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Hoard of the Dragon Queen Tip

For those who don’t know the Hoard of the Dragon Queen module from Wizards of the Coast is pretty brutal. Right of the starting gate characters can and have been killed during the intro session when players find themselves rushing to aid a city under siege by an army of mercenaries, kobolds, and literally a dragon! 389 more words

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The Terror of Haverford Review

A week or so back I purchased a PDF copy of The Table Titans adventure module Terror of Haverford, and I’m really glad that I did because it is great.I don’t want to spoil it for potential players so don’t worry I won’t be giving away any big plot elements here. 767 more words

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The Value of Imperfection

Imagine a book where the main character is already so skilled that they never struggle, fear, or grow; or a movie where the underdog is so capable that it’s a miracle they hadn’t already risen to power. 519 more words

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Tales of Good & Evil!

How is everyone! Just a quick update this week about the release of my second ever D&D Adventurers League adventure! While this update is short, the adventure represents WEEKS of work and 30 pages of content. 183 more words

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Dragon Meets World - fall

I finally got around to photographing my dragon. Dragons are cool enough to work in any setting, but somehow I still felt nervous about this batch of photos. 220 more words

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