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Making The Big Bad. Or in my case... Several of them

There are few things in a GMs life that are as rewarding as when you get it right with a villain.

I mean, I don’t know about your gaming world. 990 more words


Sword Coast Legends: First Impressions

Sword Coast Legends, the new D&D 5th edition computer game, is slated to be released┬áSep 29, 2015. It may be the first computer game in ages that I actually take off work to play on the day it’s released. 734 more words


Shaun vs. The Dungeonmaster a.k.a. Ragewar (1985)

Directed by David Allen, Charles Band, John Carl Buechler, Steven Ford, Peter Manoogian, Ted Nicolau and Rosemarie Turko

Starring Jeffrey Byron, Richard Moll and Leslie Wing… 635 more words


Dungeons & Dragons III - Fluid Play for Busy People

I’m in law school. It keeps me busy. I also have a range of interests outside school. The players in the campaign I DM are law students too, and they’re at least as busy as I am. 702 more words


GM Tips (RPG)

I’ve been a RPG gamemaster/dungeonmaster/storyteller for over 10 years (a short time compared to most out there, but I only got into RPGs during university), and since then I’ve picked up a few tips & tricks and general guidelines to running a game, which I’ll share with you here. 774 more words


Custom tokens for Roll20

I’m not a very good artist but I like to make my own tokens, I was willing to invest some time but not enough to really learn drawing. 145 more words

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Cooperative Worldbuilding

How do I get my players invested and immersed in the setting?

A Question which I had to answer for myself just recently. I could have just thrown them into my custom world and watch them while they slowly grow accustomed to their new world, I could have used a broadly known setting which most of my players already knew. 300 more words

Dungeonmaster's Corner