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Dungeons & Dragons to Hack & Slaughter

I was musing in the car why I write the kind of things I write. I’ve always written ever since I was a kid, that’s true.   1,155 more words


Revelations of a Dungeon Master

This post will delve into the mysterious world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) and reveal some shocking details about being a Dungeon Master. It is almost quaint to imagine how this fantasy role playing game, first introduced in 1977, is still being played today. 896 more words

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The Mysterious Ether – Part 2 of 2

In the dice and miniatures adventure game Dungeon and Dragons, the Ether exists as The Ethereal Plane, a special ‘wasteland’ plane of existence which is present in the background of all the inner planes, but part of none of them. 228 more words

Sci Fi Fantasy

5 Tips on Improvisation

The art of improvisation. An act of instantaneous creation straight from your mind. Swirling thoughts cohering into a pattern of comprehensible story. Ever wonder if you could sling out a game right out of your posterior?   948 more words