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I assume, like me, that most D&D or TTRPG nerds follow a bare minimum of accounts on Twitter with regards to the game type, one of them being…

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Happy 2-year anniversary, Tsethem!

On this day, two years ago, legends were created.

I’d finally put together the final character for my first 4-man group, and decided to put them through a test of strength that would make the most min-maxed level 1er tremble; The Mines of Madness. 307 more words


A Crimson Shore 17.6 Murder Most Foul

“The isles are chocked full of danger. Danger is everywhere. It’s smell, like the remnant odor of a fine bottle of wine long ago consumed, lingers inside, even though there’s no good reason for it to still be there. 1,975 more words

From the DM's Chair: Session 5, Apostasy

Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns was a Scottish Poet from Aryshire born in the second half of the 18th Century. Now, I mainly know of this poet through some of my family that live in Scotland and one time when they mentioned ‘Rabbie Night’, they told me all about the festival commemorating a great Scottish poet. 7,205 more words

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59 Prompts Challenge: #11

If there’s no food, I’m going home.

So uh…meet my first ever D&D character, guys.

I’d been writing Rykan for a good four or five years before I played my first D&D game, and he was easy enough for me to convert over to the evil side considering the nature of our uh…antics. 2,807 more words

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A Crimson Shore FAR REALM: 17.5 Quoth the Raven

This portion of A Crimson Shore (17.4-17.6) is based on an adventure run from Dungeon Magazine, the final hard printed issue 150, called Quoth the Raven by Nicolas Logue.  992 more words

Sliding into those DM...roles...

It’s been almost a year since I discovered the joy of being in a group of people, sitting around a table, and creating a narrative unique to us. 515 more words