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What I Would Change for Dungeon World Second Edition

Have you ever had a favorite? Maybe a favorite flavor of a food you enjoy, like ice cream. Or maybe a favorite movie, the movie you like the most out of all the movies you’ve ever seen. 3,384 more words


Dungeon World bonds

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    Choose a thought or belief your character holds that ties the two together and an action, something you’re going to do about it.

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Dungeon World

Big Bad Con is the best! - Part 2


Dungeon World

(This is my continued recap of my weekend at Big Bad Con.)

Saturday Switcheroo

I woke up and showered groggily. Edmund got to the hotel to set up for the first instance of his… 731 more words


Adventure Rules Monthly Update: Enter InkTober

Happy Halloween, adventurers! Yes, I know we still have 29 days left, but if Twitter is any indication then this entire month may as well be Halloween. 1,358 more words


Mystery Dungeon 1000: Encounter 6

Join GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers “After Dark” as they Role Play the age old Dungeon World question:

An artisanal gnomecakes shop opened in the Skeleton Quarter. 65 more words

After Dark

Dungeon World Recap: Session One

Two Sundays ago I began a journey through a game I am very familiar with, but from a totally different perspective. If you’ve been around Adventure Rules for a day or two then you know that my favorite tabletop RPG is Dungeon World, a game Powered by the Apocalypse where fantasy heroes explore dungeons, fight dragons, and throw money at townsfolk to make people love them. 1,557 more words