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Crusade Campaign - Session #13

The party awoke the next day, still all invisible and camped in the abbot’s quarters – he had not returned during the night and it was unclear when he might do so.  1,678 more words


Pointless 'nerf' to low level armour appearance in Elder Scrolls Online

I get why the veteran armour has been improved in terms of its aesthetic appeal but was there really any need to make lower level armour appear rusty and faded? 116 more words

Crafting & Trading

Buy World of Warcraft-US Items | Harder to run dungeons with someone

By the time you get to Legion however, all these additions have added up to a big world that feels really small. It only takes a few minutes to get across WoW’s giant continents. 317 more words


ZOS & Imperial City of Elder Scrolls Online One Year Anniversary RANT

A few days ago I would tell anyone that ESO is my favorite game. Easily. But now………. First, they announce the gamble crates. What is even worse that this, you may ask? 482 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #12

The party passed a night once again in the Lich’s quarters without incident, the monks apparently having already searched this area judging by the ceremonial laying out of the slain Lich in the adjacent temple of Magnus.  1,210 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #11

The party rested throughout the day in the fold of the hills where the stream flowed into the channel and down into the monastery.  It was quiet throughout the day, though after finishing their rest (and Perudo praying for spells) they heard commotion in the direction of the monastery.  1,173 more words


Crusade Campaign - Session #10

Jimmy had volunteered to stay invisibly outside the door in order to provide early warning in the event someone came to use the room.  While his comrades rested, he watched as various groups and individuals passed at times north or south, including guards, monks, and even servants or slaves bearing food and wine.    1,789 more words