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Pre-Made Dungeons and Dragons Adventures

I love being able to sit down and spend hours writing my own content for dungeons and dragons- Creating worlds, characters, adventures and monsters, however, many people don’t have hours a week to prepare for games. 1,182 more words


Free Preview - Dungeon of Doom

Secret Bonus Level

On Saturday morning, you’re sitting around the kitchen table with Jim and Tina, playing Dungeon of Doom together on your laptops.

“Gotcha.” Jim taps his keyboard to launch another fireball at the Nine-Headed Dragon’s eleventh head. 1,139 more words

You Say Which Way


On Sundays I’ve been publishing a monster illustration that I’ve made for Dungeons & Dragons games I run. Today I have another one that I’ve made up for the adventure I’ve been running over Twitter. 81 more words


Just another bump in the road

On March 16th I had another MRI to see if the tumor grew or went away. There was a slight chance that it was inflammation and it would go away. 328 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Drow Ambush @ DMSGUILD

A printable version of the tactical battle map discussed here is now available over at DMS GUILD.


What happens when you light a fire in an alchemist's shop?

Well, our Twitter D&D adventure is well underway now, with the adventurers searching for some alchemically altered cats that have gone missing. It’s not what I’ve expected, but we’ve ended up in a situatrion where Burnsy the pyromancer has just lit the door of an alchemist’s storeroom on fire… Which I guess creates a great opportunity to open up to everyone for suggestions about what happens: 40 more words


Captain's Log: Stardate 94829.54

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, I play Dungeons and Dragons.

We are, for the most part, not a very organized group. Including myself and the DM (Dungeon Master) there are only 4 of us, but we usually have trouble keeping on track. 1,434 more words