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Writing Advice - Learn to Suck Less, Part 3

So, you’re beginning to realize you’re not the writing god you thought, and your confidence is sinking faster than Val Kilmer’s movie career. Now’s the time, I believe, to do the most painful thing you can possible do as a writer–submit your work for other writers to critique. 583 more words


Writing Advice - Learn to Suck Less, Part 2

The “Double Curse”

In regards to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, researcher David Dunning speaks about a phenomenon he calls the “Double Curse”. He explains that if there are gaps in your skill, maybe missing chunks of knowledge or even facts that are completely wrong, this creates two problems for you. 975 more words


Writing Advice - Learn to Suck Less, Part 1

Do you know someone, maybe a coworker or even a friend or relative, constantly bragging how they’re a freaking genius while everyone else is a moron? 463 more words


The Dunning Kruger effect versus non-directional coaching

This seems to be a tension between the Dunning-Kruger effect on the principles of coaching is encompassed by its modern manifestation, non-directional coaching.

Under the modern fad of non-directional coaching, the coach asks open-ended questions which will elicit from the coached his or her own breakthroughs. 1,189 more words

Human Capital

Rangemaster 2015 Tactical Conference (II)

Continuing on about the Rangemaster  2015 Tactical Conference held annually in the Memphis area, I would like to cover the high points of some sessions I attended. 628 more words


Rangemaster 2015 Tactical Conference (I)

The Rangemaster 2015 Tactical Conference is over and I am processing the things I observed and learned from it. The Conference has a long history… 724 more words