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Morthos - XVIII

Someone really needs to sit me down at my computer and force me to write these. 805 more words


Morthos - XVII

We’ve got another session tonight and Meleck is able to make it. Since he got a new job Monday’s have been hit or miss for him (mostly miss). 797 more words


Dungeon Master Handbook Quick-picks

By hook or by crook, you will need your guide books. Holding or scrolling through the whole text takes a bit of courage, even the TOC seems to go on for ages. 638 more words

Morthos - Diary XVI

D&D is going ahead tonight, Pathfinder on Wednesday, and D&D/board games on Thursday. Not to mention the new Critical Role is up on YouTube today. It’s a good thing I don’t do much else or I wouldn’t have time for all of this gaming goodness. 995 more words


Morthos - XV

WordPress has informed me that I made this blog one year ago. Normally that’s a call for celebration but when I realise how few posts I have on here I see how slack I’ve actually been. 848 more words


Morthos - XIV

The longer I put these campaign diaries off the more I realise that my note taking could be a little more in-depth. Am I going to change? 808 more words


How to Decide a DM (if it’s not your heart’s desire)

I was lucky. I first encountered D&D through a childhood friend who wanted to start a campaign for our long-established group of friends. By the time he asked me, he had bought the player guide, the dungeon master guide and had done enough research to set up a simple campaign. 646 more words