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How Dungeon World made me a better Game Master in one session

I like most of you reading this will sometimes get an itch that can only be scratched by playing a new system, it mostly starts with “X system fixes that one thing that bugs me about system Y”. 783 more words


Dwarven Ruins

This week, three box-text descriptions of unique dwarven ruins.

Dwarven Racing Ground Ruins

Giant racing wheels rust on the overgrown track. A breeze blows through the arena, stirring the wildflowers and rattling the empty stands. 178 more words

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A Deal with Death

Several weeks ago, I participated in a one-shot of Dungeon World (DW). I have been playing DW for quite some time and play it fairly regularly, but this game was different for three main reasons. 1,667 more words



Another Dungeon World Monster this week. This is my first try at the “statless” monster – one that relies entirely on its special moves instead of its stats. 477 more words

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XCOM, Madden, and D&D(?)

Lt. Ben “Sol” Levitt died a hero, but his death left a hollow feeling in the chest of every member of XCOM. In a hail of ADVENT Mag rounds, Lt. 1,474 more words


After-action report: Dungeon World, July 10th

In addition to the finale of my Interface Zero game, I ran three one-shot games while down at the Beach. Two of them were classics, and I’ll be writing about them either together or separately later. 786 more words

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Three Caves

Three box-texts of caves for your game.

Ice Cave

Winds howl across the glacier’s top, but can’t reach into its deep channels . In one particularly dark crack, someone has carved foot slots. 194 more words

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