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How To Cook In Dungeons & Dragons

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Art by Kendrick Drews

A few months ago, I proposed a wild idea: Dungeons & Dragons—except you cook what you kill. After a little tinkering, I’m happy to report that… 268 more words


Tabletop Highlight: D&D 3.5 and Knights

One of my favorite classes to play in Dungeons and Dragons is the 3.5 edition’s Knight. This class is listed in the Player’s Handbook II and is probably the best class to use for the “Tank” role based on class abilities alone. 1,124 more words


The Factions of Myria

Elves: With their secluded island, the Elves are not like many in Myria. They have mastered the ocean and have the strongest naval fleet. With enchanted barriers protecting the island, only the chosen may ever dream of seeing the nature molded architecture of these mysterious folk. 473 more words

Writing Prompt from r/WritingPrompts: The Half-Elven Prince (Part 3)

Original Prompt: “A king has fallen in love with a female knight, but hides his love for her in fear of rejection.”

Part 1
Part 2… 2,436 more words

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