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Dung Beetles

Circus beetles! These dung beetles are being circus clowns by rolling poop.


Dung beetles eat the poop they get from omnivores and herbivores and then feed it to their larvae, eat it themselves, or lay eggs in them. 101 more words


Dung Beetle Pitfall Trap

Got some dung beetle pitfall traps put together and thought I’d share what they look like. They’re like a dung beetle bungalow. We’ll call them Dungalows. 258 more words

Dung Beetles

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Reading What Really Matters

Reading What Really Matters

There’s too much to write.
Time enough does not exist.
And I refuse to hurry.

Back again?

Hope fully.

Curiosity is a commodity. 1,401 more words

Barkley’s Law

More fun with insects and the earth

This time, beetles! The beetles that help clean up after certain animals, and enrich the soil in the process (from Meet the Beetles:

One of nature’s most important and overlooked carbon farmers is also an ancient symbol of regeneration and renewal: the scarab.

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Dung beetles - the busy beetles

I really like dung beetles! Maybe the name doesn’t sound that appealing but they are so industrious – they are not animals that lounge around in the sunshine on flowers they are always pushing and pulling so that they can get on with their business. 122 more words

Dung Beetles

For the last week I keep watching this video about a dung beetle trying to push a turd ball up a blazing hot sand dune. You think Sisyphus had a hard time of it? 328 more words