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Zodiac Hunt Episode 1: Capricorn

This is the first episode of our new actual play campaign, Zodiac Hunt; a Dungeon World campaign inspired by ancient Greek myth and legend.
The background for this campaign is that king Ib of Ophurica is offering lands and coins to whomever can bring to him 12 trophies, one from each of 12 unique monsters. 140 more words

Actual Play

Battle Between the Worlds

Battle Between the Worlds is a set of rules for running one-shot Dungeon Planet adventures. You get new characters with truncated, personalized rules and a bunch of adventure situations to choose from. 70 more words

Second Session of Dungeon World

Over the weekend we had our second session of Dungeon World, continuing where we left off last time: attempting to save the world of Anglekite, which sounds like it is threatened by multiple simultaneous apocalypses. 760 more words

Dungeon World

I played Dungeon World on Sunday!

So just a heads up that I was a Player in Dungeon World yesterday! The game was fabulous and I loved it. Everything about it. 799 more words


Primeval Thule

Bought Primeval Thule the other day and I’m about halfway though it. Some very good stuff here. It’s just as well written as any of the setting material I’ve read from Paizo. 45 more words

Dungeon World

Dungeon World: Creating Fronts

Session one of Broken Skies was my first attempt to run a game Powered by the Apocalypse. Therefore, I decided to take the rules at face value and run the first session entirely on the guidance in the First Session chapter. 988 more words

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