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Looking for Inspiration?

I ran across this Facebook site. Whenever you, as a DM, are trying to think of an original location for your next adventure, just browse through the photos on this “Abandoned World” site.


A doodle

Here is a very rough idea of Glovna. Left side of her face is burnt from the fire, down her neck to her shoulder and collarbone.

Dungeons And Dragons

Serious B

It’s true though. It’s not funny. It just…it isn’t.


Wizards of the Coast Expands with Internal Games Studio & More

They’ve been behind some of some of the biggest names in tabletop for many years, and although the brands have been involved in the world of video games for almost as long, Wizard of the Coast have decided to bring it back in-house with a new games studio of their own. 395 more words


The Green Man: A Warlock Patron for D&D 5E

Hello, pixies and sprites!

I’ve been rather quiet on my end, but I am hoping to pump out some more new content for you guys out there on the Internet. 906 more words

Spices and cats

On Thursday I took a half day so I could spend some time with Dana and Kaitlin. We had lunch at Kaitlin’s house and hung out for a bit. 280 more words


The Diary of Genora Amcathra: Storm King’s Thunder Part 11, On top of the S***-list

Day 65) 14 Flamerule, 1490 DR

Set off from Yartar this morning. Had brief encounter with bandits, though I did try to warn them off before they attacked… 1,730 more words