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Hedge sparrow

Bird in a blackthorn
Prunella modularis
beautiful dunnock


Spring- blossoms and polygamy.

Spring has crept in under the cover of winter, kicking back the blanket of dark mornings and early dusks. Still, sunshine is a fickle beast; weak, and wan, glancing in and out of our days on the farm.   374 more words

Around The Farm

Just a moment!

There are moments – split seconds – worth recording in memory that one could never on camera. One such was given to me yesterday, walking home from church alongside a hedgerow. 70 more words

18th March 2017

There’s lots of great spring activity at present– birds of many species chasing in two’s, three’s, four’s, trying to win mates, pair bonding by much tail and wing-flicking… 112 more words

Sheffield Nature

Just a little brown job

The Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow, is often overlooked as a ‘LBJ’ ( that’s not Lyndon B Johnson) but little brown job. However on close examination it is quite stunning.