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Random Encounter Table for the Underworld

Inspired by Ancient Egyptian mythology of the Underworld, today’s inspiration is a random encounter table: 247 more words

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Stop Telling Stories.

Every RPG rule book seems to have a chapter at the start that describes what a roleplaying game is and a huge number of them miss the point entirely by calling it in one way or another a… 1,695 more words


After-action report: Urban Shadows, sort of, August 30th

After a six week hiatus, I opened what was intended to be an Urban Shadows session with a conversation about how the game was going. There was some degree of consensus reached that the game was confusing, and that the debt system of relationships wasn’t moving things forward. 116 more words

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The Road is a Dangerous Place

3 Roadside encounters for your fantasy game

Mysterious Town

Taking a path the party has taken a dozen times, they find themselves outside a town that has never been there before. 358 more words


Squirrel Hog

Today a combination animal for use with Dungeon World

Squirrel Hogs combine the mass and aggression of hogs, the agility and speed of squirrels, and the intelligence of both to create a terrifying beast housed in an adorable body. 234 more words

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3 Reasons To Charge Out Of The Tavern And Into Action

We’ve all started a campaign with the group sitting around a table in a tavern, it’s one of the ultimate cliches of the hobby; along with rescuing princesses from Dragons (the classic quest) or my parents and everyone who knows who I am is dead (the birth of the murder hobo). 422 more words


Planarch Codex has me thinking about Kobolds

From an e-mail about an upcoming DW/Planarch Codex game:

I think I want to play a kobold, straight out of the Monster Manual.

92 more words