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Level 1 RPG Player: Dungeon World

Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons are becoming cool these days, or at least they’re being viewed as more acceptable and less niche that they once were. 597 more words

You better watch out: Festive monsters for your Christmas dungeon crawl

It’s December, my weekly Unknown Armies game has had its annual Christmas special, and I’ve been listening to a reading of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather. 1,272 more words


Dungeon World: Our Heroes!

We’ve been playing Dungeon World for over a year now, in Edmund’s own setting inspired by Southern Asia, “The Land of Ten Thousand Gods.” We’re nearing the epic conclusion of a big story arc so as a holiday present to the whole group, I commissioned a portrait of our four characters from the amazing… 348 more words


Charting the Underworld

Today’s inspiration is a campaign idea. Enjoy!

After death, the souls of the departed must find their way across the Underworld to reach the Heavenly Realms. 173 more words

Dungeon World

Perilous Wilds: Tomb of the Cloudstepper

Another randomly-generated dungeon for adventurers planning to delve during that holiday where you eat a lot of turkey.

Tomb of the Cloudstepper

Long before the party would snake their way through the Canyon of Dust, Aruktai Khagan, the Ringbearer, the Cloudstepper, ruled the desert and the lands beyond its borders. 1,934 more words

GM's Notebook

Class Warfare: The Mechanical Man, part 2

Last time, I put together the first part of a new Dungeon World class using the Class Warfare supplement. This time, I’m going to lay out the advanced moves a player can take on level up. 663 more words

GM's Notebook

Update: Get your Oct. together

So I’m looking at this blog for dropping Dungeon World content down.

See we’ll.

I will probably start by kicking around ideas for the first campaign I’ll be starting whilst in college.

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