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Fifth Edition D&D Team Deathmatch (5TDM)

5TDM Vision Statement
DDE Adentures is committed to bringing you unique twists on games we all know, to push the limits of what these systems can do for maximum intensity, creativity and excitement. 868 more words


E1M1: Seat of the Dhakaani Hegemon (5TDM)

Deep in their stronghold, the an empire of Tiamat-Worshipping Hobgoblins rules a vast empire of subjugated lesser races. Their most unholy artifact, the Crown of Tesh-Naga, affords them the ability to dominate creature too weak to resist. 633 more words


E0M0: Dead Simple (5TDM)

A basic map for pure combat. Plays on any 5×5 grid.

1-Page Rules

Respawn Terrain Power
If you start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter; then you may regain all hit points and hit die, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh any abilities as if you had taken a short rest, and teleport to a random respawn square (1,2). 100 more words



(This is not actually our basement, but looks sort of like it.)

We moved from the city last fall, into a farm house which was originally built in 1875.  254 more words

Rogue Legacy: A great roguelike

Recently I have been bored with videogames. However i was watching a video not to long ago on YouTube and came across the game Rogue Legacy. 225 more words


Deserted Shrine Expert

Party Setup

For those who still don’t know, here is where you will start to struggle a little (pretty much all the other dungeons were easy during your level grind). 2,068 more words