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Family Game Night Vol. 09 Ep. 02

After an extended hiatus, CK Dextaaarrrr Haven, Theresa Crew, and Daniel Stinger(?) meet a new friend and explore a mysterious island. 36 more words


Turning the Gears: The Tinge of Death

I talk about games a lot and critique how well they’re designed, balanced, etc. but I’ve yet to put anything of my own design up to be critiqued by my readers.   901 more words


A World Gone Comfortably Mad

Anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons with me knows that my favorite themes and monsters always tie back to the aberrant.  The D&D category of “aberrations” is where the particularly bizarre composite creatures, the monsters with mind-control powers, and monsters that manipulate the forms of others tend to be.  1,459 more words


Did You Have to Let It Linger?

It’s pretty easy to lose an eye, hand, or organ… in D&D! Let’s talk about lingering injuries. The fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide… 1,710 more words


Pathfinder: Meet Urwen

Pathfinder is basically a newer, more streamlined version of Dungeons and Dragons (at least, that’s how I understand it). At the moment, I’m involved in a campaign called… 569 more words


Part Twelve: City of Darkness


  • Caerwyn, Capital of Elemey
    • as the Crimson Hawk nears the city of Caerwyn, a globe of darkness sits ominously where the city should be…
  • 546 more words
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Proof You've Played Too Much D&D

How do you know when it is time to go to a baseball game instead of leveling up your Paladin? 8 more words

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