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Never Home Alone

Of all the interesting things in Rob Dunn’s Never Home Alone, an exploration of the microbiome in our everyday environment, perhaps the most delightful is the fact that bakers carry different bacteria that the rest of us. 520 more words


Children of Corry

I suspect that the dolls in this photo were the photographer’s props.  If so, I pity the person who had to pry that doll out of the hands of what appears to be an already very grumpy little girl. 313 more words

Core Values

Dark ruby, nearly impenetrable, with a thin pink sandwiched into the abrupt edge. Lush and concentrated n the nose, black cherry, mint and a dirty sort of black walnut bark holding onto the cheese curds and alcohol in the background. 325 more words


James Johnston's Letter from King George

One of the most interesting artifacts I found in my father’s genealogy papers is a copy of a letter from King George V to James Leslie Johnston, my great-great-great uncle. 302 more words


Artist Spotlight

There’s always a right or wrong in life, but in art there are no rules. – Karim Dunn

This week I decided to give an artist a chance for their work to be showcased on my blog.

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"Bounce your oar."

Loose shoulders allow the arms to act as shock absorbers in rough water, swinging to whatever position the blades require to stay at their proper depth during the stroke and the proper height during the recovery.

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