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How to become a master of any skill

There was a boy who use to steal his father’s papers and would go out on woods and draw everything he saw from flowers to rivers to mountains. 548 more words


Standards (Part II – Why)

A good man always knows his limitations.

–Inspector Harry Callahan

As early as the colonial times, it was recognized that shooting firearms is an athletic endeavor.

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Trump in wonderland

8.III 2017

In many areas of life, incompetent people cannot recognize just how incompetent they are, a phenomenon that has come to be known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. 1,862 more words


Persuading the Unpersuadable

We’ve all encountered it more and more these days: That person on facebook, a friend, a relative, an old high school or college friend who believes things that simply have little to no basis in facts. 1,040 more words

Political Discourse

Dunning, Kruger, Canute, and Confucius

Though of mature years, Aardvark still relishes learning new information, new ideas, new concepts. This morning I am pleased to share with you, gentle reader, the news that Donald Trump is the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect. 329 more words


Are you an ass or are you just stupid? Or, finding empathy in the land of cognitive bias.

Lately, I find myself having ample opportunity to test my own level of empathy. These tests are coming, mostly, as I encounter people (real, online, or imaginary) with whom I vehemently disagree politically. 1,488 more words

Self-Awareness vs. Confidence

My morning started off with a triple-whammy. First it was the news, with President Trump doing something else horrible and posting on Twitter, referencing a “dumb” deal… 1,210 more words