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Playing D&D Online Is About To Get Easier

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From Roll20

Everything is getting uploaded, including stalwart meatspace occupant Dungeons & Dragons. Today, Roll20, an online “virtual tabletop,” announced its partnership with D&D to offer the the pen-and-paper RPG’s licensed content on their digital platform. 794 more words


Labyrinth of Souls Rulebooks Available Now

Rulebooks for Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls are now available for $12.99 in the US. You can purchase copies direct from Createspace here (I do get a slightly higher royalty for these sales), but if you’re ordering other stuff, you can… 201 more words


Personal Thoughts on: Receattear

This, much like Stardew Valley, was requested of me. This game lets you be a little girl  trying to pay off her fathers debt o a fairy who is a bit of a money whore. 330 more words

More than Just Combat

Tabletop RPGs are fun but it often seems too riddled with dungeon diving, heavy combat and then a mad rush for the loot. And for a ballet-knight charged with defending all of civilization from titanic monsters, it’s highly unlikely that these very characters would be allowed to risk themselves in heavy trap laden ruins. 233 more words


Two-man dungeons

Or to be more accurate, one-and-a-half lady dungeons…

So Elder Scrolls Online has several 4-player dungeons of varying difficulty levels, which typically require a team consisting of one tank, one healer, and two damage dealers (DDs). 1,451 more words

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