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Best addition to DnD ever. :’) GO TEAM AWESOME! #gaming...

Best addition to DnD ever. :’) GO TEAM AWESOME! #gaming #criticalrole #dice #dnd #DungeonsDragons http://pje.fyi/PJWVT4

Paul Jacob Evans


The Laid Back DM #2 - New-fangled Electronic Gizmos?

Welcome to the second of my Dungeon Master (DM) columns. (Didn’t catch the first one? Click here.)

Today I’m going to talk about all these new… 761 more words


Un dia como hoy: Gary Gygax

Un dia como hoy pero hace 9 años falleció Gary, es por eso que hoy se reconoce como el dia del Máster, a todos aquellos que alguna vez me dirigieron una partida gracias.


The Chosen Cleric

Last Thursday we decided not to play D&D since a few of the guys wouldn’t be able to make it. I usually run a character if someone can’t play, despite the fact that it slows down combat a bit since I have so much to deal with as it is. 2,779 more words


Dungeons & Dragons to Hack & Slaughter

I was musing in the car why I write the kind of things I write. I’ve always written ever since I was a kid, that’s true.   1,155 more words


Revelations of a Dungeon Master

This post will delve into the mysterious world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) and reveal some shocking details about being a Dungeon Master. It is almost quaint to imagine how this fantasy role playing game, first introduced in 1977, is still being played today. 896 more words

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