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3 Reasons To Charge Out Of The Tavern And Into Action

We’ve all started a campaign with the group sitting around a table in a tavern, it’s one of the ultimate cliches of the hobby; along with rescuing princesses from Dragons (the classic quest) or my parents and everyone who knows who I am is dead (the birth of the murder hobo). 422 more words


Planarch Codex has me thinking about Kobolds

From an e-mail about an upcoming DW/Planarch Codex game:

I think I want to play a kobold, straight out of the Monster Manual.

92 more words

Perilous Almanacs: The Lupahi Skypath

I wrote this for use with The Perilous Wilds, Jason Lutes’ Dungeon World supplement that combines the collaborative storytelling of games Powered by the Apocalypse with the old school sensitivities of that game those kids on  828 more words

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Battle Between the Worlds Actual Play

The Ogre Plays Games podcast has posted part 1 of an actual play of Battle Between the Worlds. It clocks in at about 90 minutes, and includes character creation and bonds and stuff at the beginning. 32 more words

5 Tips For Becoming A Better GM

Gameday means Game Posts over on my Creators Account! This week I wrote down some tips to help tabletop roleplaying game players make the transition to roleplaying GMs. 25 more words


RPGaDay: Dream team game

We are on day 14 of RPGaDay. Today’s post is all about folks I’ve played with in the past. Today’s question is: Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with? 179 more words


Wisdom Tree City

Wisdom Tree City has always existed, nestled on an island where two mighty rivers pour into the ocean. Every hundred years or so the Goddess Weeps, as the natives say. 573 more words

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