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Day 2, D&D Challenge

Favorite PC Race.

This one is a hard one for me. I have played every common race in the main books plus many of the extra races that can found scattered through the Monster Manuals and/or the Races of … books. 161 more words


Campaign Doodles I

Look who managed to scrounge up some time and doodle some of the characters in the campaign!!

Dungeons And Dragons


Ahh Gerrzog, the original adventure was designed for 1st level characters so something like a glaberzu would be impossible for the group to take on so they would be forced to figure out a different way.   767 more words


John WS Marvin Interview Part II

Lex Starwalker, of Game Master Journey podcast fame, released the second half of his interview with me. We talk about Instant Adventures (here’s my Part I… 51 more words


Gamerstable Ep241 Things You Love That Others Hate

There are things that you really love that it seems that everyone else doesn’t like, or downright hates. We talk about some of ours.

Cast – Dan, Eric, Jayson, Shawn, Brandon, Brandi and Mike… 17 more words

New Episodes

The Blue Sword

Just because I’m a big bad dungeon master now, this was not always the case. It wasn’t that long ago that I was playing my first real campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. 238 more words


Day 1, D&D Challenge

How you got started.

I am only 22 years old but I have been playing D&D since I was about 11. My father was big into AD&D and he kept that passion through the years getting the newer editions. 144 more words

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