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Trying to place some extra emphasis on role play in Dungeons and Dragons.

So we are in the process of house ruling some processes to deepen the role play of our Dungeons and Dragons, Storm King’s Thunder campaign. The two systems that are borrowed heavily from are The Burning Wheel and Dungeon World. 374 more words


Third Dungeon World experience - Some notes.

So we have wrapped our brief sojourn with Dungeon World and it was a success. One of our group even said she would probably use Dungeon World to run her game with. 454 more words


Tabletop Tuesday - Running RPGs for Children

Children – they are the future; I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s especially true for geek hobbies. Without newer generations, everything from comics to cosplay to tabletop gaming could go the way of… 1,217 more words


If I Could Play: Dungeon World (Again)

Hello adventurers and welcome to Adventure Rules, where every day is Tuesday when we’re talking about tabletops! Over the course of the last few months I’ve done a segment where I talked about what I would do if I finally got the chance to play an RPG that I’ve never played before. 1,722 more words


The Forest of Doom - a Dungeon World One-Shot

It’s one thing to blog about prep, but here’s some actually finished prep, ready for you to use yourselves, either as an actual session plan or as a framework. 339 more words

Moves & Stunts: Premonition

Dungeon World (and by extension, the other Powered by the Apocalypse games) and Fate Core are two of my favorite games. Probably, their appeal for me stems from the fact that they are both so very hackable. 564 more words

Daily Prompt

Dungeon World - first run, with not enough prep time.

Caveat on the title… prep time in this instance is time to re-read the rules to have a smoother understanding of everything. Some things were a little clunky but in the end, i loved GMing Dungeon World! 207 more words