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Dungeons 2 Is Making Its Console Debut On PS4, Now Take Charge Of Your Dominion

First there was the underworld with dungeons and those pesky heroes, then evil extended its bony fingers to ‘Evilfy’ the green and pleasant overworld (all those poor unicorns…). 436 more words


Into the Dungeon

Dungeon crawls are quite literally the oldest setting for tabletop RPGs that there is; a small group of grave robbers and tomb raiders disguised as would-be heroes is a trope as old as the hobby. 702 more words

The Forbidden Library

by Django Wexler

Review Rating: 3 Stars

The Forbidden library is about a girl who one night sees what she thinks is a fairy fluttering in her kitchen threatening her father.   310 more words


adding some needed detail to the inner crypt

going out on an artistic limb (for me anyways…) here,  i’m drawing in some flagstone tiles for the floor in this section.  this is likely to be the area the party will spend the most time in as this is where the final showdown will occur. 11 more words

Detour for Dreams

Resided in the dungeons of hopelessness
you pulled her out in luminescence
loneliness became her drug
because of you off it shrug
for taking a breathe she strive… 39 more words

it's starting to come together!

in this round, all of the tombs/graves now have their color.  i started with a solid white and then layered on a very light pass of black (5-10% opacity) and white with 100% color jitter.   97 more words

how to be a travel writer?

I love the idea of seeing an ancient castle or a grand palace lost in the woods. I had the fancy of being a travel writer when I was 18 yrs old. 161 more words