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Amazing Sunday Fun-Day!

Wow! What a day!

To start off my day, Noro and I  set up to finish our weekly. While we were waiting for them to pop, Noro called me over to Limsa Lominsa to see this cute lala SCH that had the Dreadwyrm healing robe. 533 more words


At the Hands of a Traveling Conjurer

[The following is an RP story that I wrote for our first adventures into Halatili. Wow. This feels like forever ago. It was back when I was Onya, but I was a kitty. 1,465 more words


Yes Girls Do Play WoW

So I was running through a dungeon and I don’t know why it bothered me but it did. I kept getting called dude. Usually with a dungeon group I just ignore it and will try to ignore chat unless it’s about tactics for the boss or something like that. 589 more words


I Love This Bar

Deathrokk has hit 100 (that’s Number Nine on the “Ding 100!” list).

Yes, I’ll wait for you to get over the shock.

I’ll touch on this briefly. 454 more words


Added a Page for the Downloads Section!

That is right! I added a Resources section for various gaming supplies :)

Go check it out! 51 more words


Review - Fantasy Grounds II: A New Way to Play an Old

You come upon a steam supported virtual tabletop that facilitates role playing as well as it does combat. Roll Initiative.     784 more words


Damping Crystals and Head Dragons

So today was a good day in Final Fantasy .

For starters, I was able to hardwire the ps3 to our internet and was able to run WoD on it. 1,004 more words