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See What Sticks

I praise the Flag Framing approach to GM prep from Deeper in the Game every chance I get. It works! Some of the best game sessions I’ve been part of have owed their oomph to those techniques. 556 more words


Cutting Words | Seasons of Campaigns

Cutting Words is a weekly review of Misdirected Mark–a summary of what games, what definitions, and what advice came from the lips of Christopher Sniezak… 546 more words

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Sleepy Ridge: The Town Built Out of Gravestones

Today we visit the town of Sleepy Ridge which was built out of the stones from a forgotten cemetery.

Although the town of Sleepy Ridge lays less than half a day’s travel from a major trade road, the citizens keep to themselves and the only visitors are those seeking the town’s famous mediums. 335 more words

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My Thoughts on Dungeon World's "Fronts"

Okay, so it’s 1:35 AM on Sunday morning, I know I’m gonna be traveling Monday, I just came back from this week’s Dungeon World session, and I don’t want to miss another post because of being on the road. 868 more words



This week inspiration is a mysterious city under an enchantment that allows its citizens to chose their own age.

No one knows who built Samirchan. The current inhabitants found it as it is today, a grand city under the influence of a powerful time enchantment. 289 more words

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MM3: A Market in the Woods

The Monthly Monsters project is back with a third monster manual for Dungeon World!

Deep inside the Spritewood, hidden from the sight of civilized eyes, there lies a secret market, where monsters meet to trade their ill-gotten gains. 218 more words

Flying Vampire Jellies

Today’s monster was inspired by the world of Shards of Honor.

 They drift through the air like dandelion seeds, their transparent, globular bodies sparkling in the sun. 114 more words

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