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The Forgotten City/The Ash Plains

Long ago a proud and powerful city stood at the foot of a mountain. This was a place of great wealth and influence, but some people wanted more as they always do. 126 more words


Trinket Table

Trinket Table

Sometimes you want your players to have a little something that has no declared mechanical effect, but could be introduced and defined as the story develops. 79 more words


#48 Dungeon Design - How Not To Screw Your Players Over

This week we sit down at the table with the topic of how to make a dungeon — or in other words; how NOT to make one. 137 more words


Dungeon World: Kaetlyn Style - Session 01 - Side A


We’ve played Dungeon World before on this podcast, but this time is different.  This time Kaetlyn was GMing for us!  So please join Myself, Alex, and Kolton as we play through an adventure presented from Kaetlyn’s mind.   20 more words


Mystery Dungeon 1000: Encounter 4

Join GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers “After Dark” as they Role Play the age old Dungeon World question:

A gnome stole your pants while you were sleeping, but replaced them with a bag of magic snails. 52 more words

After Dark