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Five Questions I NEED Answered in 'Stranger Things' Season 2...Like Right NOW

Back in July, when the latest Netflix original smash hit Stranger Things was released for our viewing pleasure, I wasn’t all that excited about checking it out, though I planned to flip it on one rainy day in the future. 1,068 more words

Stranger Things

New Adventure - The Beast of ShadowGate

Hello again!

No post yesterday as I was beginning work on my newest adventure; The Beast of ShadowGate!

This adventure is a one shot that should only take one session to complete and is built fro 1st tier (1st-4th) level characters! 303 more words


My Top Ten Fictional Races

One of my favourite things about speculative fiction is imagining non-human sentient races. It’s endlessly fascinating to me to imagine creatures who are not quite like us, who have different thought processes, different perspectives. 1,630 more words



Muji, Spirit Folk ninja far from home. 4th level.
Maline, human deepstalker ranger.  4th level.
Rickkie, dragonborn battle-master (fighter).  4th level.
Milsandra… 92 more words


The pictures finally showed!

The pictures finally arrived! Jeepy Creepys that is some SLOW internet….

Okay, here is the first of a few posts of an event I went to called Khankon (www.khankon.com) in Shanghai. 511 more words


Dungeons and Dragons

A little while ago I discovered Critical Role. I fell in love with it. I watched the hell out of it and now I watch the live streams weekly. 685 more words


Dungeons & Dragons, Women, and Grognards

This is somewhat of a follow-up post to my original Dungeons & Dragons article I made some time. It has been my most successful article to date in terms of views, receiving over 2000 since its original posting.  1,830 more words