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New New Tinkertown

Here are five ‘box-text’ descriptions for the town of New, New Tinkertown, a technologically-forward city that acts as a magnet for inventors. This town was designed by Eric Lochstampfor, and you can find his full design layout… 540 more words

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Blood Isn't Good to the Last Drop

I respect feminist games criticism because it shows us how much better we could do with our designs. Many of the tropes dissected aren’t behind the times only in social awareness, but in the state of the art in gameplay. 651 more words


Broken Skies: Session 02 - Out of the Storm, Into the Storeroom

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were about to make port at the aptly named Shanty Town, the trip there was safe enough, but the quay they lashed their ship too might not have been the best choice… 804 more words

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Adventure Front: The Hollow Manuscript

Another Adventure Front using the Dungeon World system! I do not plan on making this into a detailed adventure as I did for The Crystal Dust Road… 654 more words

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Wizard-Spawned Insanities

Wizard-Spawned Insanities is a monster manual for the Dungeon World role-playing game. The thirteen monster entries it contains are illustrated in full colour, along with a host of variations, random tables, adventures, dangers and their grim portents, custom moves, items, locations, plot hooks, secrets, and more. 115 more words

Part 3 of the Crystal Dust Road - The Finale

The finale to the Crystal Dust Road!  Links to: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Surrounding Countryside

Below are a few suggested encounters to use if your PCs decide to explore the countryside. 1,370 more words

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Actual Play (Dungeon World): Slaughter Creek Part 2

The Slaughter Creek adventure goes into flashback mode for this session!

The Dwarf, Gunter, heads back through his memories to when he first came to Slaughter Creek. 87 more words

Actual Play