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More fun with insects and the earth

This time, beetles! The beetles that help clean up after certain animals, and enrich the soil in the process (from Meet the Beetles:

One of nature’s most important and overlooked carbon farmers is also an ancient symbol of regeneration and renewal: the scarab.

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The Pluto Fly-By Article of Your Entomological Dreams

It happened!  New Horizon made the close pass by Pluto!  Pictures coming in!  And why is this important?  Well…  Science!

And because I believe I can link just about anything to entomology: 29 more words

Dung beetles - the busy beetles

I really like dung beetles! Maybe the name doesn’t sound that appealing but they are so industrious – they are not animals that lounge around in the sunshine on flowers they are always pushing and pulling so that they can get on with their business. 122 more words

Dung Beetles

For the last week I keep watching this video about a dung beetle trying to push a turd ball up a blazing hot sand dune. You think Sisyphus had a hard time of it? 328 more words


Sunny summer solstice summary

The summer solstice was yesterday, officially the longest day of sunlight of the year.  If you are in the southern hemisphere, happy winter solstice to you!  227 more words

A splendidly shiny beetle!

I come across this shiny green dung beetle quite often whilst walking on the hills in Galicia, NW Spain. It mainly seems to like horse dung, and I look out for them when there are Galician ponies about. 324 more words


Happenings on the ranch

Now for something that most of you have never noticed, but I’m rather confident happens around you every spring. This is something I’ve been unconsciously seeking the whole time this spring seasons has been warming and greening us up. 289 more words