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D&D Sky Pirates 12 - Riots

The town of Lullin breaks out in riots because of the party’s discoveries, and the group follows a new lead.

Cast of Characters

Dungeon Master… 1,847 more words

Tabletop RPG

From Outback to Outer Planes – Dirwin the Druid in Planescape! Episode 5: Spirit in the Sky

Day Forty Continued

In order to get to Mount Celestia we were allowed access to the Sensates’ secret chamber of portals. The strangest thing about this chamber was that in the middle of the floor, instead of the usual Sensate guild symbol, it was a symbol of the Lady of Pain. 962 more words

Classes, Races and Gender in ALIND

Chapter 3: Races, Class, and Gender in the Light and the Darkness  of ALIND

The various races of lighted realms exist in a vacuum of ancient history.  4,023 more words

A Light in the Darkness, Campaign Basics

ALIND is a unique fantasy setting in that the world’s full history and geography are not currently known at the origin of the campaign. Nor does this information come easily.  2,532 more words

Adventurer's Academy

When I started this blog, I posted a few moodboards I’d been playing with, and one of them was Adventurer’s Academy. The idea is there is a school for adventurers to learn their basic skills, focusing either in magic, fighting, or stealth, with a sort of Harry Potter at the RenFaire vibe. 597 more words


Anthology from the Land of Magic #39 - the Chromatic Lords

The fight between Shiro, the Black Frost, and Beren has concluded. The ice wielder was defeated, but the battle revealed some hidden truths on Beren’s behalf. 1,015 more words