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Anthology from the Land of Magic #19 - Subject Zero

Leila and Azmal desperately fought against the deadly Nest assassin, Blackfire, though the tide slowly turned to their disfavor. The gap of skill and power grew more apparent with each blade swing from the black leathered assailant. 1,492 more words


Claire vs Dragonlance Part 5: Chapter 2 begins - You can't break that railroad!

Day Eight

After running across mountains and plains to get to the distant smoke over Solace, the party ran into the ruins of Que-Qiri. The only person they saw was an old man who was trapped under the ruins of his house. 434 more words

Campaign Planning: Race Relations in a Fantasy Setting

In this new series on Dungeon Solvers we’ll go through my process of planning a campaign from the get-go. This will include world-building, encounter balancing, story writing, and homebrewing. 1,171 more words

Dungeon Solvers

The Honeymoon is Over: Reviewing The Bag of Holding

One universal truth when traveling: you will always need a way to carry whatever it is you need, whether it’s a sweater with pockets for all of your tech or a rolling suitcase for all of your books for game day. 1,784 more words




Gaki are minor undead spirits, the spirits of wicked mortals who return to the world of the living in the form of horrible monsters as punishment for their sins. 1,022 more words


Narrative character creation via the Crowd

With the possibility of many drop in players I wanted to have a PC ready, just in case. As a gimmick, I decided that said character would be made via the crowd of followers on Twitter. 630 more words