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The Multiplayer Jungle

When playing online multiplayer games one, inherently, by the nature of the game, exposes oneself to other people playing the same game. In some cases this can be a good thing, particularly for people the opposite of myself who are extroverted and good at making friends, but in some particular scenarios it opens everyone up to coming across the sort of people we’d all rather avoid, in the unpleasant context of being forced to work together with them. 1,850 more words


Pure White

So today around 1pm , I reached level 60 on my White Mage :D I am so excited I can’t stand it!!! It feels amazing to have made it. 43 more words


Dungeon Solitaire Walkthrough

A few people have asked for a walkthrough of a game of Dungeon Solitaire, Tomb of Four Kings. Below you will find a linked pdf of a walkthrough of a winning game with some epic battles and dicey encounters. 86 more words

Roleplaying Games

I May Not Be 60 Yet, But. . .

Last night, I had an amazing opportunity to go out with Noro to downtown Indianapolis and see Amos Lee and David Gray play. :D. My in-laws got us the tickets as a thank you for housing sitting way back in February, and FINALLY we made it to the concert night[ it felt like we had those tickets FOREVER!]. 770 more words


Writer's Block

All I want to do is write.

I’ve started three novels, all completely different premises and ideas, but I can never seem to finish them. I know exactly how I want them to end, and I usually get pretty far in… Its all the in-between stuff that gets me caught up. 590 more words


Dungeon Solitaire Rules Released

Dungeon Solitaire, Tomb of Four Kings is a fantasy card game designed for a standard deck of playing cards. I’d describe it as somewhere between a traditional solitaire card game and a dungeon crawling solo roleplaying game. 86 more words


Developing Organic Adventures

No, developing organic adventures does not mean eating free-range chicken and vegetables cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.(1) An organic adventure is an adventure that is not static, but changes depending on the characters’ actions as well as other people’s actions and events in the world. 1,346 more words

Adventure Outline