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The Endless Sea, part 16: Blade of the Assassin

Continuing my coverage of my DnD Campaign…

When last we left our heroes, Hurlo had given them the task of hunting down and killing Vermeer Drogos, the boss of the Syndicate’s local chapter. 1,727 more words

Role Playing

New Background - Possessed

It’s the Halloween season. There’s something about this holiday which delights the imagination of tabletop role players everywhere. It’s probably our active imaginations that make us think about the things that could go bump in the night and terrorize us. 1,171 more words


Next on the agenda - Battleground

The idea for this pack came to me yesterday? The day before? Something like that. Probably in the shower, falling asleep, or while driving (where the good ideas tend to congregate). 80 more words


Site Updates: Game Mechanics

Happy October! I know I posted a quick “state of the union” on Friday, but this is my first text based update for October. I’d like to note that this is my favorite time of the year. 221 more words

Monstrous Monday: The Nightkin

I did a little searching last week, and discovered that Monster Monday has been used a thousand times by a thousand different people. In order to keep myself semi-original, I’ve decided to change the name from Monster Monday to Monstrous Monday! 745 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Training Day: 13th Age and The "Named Nemesis" Rule

After a recent discussion about “What do I do if the party suffers a TPK”, which I intend to also elaborate on the blog later, I brought up a rule that I first saw in 13th Age. 2,093 more words



Who doesn’t love a good curse?

These were some interesting ones scored from the ADND-L listserv back in the late 90’s/early 00’s … credit to Luthar Draugin (luthar@LDN2.EXECULINK.COM) and Breed (breed@PROPHET.BLUENET.NET). 430 more words