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Update: Get your Oct. together

So I’m looking at this blog for dropping Dungeon World content down.

See we’ll.

I will probably start by kicking around ideas for the first campaign I’ll be starting whilst in college.

Dungeon World

Class Warfare: The Mechanical Man, part 1

Johnstone Metzger is the author of Class Warfare. The Dungeon World supplement deconstructs the original game’s classes and gives game masters the tools to create their own class. 1,005 more words

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After-action report: Dungeon World, October 12th

I was not on my game last night. For whatever reason I was having a fair amount of trouble concentrating, and we only really got in an hour or so of play. 189 more words


Playing with Campaign Structure

While hanging out with some friends the other day playing tabletop games, I started to have ideas. Combo-ish ideas. And while I haven’t really formed those ideas into anything substantial or useful yet, I want to talk about them because hey, this is a blog and typing sentences that haven’t fully formed in my brain yet is what I do best. 712 more words


Perilous Wilds: Tunnels of the Grazkald Tribe

Here’s a randomly-generated dungeon for you, using Jason Lutes’ Dungeon World supplement, The Perilous Wilds. I can’t show how much I love its dungeon generation method enough. 542 more words

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Dungeon World Custom Stuff Pack: The Silent Protagonist and Associated Accessories

Happy Tabletop Tuesday, adventurers! Today I am introducing a new segment, one I plan to keep around for at least the month of October, potentially beyond if it’s something that you folks really seem to enjoy. 1,974 more words


Weapons of Myth: Caladbolg

In Myth

I’m still looking at Irish Myth, but this sword or at least its name got around a bit appearing in Irish, Welsh and English myth. 305 more words

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