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Everyone's favourite, custard creams...

Custard cream biscuits are rated highly in biscuit popularity polls… nearly 90% of British people say they are their favourites. They are a rectangular sandwich, of two crispy vanilla flavoured biscuits, often stamped with a fancy pattern surrounding a lozenge shape with the words ‘custard cream’ inside, and a vanilla and custard flavoured cream holding them together. 893 more words


No. 28: Dunking Biscuits

“If you had to find the perfect biscuit to suit the British taste buds, it would be somewhere between the moist and crumbly chocolate chip cookie, as favored by American children with their milk of an evening, and the bone-dry, gasping-for-moisture Italian biscotto. 66 more words

Easy chocolate biscuits

I bake these simple chocolate biscuits when I want to make my husband and son happy because they are both of the opinion that all sweet treats should involve chocolate in some form. 289 more words

Rain , Chai & Dunking Biscuits

My return home from office over the past few days has been accompanied by rain.The sight from my desk is unlike most parts of Bangalore.My window, the lens, captures a lovely picture.It’s a park.It’s full of trees,i hear the cuckoos coo, i see squirrels scamper and even discovered the crow pheasant, a bird that my eyes have never beheld.This afternoon, the view looked even more beautiful because of the rain.It’s beckoning to be enjoyed.But, amidst the busyness of life,it’s time to go home.And soon the beauty of it all is lost and we’re running out trying to avoid the madness the rains bring to the city. 180 more words

Foood Stories & Eating Out

The Dunker: Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti – perfect with coffee (or tea)!

Lisa loves coffee. Second to her love of caffeine is biscotti. Then me. She’s always saying that coffee and biscotti are perfect partners and I agree, you can’t have one without the other. 724 more words


The Icon: Lamingtons on Another Level

Yesterday was Australia Day, and there’s no more fitting way to celebrate than to make your own Lamingtons!

This is my first post so I want to share with you one of my favourite bakes; the good ole Lamington!  1,118 more words


Nepali Dunkers

Papa, this post’s for you.

Bijay introduces me to a little slice of dunking heaven: coconut crunchees and milk tea. Total sensory overload, this perfect piece of tea ritual is the day’s cherry. 130 more words