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New mode coming to Cabal 2

CABAL 2 revitalizes its dungeons by introducing a new mode: the Challenge Mode. This new mode adds difficulty, timed battles, more powerful enemies and the brand-new rune system. 108 more words


The glow

In the loneliest dark ebony of your dungeon
Warm to touch
Scales hardened
Wings of leather
Horned glory

I am here watching a magnificent voyeur… 67 more words

Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter is Live

The Dungeon Solitaire, Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter

Last summer I wrote and released a little game called Dungeon Solitaire. The original game was called Tomb of Four Kings, and it used a standard deck of playing cards. 168 more words


Elrooooy Jynxton...McFritz

Hey, everybody!

As I’m hoping to guess that you have guessed, my name is Elroy Jynxton McFritz, but don’t call me that. Call me Jynx. That’s the name given to me on my 37th half-birthday by my uncle’s third cousin on his mother’s father’s side and I must admit it fits me best, and it’s fun to say. 98 more words

Back Story

D&D: The world of Teilen and the story so far.

When the world is torn asunder and the wells of life run dry, when wings of death blot out the sun and the skies are stained of crimson blood, when the tendrils of creation lash out in mournful execution… 1,994 more words


Side Story (4): In the arms of an angel

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Before I begin to tell you my story, I suppose some sort of introduction is at hand.

5,031 more words
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