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Adventure Prompt: Part 2 of The Crystal Dust Road - The Disappearing Caravans

I’ve written this adventure prompt to continue the adventure I started in this post. I am using the Dungeon World system, but you could adapt this for any system. 829 more words

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Musing about Upcoming Campaign (and System)

Its looking like I will be facilitating a face to face regular RPG game. And now I’m looking at the systems that I’m planning to suggest to the group: 522 more words

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RPGaDay: Favourite revolutionary game mechanic

On August 25th, the topic of the day is my favourite revolutionary game mechanic. Game designers have thought up many new fascinating game mechanics over the decades. 428 more words


Adventure Fronts: The Crystal Dust Road

This is a short adventure outline using the front system from Dungeon World. If you have are not familiar with Dungeon World’s front system, you can read about it… 659 more words

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Three Inns/Taverns and One Coffee house

Coffeehouse – Small – Urban

Stacks of tobacco and coffee crates line the perimeter of a small corner store. A few patrons stand around outside, chomping on their pipes and staring at the passing pedestrians. 196 more words

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Prompt for a One-Shot Adventure: The Gargoyle Ergithia

Below is a short prompt to help you think of a short adventure (or maybe part of a longer campaign). It can be used in in any system. 246 more words

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Game Theory Essay

Wow, its been 10 months. I’ve missed you guys. Lots of gaming between then and now. I wrote this too.

Games Want To Be Played… 5,560 more words