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Are you being too restrictive with your players?

So you’ve got a player that wants to make an awakened chicken sorcerer, that also happens to be the leader of his very own chicken cult (this actually happened in a game I was a part of). 764 more words

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Part the Third

And so we come to it at last—the third and final part of my ramblings about Hoard of the Dragon Queen (for now, at least). It is also worth noting that this was supposed to be a blog that is updated daily, and it is now one week since my last update. 427 more words


Dungeons 3 (Review)

I played this in the womb!

Developer: Realmforge Studios
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Format: PC(Reviewed), PS4 (Reviewed), Xbox One
Released: 13th October, 2017                Price: £29.99… 1,589 more words

Video Games

What Makes a Good Instance?

Dungeons and Raids are the core endgame content when it comes to an MMO. These are the things that keep players enticed with playing the game. 1,523 more words


Session 1: A Wizard, a Warlock, and a Druid Sit in a Prison Cell

The mayor of the city lie dead in the street, a knife in his chest. The mist cleared, and silence harshly spread as the crowd began to realize what had happened. 356 more words


Esmes Indie Highlights: Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko

So, I had this one marked down as “already read” mistaking it for a different LitRPG with a game called Awaken Online. I went to write the review for it and the authors didn’t match, and then it dawned on me….anyway… 1,282 more words

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Part 2

I made a slight mistake in my description of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. It was a mistake common to RPG gamers, which can irk some. 191 more words