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In our primary roleplaying campaign I’ve been DMing. But in addition to our standing game, Amber has decided to start DMing some one-off games every once and a while.  357 more words


My As Seen on Tabletop Story

I wrote a blurb about how my DDO buddies, Fluffy, and I finally met in real life and played pen and paper DnD. I submitted it to As Seen on Tabletop, and they posted it! You can find it here.

The Endless Sea, part 9: War Plans

Continuing my coverage of my D&D Campaign

After stopping the Yuan-ti warlock Sazaris from launching a full invasion of Carnad, our heroes are hailed as, well, heroes. 1,539 more words

Role Playing

Sound Battalion, Prelude - An Introduction

Have a nagging question you’d like answered or an idea for an article you’d like to see? Email me at soundbattalion@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to address it! 789 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons 4e Accessibility

For anyone who reads my game reviews, you will always see an Also header at the end of each game discussing whether the game is Accessible to the blind. 951 more words

Accessible Games

The Wererat Den

Last Thursday I posted a piece about tiny dungeons and I promised you an example of one of these bad boys. I’ll have the dungeon on Tuesday next week. 1,788 more words


DnD 5th Edition?

So for those not involved in the hobby of tabletop role playing, the most recognizable game would probably be Dungeons and Dragons. A while back, the 5th edition of the game released, and for many months I’ve been enjoying weekly games. 180 more words