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The Dilemma of Political Correctness

We have recently become dog owners for the first time. The said canine is very grey around the muzzle, half deaf and half blind (some would say just like me). 282 more words


Warthogs Don’t Really Have Warts

Horatio Hedgehog here. Cat has asked the staff to use our space to talk about different types of animals. I chose the warthog. I thought there was something cool about a hedge-hog writing about a wart-hog. 657 more words


Great Sayings Revisited: Cat got your dung?

As we’ve been steadily working our way through old maxims, and pointing out how stupid they are, we arrive at one of the weirdest of the lot: “Cat got your dung?” This is… what the hell? 497 more words


On a dung beetle's trail

Thanks to the work of our Head of Life Collections Darren Mann, and the Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project team, the conservation status of the UK’s dung beetles, chafers, and stag beetles (Scarabaeoidea) is currently undergoing a comprehensive review. 501 more words

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Why the world needs Dung Beetles

To celebrate National Insect Week 2016 we thought we would introduce you to the custodians of the Hope Entomology Collection here at the Museum. Our insect collection is made up of a whopping 6 million specimens, so our resident entomologists definitely have their work cut out. 373 more words

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Episode 8 - the chilled-out episode

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In this episode Katie is tired, so we are chilled out.  Tim tells of an experience as a disembodied spirit at a party.  Katie has a cool idea for a party experiment, and explains why she thinks it’s a good thing to spill wine on people.  157 more words