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HP Take Your Kid To Work Day 2015

This was the second year that I was too old to participate in the day as a kid, so I again volunteered. Here’s how the day went at the third annual take your kid to work day at mom’s work. 585 more words


hubby hits a home run

How do you keep 25+ kids from trouncing all over your house? Two words.

Dunk tank.

Jon agreed to grill steaks for Mario’s baseball team if one of the boys got a triple play. 532 more words


KW Family Carnival was April 10

“WANAMINGO – The annual Family Carnival was held at Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School on April 10. Each year the KW Education Foundation hosts the carnival as a way to bring families together while raising funds for the organization. 33 more words

Lessons Learned in the Dunk Tank

As yucky as the water was in the dunk tank, it was fun to be silly!

If you have a chance to bring yourself out of your comfort zone…go for it! 41 more words


FOX 13's Max Roth makes a splash as volunteer for dunk tank

When FOX 13 News’ Max Roth volunteered for a dunk tank at a local elementary school, many young participants decided to hit the button to submerge Max regardless of whether or not they were able to do so with the balls provided. 23 more words


Share Your World 2015 - Week 22

…..Cee has asked us to complete the following sentences

Cee came up with a another way of doing Share Your World for this week. Finish these four sentences. 411 more words