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Tabletop Highlight: Dungeons & Dragons Under The Sea.

Underwater or otherwise water-centric (sailing) campaigns for D&D Are generally set up from the start as a campaign focused around the water or underneath it. Races will be adapted for wet environments, every actually puts skill ranks in the Swim skill, and everyone makes dexterity-based characters because no one wants to be the person in heavy armor who sinks and then drowns before they can get out of their armor. 800 more words


Hope's eyes

The consternation of a father,

as a precious child cries,

its power evokes the heavens,

as he seeks to turn the tide,

and in the dungeons of his heart, 121 more words


Lego® Minifigures as miniatures

I’ve been playing RPGs since 2012, but long before I rolled my first d20 I had something else to fanatic about: Lego. I was obsessed with the stuff. 446 more words


How to Introduce Your Kid to Dungeons & Dragons

(Source: offspring.lifehacker.com)

Once upon a time, I was a wizard named Gandalf. It is an unimaginative moniker, admittedly, but it came from a tween who just finished reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 1,714 more words


Dungeon World One-Shots

I’m mid-way between running a Dungeon World (DW) one-shot, and prepping one at the moment, so I’m thinking a lot about how to make DW hot for one-shot play. 1,331 more words

Tabletop Highlight: Dungeon Building for D&D

I’m not very good at building dungeons, though I should probably add that I’m also not bad. I’m alright. They take a long time, compared to preparing story elements, planning cities, and making up characters. 940 more words


Dungeons of Eternus | Pixels & Rooms

Dungeons of Eternus is a procedurally generated pixel-art action-RPG with roguelike elements, inspired in Diablo, Path of Exile and Shining Soul in which you’ll take the role of a mercenary soldier sent to the town of Easthaven in search of the lost Amulet of Eternus. 106 more words

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