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First Thing to Do in Epic is SPIES!

So my Nightdefendr got to the epic level! Now the first thing I do when I get to the Epic level (above 20) is running the quest, “Spies in the House.” This is one of the difficult quests but to me, there are so many more difficult quests that are not labeled as difficult. 221 more words

Close to Epic

Nightdefendr, though still struggling, is moving on. She joined a party for the first time. Well it went south. I thought I was able to handle situations but I was worked up and didn’t make right calls. 150 more words

Battle In The Streets of Bishop

Bringing The Party Together

The party of four adventurers stood in the streets of Bishop watching what was unfolding. Juniper had her bow out and arrow drawn, Riffen had his sword and shield at the ready, Sigthyme had his rapier unseathed, and Tak was bouncing up and down with excitement with his warhammer in both his hands. 2,184 more words

Allen The Writer

Chapter 1 : Thus Nightdefendr was born.

Now why did I create the Deep Gnome first life wizard? Yes, I have my main toon on another server. He is in his seventh life but the past lives are all melee like Pally twice, Barb twice and PDK fighter twice. 580 more words

Prologue : Why DDO?

The beginning is the most delicate time.

This is of course the famous opening line in Dune by Frank Herbert.  And in the world of DDO, it will be a grave mistake you will be sorry for the rest of “your toon’s life” to choose a wrong build. 753 more words

Tabletop Highlight: Running the Game

During my current break from running any Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve started following a YouTuber/Author/Game Master named Matthew Colville. I’ve followed him on twitter for a while, because I love what he has to say, but one of my good friends encouraged me to start watching his videos on YouTube. 895 more words

Tabletop Gaming

A day out in York

As my second year of university was coming to an end I decided that once my final exam was done I would book somewhere to go for the day just to clear my head and really kick off the holidays. 1,034 more words