has her own iPhone.  It’s not what you think.  A long while ago, Will found one abandoned with a shattered screen and no SIM card.   345 more words


A tale of two introductions

Native to Central and South America, cane toads have a permanent grumpy expression, and the chubby legs of a human toddler. They are large (a typical adult toad can measure up to 15-cm from snout to vent), and can be well over a kilogram in mass. 1,119 more words

Happy Taxonomy Day!

March 19th is Taxonomy Day, a 24-hour period dedicated to the science of defining where biological organisms belong, based on their common characteristics. If the mnemonic “Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Silk” is familiar, you’ve already had a lesson in taxonomy. 256 more words



Please forgive me gentle readers, but this YouTube video was just too funny for my usually restrained, polite, tasteful, and subdued haiku site.

I ask for your indulgence in some of the words and visuals which follow. 9 more words


Reviewed: Animal Weapons, by Douglas J. Emlen

I have had enough of arguing with creationists. If force of argument could defeat them, they would have disappeared long ago. The reality is that people believe what they want to believe, that they like what they like, and that they are much more interested in what relates to them directly than they are in scientific abstractions. 1,361 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


Beauty at scale rarely seen
by human eye, but inbetween
lush blades of grass daily spy
a microworld of strange small fry

As this mini-jungle wakes… 118 more words

Life Through The Pen

Dung Beetles - haiku by Dennis Lange

Dung Beetles

Dirty job.
Somebody has to.
Dung beetles!


One’s pushing;
The other one rides –


One’s pushing
Behind the ate ball… 68 more words