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March Hall of Heroes

Light Sylph, Hall of Heroes abierto del 6 al 9 de Marzo.


Type – HP.
Awakening bonus – Increases Accuracy by 25%. 264 more words


Catch a Glimpse of Episode Duscae's Beasts, Dungeons

Get the brand new Playstation4: Click for details. Square Enix has released two videos for the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo that comes with first-run copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD . 36 more words

Dragons of Miryndir: New Haven NPCs/Locations [Spoilers]

To prepare for the launch of Dragons of Miryndir, I used the NPC creation tables from the Dungeon Master’s Guide. The result was an eclectic and diverse set of characters, each of which I then created an interesting hook or secret for. 2,091 more words


Session 2 of Dragons of Miryndir

Session 2 is coming this Sunday at 3 PM (Pacific). No prizes to raise money for Extra Life this week, but I’ll have more cool stuff to give away soon!


Ageing and Resurrection system done!

I finally finished the ageing and resurrection system.

Characters start at age 18 (will lower it to 16 for next build), and every time you get back to town you need to rest 1 day for every 3% damage you suffered in combat. 319 more words

Recently I started a new DND Campaign... stuff happens

So recently I endeavored to start a new Dungeon and Dragons campaign with a few of my friends, this is a glimpse into the world that I’ve created as a DM (dungeon Master) and a story carved out in the minds of the players. 317 more words


Getting Started with Dungeons and Dragons

WARNING, CONTAINS: swearing, weird religious stuff, abject geekery 840 more words