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Mind Your Cleric

Dungeons in Tree of Savior can be chaotic affairs, or they can be a smooth and efficient way to level. The random group finder does not ensure a tank, healer, and three damage dealers are always present and even if it did, the encounters are not designed to require the traditional trinity set up. 607 more words

Tree Of Savior

Begin Again (10 Dungeon Origins)

Classic fantasy gaming has a strong legacy of danger and death filled dungeons but sometimes the appearance of the third or forth dungeon can stretch what is believable and damage the verisimilitude at the table. 791 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Reminiscing about London! 

Today I am ill 🤒, poor me! While spending my day in bed I was looking at some photos from the past year and came across all the ones from my trip to London which was literally a year ago last week! 45 more words


The Size of Spaces

As the player traverse through an interior dungeon level the difference in size between small, medium and large gamespaces all have different types of impact on the player’s experience, something it can be wise to keep in mind as you plan and build your level. 574 more words


ESO - Dancing with the Enemy - The Art of Tanking - Guide

Tanking in ESO has taken several hits, from no stamina regeneration while blocking to a lot of older dungeons not needing a tank and finally to some bosses seemingly not needing a tank – to the point where having a tank can be seen as a burden. 1,991 more words


Final Fantasy XIV

So readers, that’s where I’ve been if my twitter feed is any indication. Recently, I reached level 50 as a scholar/summoner. I got swiftcast, a much needed cross skill that came in handy during the last two main story quests, which are both 8 man dungeons! 205 more words