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It's SWTOR week

For now, i’m indulging in my fickle style of “playing” just about every (major) MMORPG there is while still trying to make progress. Double XP events like the current one in SWTOR help with that. 820 more words


Dungeons & dragons breathing down your goddamn neck.

Dear James,

Don’t be an asshat. That’s right. I said it. Do not be a hat worn on one’s arse because I think you’ll find that I tried to open up the conversation about organizing this month’s post and was met with silence (well, I was met with “yeah we should totally sort that out” and… 396 more words

Izzy's Posts

6.2 Patch Notes & Upcoming Content

Just like the last time there were major patch note announcements, Hamlet and I got together and recorded a podcast covering our thoughts on Patch 6.2 Notes. 187 more words


A DM's Topographical Terminology List

Whether DM’ing or Playing I find it really off-putting to call every single rise the party meets a ‘Hill’ and every body of water either a ‘River’ or a ‘Lake’. 1,367 more words


Throwback Thursday: Director of UX for Epic Games, Celia Hodent

This Throwback Thursday piece is dedicated to our guest, Celia Hodent, the Director of User Experience for Epic Games and her love for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 707 more words



Hello, my name is Chris, I’ve just started my journey down the wonderful path of D&D otherwise known as dungeons and dragons.
I’ve always wanted to play the game but never had a group to play with. 55 more words


Here comes Egia

Basically, from 2008 until 2014 I ran a Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition campaign in my own original campaign world. Refugees from a dead land known as Egia fled across a vast, unknown ocean to escape a magical plague (Don’t even think about it! 355 more words