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The Most Rewarding Character I've Played

I’ve played more characters than I can possibly remember, throughout the course of my gaming days. In this post I’m going to talk about my favorite, and the most rewarding character I’ve ever gotten to play. 614 more words

Bulletin - D&D 4th Edition, Was It That Bad?

When it comes to hot topics in the tabletop gaming space, the high and low points of particular editions is probably right up there. Everyone always has a preference, quite often it’s the edition you came into the game with, other times it’s simply the edition that you’ve found fit you best. 355 more words


Dungeons that Drag On #2: Failed Charisma Rolls

It was a beautiful day on the northward running road out of Neverwinter.  Despite the fact they were heading north to the cold ice fields, the midsummer temperature was warm and comforting. 1,499 more words


The Iron Truth

Among adventurers, there are few dungeons as famous or as dreaded as the Black Sanctum of Sorrows. For hundreds of years it has been the ultimate goal of many dungeon delvers to enter the Sanctum and survive, to come out richer and more powerful than they could ever imagine. 472 more words


Bad grammar and God, Pokey Minch and Giegue, Niiue using SING against Giegue

COFFEE TIME! I had a dream that Kitty B. and Ryan B. both came to visit me!

From Sarah G. and Julia Quinn: In the beginning, God said, “Let there be grammar:” and there was grammar! 71 more words


So You Want to Play an Ambidextrous Drow With a Panther? How Original...

You’ve all seen him. He’s a fairly new player who doesn’t have a lot of experience but he’s read a few D&D books, and wants to try it out. 549 more words

An Ode to the Dungeon Crawl

Don’t get me wrong, I love games with intrigue, politics and drama deeper than arguments over who dealt the most damage last round. But sometimes it’s fun to kick back and relax with an old-school dungeon crawl. 385 more words