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Most Terrifying Places in the World: Leap Castle

Leap Castle was built in Ireland during the 1500’s. Countless people were held prisoner, and executed within it’s dungeons.

A priest was murdered in his chapel. 23 more words


The Swords Of Ditto Is A Wonderful Remix Of The Original Legend Of Zelda

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Screenshot: The Swords of Ditto (onebitbeyond)

The moment when I realized that I love The Swords of Ditto was when I was reincarnated as a frog. 644 more words


TSC#23 Do You Smell What The Roc Is Cooking?

After losing an episode and more scheduling issues, we’re back again, and this time we’ve come to the village of Jhotah, land of the bird people! 126 more words

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Český Krumlov - the perfect day trip

Never heard of it? Neither did I, but I am sure glad I got to experience it.

It’s about a 3 hour bus drive from Prague, so leave early to enjoy a full day in this magical gothic town. 268 more words


Journey Through The Ollick Forest Part 2

Journey Through The Ollick Forest Part 1

After a little bit of conversation, Juniper eventually convinced Grace to spend the night with them. Everyone was exhausted after the fight with Lyon and H’larg and Juniper knew it would be a bad idea for Grace to run off by herself. 2,765 more words

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What if a Dwarf becomes an Orc?

In the ongoing Bluefloods Campaign, my 6th level Dwarf Cleric/Fighter, Zhuld-Zir, was transformed into an Orc. I’m not sure what you may know about Orcs and Dwarves, but there is a mutual hate regardless of what game system or setting you’re playing in. 965 more words


Twelve Days In

I’m twelve days in

Stuck within this prison

Shackled to these

Crumbling dungeon walls

Will it be me

Who takes the fall?