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The Rough Part of Town

This week, two more ‘box-texts.’ These are not as random as they might seem at first, they are part of what I’m calling “The Rough Part of Town,” and go with… 224 more words

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Evolution of a Move: "Bag of Grenades"

This post is about a couple of moves in development for the Guardsman revolving around grenades. The Guardsman is meant to be a sort of battle hardened explosives expert veteran, and I wanted him to be able to use grenades in a similar way to… 1,023 more words

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World of Legends - Horrors

Barsaive is populated by creatures and monsters little different than any other Dungeon World. Any creature in the Earthdawn books can be easily converted using DW’s monster maker, and many of the existing DW monsters are suitable as-is. 494 more words

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Boring Ol' Assassin

One of the first three classes I’ll be releasing is the Assassin, which is basically me taking Thief in one hand and Ranger in the other and smashing them together. 887 more words

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Campaign Front: Tearing Through Space

At the beginning of the year I brought you the Attack of the Riftsquid! Adventure Front, an outline for a single session of play. Today, I expand on that adventure front with the campaign front Tearing Through Space -an outline to use for a multi-session campaign. 349 more words

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The Land of Ten Thousand Gods: Map

I like making graphics!  My husband has written a hack of Dungeon World for a setting inspired by the mythologies of the Indian sub-continent and southeast Asia, called the… 160 more words